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Magdalena | Unleash Creative  🎉workshops + events + installations ✂️DIY + craft tutorials 📡creative services I'm basically your colourful + creative bestie. Brisbane, Australia


Sometimes we get so caught up in creating for purpose that we stop enjoying the process all together. This has been me. For some time now. I truly never thought that turning my passion into my job would have a negative and resentful effect on my mojo. Today, while making a couple of school holiday batches of galaxy and fluffy slime I somehow got a taste of that old feeling. That one where you're creating for pure pleasure. So once the clean-up was complete, I sat down and started creating. For no reason or purpose other than to see the outcome. I freakin' missed that feeling. Just didn't know how much.

When your mum totally gets your style and gifts you some pretty rockin' ear candy on your birthday. ✨
She told me they had to be mine 😁. Fair to say she knows me pretty well.

A sneaky pic of something I was working on before I ended up being sliced and diced last week. Can't wait to show you what it is and how little this hack costs. I'm also in the process of planning out a bunch of DIY content for my YouTube channel with a few goodies already planned over the next few weeks. If there's a specific topic you're interested in me covering in one of the vid's drop me a comment below or DM me!

Dreaming of being anywhere other than where I am at the moment, which is the couch. For over a week now. I'm still recovering from surgery and feeling pretty shitty but trying to stay positive. Won't you tell me something lovely that's happened to you in the last week to help lift my spirits? ✨ #rainbow #rainbowstairs #rainbowsteps #colorfactory #colorfactoryco

Life has a way of throwing you some curve balls but staying positive is key to navigating your way through the rough seas of turmoil. This time last week I was having a great time. Then earlier this week I ended up in emergency surgery. I'm ok and it's definitely not life-threatening, but it was not something that was even on my radar. So I've been flat on my back all week watching Animal Kingdom, Ballers, The Bachelor, and kids flicks like Hotel Transylvania and the HP movies. I'm not great at doing nothing, but the forced rest has been unavoidable as I heal and let my body recover from the horrible pain killers. Lucky I have some magical people in my life who have been supporting me throughout the week. And I truly don't know what I would do without my husband and mama. They are my rocks, soup-makers, flower-bringers and child-entertainers. Thank goodness for the good people 💖

One day when I grow up (read: when I can afford to buy a house) I would like a house in this colour. Please and thank you universe ✨

Because everyone needs at least one coloured door in their life, right?

Working on a fun project today for @ironlakartanddesign 🌈✨👌🏻

Can you imagine if you had a wingman, a stand-in, an extra set of hands and someone to help share your ever-growing load!? Gee what we could all achieve with a double-trouble stunt-man (or woman). Or maybe we all just need to slow the eff down and stop taking on so much.
Tell me, what would your stunt-double help you with in your everyday goings-about?

Mine would just take care of all the domestic crap so I could focus on being creative and hanging with my loved ones.

If you're local to Brisbane or happen to be paying us a visit in the near future, do yourself a favour and add the newly relocated @wacstagram to your list. A vintage Brisbane institution, these folks have taken over the old Planet theatre - a picture theatre from the 50's and transformed it to include a restaurant as well as a two-level treasure trove of vintage and antique delights. An added bonus for me, it's in my 'hood so I think I've just found my new coffee hang-out joint.

If only every goodwill store (or op shop for us Aussies) looked like this, I think more people would be inclined to step foot in them and shop pre-loved rather than mass-produced and landfill-bound threads. Let's just paint rainbows on everything. And everyone for that matter. #rainbow #loveislove🌈

"We're not divided. We're just not together." Thanks San Francisco. It's been real ✌🏼

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