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unladylike💅  what happens when women break the rules? 👇where to listen👇 unladylike.show/🎧 @applepodcasts: /apple @spotify: /spotify @stitcherpodcasts: /stitcher

What’s your Unladylike New Year’s resolution? Leave us a voicemail at 262-8-GALPAL, and you just might be featured on an upcoming episode! 🎉🍾💃

#breaktheruleslike Little Feminist founder Britt Murlas, who's determined to get more inclusive books into kids' hands. At the same time, she's working to broaden her own horizons. 📚 Find our Q+A over at unladylike.co/blog. 📚

Did you know Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat don’t allow ads for so-called “adult products?" This includes vibrators!⠀


For this week's episode, C&C take a look inside the $15 billion sex toy and sex tech industries with Polly Rodriguez, co-founder of the sexual wellness company @unboundbabes. ⠀

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How to #FreetheVibrator

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Typical resolutions can be so boring and stressful. 🏃‍♀️What are your #unladylike New Year’s resolutions? 💃📞Call our hotline (262-8-GALPAL) and tell us for a chance to be on an upcoming episode! #getunladylike

We’re in excellent company on @spotify’s editors’ list 🤩What were your other podcast faves this year?

🍆 @unboundbabes co-founder Polly Rodriguez gave us a glimpse into the buzz behind the vibrator biz this week — and highlighted how our attitudes toward women's pleasure affect how we think about sex, sexuality and sex toys 🍆 Find this week's convo over at unladylike.co/episodes 🍆 #freethevibrator #getunladylike

Victoria’s Secret being eye-rolly is nothing new🙄 (excerpt from Susan Faludi’s book Backlash)

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Polly Rodriguez (@polly_claire), co-founder of the sexual wellness company Unbound (@unboundbabes), talks to C&C about the unexpected kinks of being a vibrator boss babe. Plus, why every 16-year old should have a vibrator!

Episode 36: How to #FreetheVibrator
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ho ho ho, heaux! 🎅 Signed copies of our Unladylike book are available for your holiday shopping pleasure over at podswag.com/unladylike 🛒 #unladylikebook #getunladylike #unladylike

#breaktheruleslike Erinn Carter, who co-founded Frailty Myths, a group dedicated to re-imagining femininity and strength. 💪 You can find our Q+A over at unladylike.co/blog

This week, we interviewed Lila, former owner of the Lexington Club, San Francisco’s only lesbian bar when it closed in 2015. 💔Find our convo at Unladylike.co/episodes 🎧

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