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Gabe/Quantum: Earth-24 Flash⚡️  ⚡️This account is bitchin’ 🤙 ⚡️News, Facts, Artwork, & More! ⚡️DC + Arrowverse 👽⚡️⏳🏹 ⚡️NOT SPOILER FREE!!! ⚠️🚨 ⚡️30.6k% charged with the Speed Force!

Happy beloved birthday to this treasure of a woman! 😊💙❄️🎉🙌

[Supergirl 3x08: Crisis on Earth-X; Part 1 👽]
Barry and Oliver’s talk on marriage.
This was definitely one of my favorite moments during the first part of Crisis. Shows how far Barry has come from getting struck down by lightning to marrying the woman he’s loved since childhood. ⚡️💍🙌
And Oliver got the girl too, even still now with him being in prison... 😅

Try and give this photo a caption. Go ahead, try. 😂😬
That moment when Iris learns her daughter f**ks timelines like her father, and when Barry learned he got competition.

So that’s why Dick got beef with Batman... All he wanted was to drive the Batmobile. Well let me just say... I feel his pain deeply. WE ALL WANT TO DRIVE THE BATMOBILE AT LEAST ONCE!!! 😭😭😭😂😂😂

Well, looks like now got our Daily Planet reporter for the Arrowverse. 📰
And interestingly enough, Mr. Freeze’s wife is taking part in the crossover. Makes me wonder what her role will be. 🤔❄️
I’m betting Stephen’s quite cheerful that he’ll be spending more bonding time with his wife on set. 😆🙌

Do you prefer Felicity with her blonde hair or with pink hair? 💇‍♀️
She has the pink hair in season 7 as a disguise for the Witness Protection program, in case you’re wondering why.
6 years ago, we saw her begin as a IT for Queen Consolidated, and today is not only the wife of the convicted Oliver Queen or now known the whole world as the Green Arrow, but also a personal target to his enemies, including the still on-the-loose Ricardo Diaz and his new Longbow Hunters. So don’t judge if she behaves stress as hell this season, because she got a real good reason to be.

Would you like to see Zatanna in the Arrowverse? To repeat her words, “DAMN STRAIGHT!” I need one of my most favorite DC girls put back on the TV screen soon, ever since she was on Smallville. 😫👌❤️🎩
In my personal opinion, I always thought @alexandradaddario had the looks for the role of the showtime sorceress, as @bosslogic’s artwork here proves right here. 🖤✨
Plus I remember reading an old article regarding putting Zatanna in the DCTV universe, and Greg Bertani stated that if they ever did decided to add her, she would first appear on The Flash. Not sure why make her debut there, but as long she debuts at all, I’m good with it. 👌

A few more new Titans photos released, including the first look at Jason Todd. 🐾💀💪👽
Can we please keep the vibes today at a positive level? 🙌
Otherwise just keep on moving, turkeys. 👉👉👉

5x01: “Nora” Promotional Photos ⚡️📸
28 DAYS TO GO!!! One of my hopes for the season is that everyone gets the proper amount of a screen time and time to advance through their storylines, not have more focus on one or two others and half-ass the rest of them... 😒💯

Flash Family. ⚡️❤️
Their really going with the whole “Family” theme this season, aren’t they? 😅 What would you like to see with these 3 in the upcoming season?


Parent & Child (Biological) 🏹⚡️👽⏳👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
I know there’s probably more people, but this was some quick editing work I was doing.
•Moira Queen, mother of Oliver Queen & Thea Queen aka Green Arrow & Speedy. 🏹
•Henry Allen, father of Barry Allen aka The Flash. ⚡️
•Alura Zor-El, mother of Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl. 💪
•Quentin Lance, father of Sara Lance aka White Canary. 🕊
•Joe West, father of Iris West & Wally West aka Kid Flash. 📰⚡️
•Sandy Palmer, mother of Ray Palmer aka The Atom. 🌟
•Dick Rory, father of Mick Rory aka Heat Wave. 🔥
•James Jackson, father of Jefferson Jackson; formerly Firestorm. ☢️
•Donna Smoak, mother of Felicity Smoak aka Overwatch. 💻
•Carla Tannhauser, mother of Caitlin Snow aka Killer Frost. ❄️
•Malcolm Merlyn, father of Thea Queen aka Speedy. 🏹
•Damien Darhk, father of Nora Darhk. ☠️
Inspired by previous work from @thedctvflash

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