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University of Kansas 🔴🔵  Official University of Kansas IG ~ A collection of photos by Jayhawks & staff photographers [@megkumin & @andyowhite]. #exploreKU ⬅️📸 Tag it to join!

Congrats on completing your finals, Jayhawks. We hope you enjoy your summer vacation. Safe travels home! #exploreKU 📸: @moorrgg

Three. More. Days. #exploreKU 📸: @ratchpug

Good morning, Jayhawks! Finals Week day 2 is here, but we believe in all of you. You got this. #exploreKU 📸: @loatswil

Julie Faust had spent the morning at the Union for the Student Affairs All-Staff Meeting and toured the “What Were You Wearing?” exhibit at the KU Union Gallery. She left the installation with some heavy feelings because this exhibit challenges a myth about sexual assault survivors.
“On my walk back to my office, I noticed the tulips blooming – one of my favorite times of the year on campus. It was just the pick-me-up I needed at that moment. I really took notice of the variety of colors and felt compelled to cross the street so I could capture this sure sign that spring was in the air.” #exploreKU 📷: @jhawkpride

Dayna Williams had just finished an exam when she looked over her shoulder and noticed how beautiful the cool temperature and rain made campus look.
“It’s one of the last times I will see that view as a KU student and made me think about how beautiful our campus is, and how much I will miss it in the spring.” #exploreKU 📷: Dayna Williams

Muriel Kelly noticed the blooming flowers around campus but waited to stop and take a photo until the perfect opportunity presented itself.
“In a weird way, I feel like it really encompasses where we’re at in the semester. The flowers are the main focus of the picture, and they are typically associated with spring and summer, which we all really need right now. Then the library is in the background standing as a reminder that the semester is not over yet, but that summer is very close.” #exploreKU 📷: @mur.kel

Washington D.C. has some visitors from Lawrence this weekend! This Sunday, Jayhawks from KU’s School of Music will debut Kevin Walczyk’s “Freedom from Fear: Images from the Shoreline.” This world premiere will take place on one of the country’s most prestigious stages; the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Wish them luck!

As Commencement gets closer, Victoria Bogner realized she wanted to have the state flower on her graduation cap. She asked her grandma to paint it for her (and it was incredible!)
“Growing up in Kansas I remember seeing sunflowers every fall and they quickly became my favorite flower. They remind me to always turn toward the light in every situation. I am so honored to be walking down the hill wearing such a beautiful piece of art painted by someone who means the world to me.” #exploreKU 📷: @victoriabogner17

Every day on his way to and from campus, Dan Chmill walks by the Vietnam War Memorial. For months, he has planned on taking the picture after mentally picturing how the daffodils and memorial wall would line up.
“In my head there's a lot the photo can say. It could be something about connecting war and peace, or about contrasting constructed and natural beauty, or something else entirely. That's a great part about photography for me: beauty and meaning are in the eye of the beholder. We can attach a lot to a photo or just like its composition.” #exploreKU 📸: @danchmill412

Pubudu Wimalasiri was walking home from Malott Hall on a rare sunny afternoon. Spring weather has come and gone over the past few weeks, so he wanted to share the soothing presence of a perfectly warm day.
“The first thing I saw when I walked out was the tree line with white flowers… It made me feel so much better and made me forget the hectic day I had.” #exploreKU 📷: @pu_bu

Marissa Wiley often takes her dog, Berkeley, on walks around campus. On a particularly sunny day, Berkeley couldn’t resist greeting all the college students who passed by. Once she saw the Jayhawk in front of Strong Hall, she immediately jumped up and proudly posed. Marissa wanted to make sure she captured the moment, and as many as possible before she graduates.
“As I am finishing up my degree, I am having those ’moments‘ where I think, ‘Is this the last time I will be here as a student?’ I don't want to leave KU because it feels like home — it is home.” #exploreKU 📷: @m_laine1

Although this photo is a year old, it still stuns us nonetheless. Katelyn Crim was out taking photos with her friend, Cameron. Starting in North Lawrence, they eventually found themselves back on campus and spent another hour photographing around Potter Lake.
“The Campanile has been one of my favorite buildings to take pictures of during my time at KU but I had never gotten any pictures really close up. I actually laid down on the ground to snap this particular photo just to get a different angle and it turned out awesome!” #exploreKU 📷: @kcrim88

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