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46-year-old Rose Lusanda (pictured) is one of 13,000 Congolese refugees seeking shelter in a settlement camp in #Angola.

Women and children make up 75% of the people in the settlement. With many men missing, dead, or unable to work, women are left with the difficult task of rebuilding lives and looking after their families. "We cannot be weak - we escaped the war. No other human will give you that strength. I had that strength inside of me. I had the courage to do whatever has to be done. Sometimes I say to my daughter, now we are here. I tell her to feel the courage - to find the calm, be calm, stay calm.” Our colleagues from the #UnitedNations Refugee Agency (#UNHCR) work with partners in Angola to ensure refugees are protected and have access to emergency shelter, food and water, sanitation, and healthcare including mental health support.

Follow @refugees to see more photos form this portrait series by photographer @gilesduley, accompanied with interviews that illuminate the experiences and the strength of these brave women.

Regram: @refugees | 📷: UNHCR / Giles Duley
#GlobalGoals #WithRefugees

#TBT to last month's #UnitedNations General Assembly session when @UNEnvironment Goodwill Ambassador @DiaMirzaOfficial and other celebrities, world leaders and dignitaries took part in our special #UNGA @Instagram activation.

More than 100 VIPs visited our exclusive Social Media Studio over the course of the week, where they discussed some of the most pressing challenges facing our world today.
Many focused on the need for #ClimateAction, the devastating effects of humanitarian crises and conflict around the world, efforts to reach a global compact #ForMigration and progress made on achieving the #GlobalGoals.
Regram: 📷 @danilo


A healthy reef at Molinere Bay in a protected marine area off the coast of #Grenada in the Caribbean.

Tropical coral reefs cover a mere 0.1 per cent of the ocean but are among the most bio-diverse ecosystems on the planet, supporting one quarter of all marine species.
Despite their importance, coral reefs are rapidly degrading from over-fishing, unsustainable coastal development, warming temperatures and ocean acidification - all of which underscore the need for #ClimateAction.

Our colleagues at the #UnitedNations Environment Programme (@unenvironment) work to protect the world’s coral reefs from the effects of climate change through a variety of programmes, as well as support protected areas to conserve, manage and protect marine resources. 📷: @unenvironment / Kadir van Lohuizen

Meet Ence, 6, who is one of the children receiving support from @unicefindonesia-trained social workers after their homes were destroyed by the recent tsunami in #Indonesia.

Our colleagues from #UNICEF are making sure children can keep learning while schools are repaired, so they can get their lives back on track for a better future. They delivered 65 tents for temporary classrooms, and 30 tonnes of emergency education materials arrived earlier this week, with more to come in the coming days.

Regram: @unicef | 📷: UNICEF/UN0245867/Veska

#ForEveryChild #GlobalGoals

Two women in #Nigeria pause for a photo while filling up a water container.

1 in 9 people still live in extreme poverty around the world, mostly in rural areas. Women are disproportionately affected by poverty - despite being as productive and innovative as men, they often face restrictions when it comes to accessing land, credit and agricultural markets.

On Wednesday's #EndPoverty Day, #UnitedNations Secretary-General António Guterres stresses: "Let us remember that ending poverty is not a matter of charity but a question of justice. There is a fundamental connection between eradicating extreme poverty and upholding the equal rights of all people". Regram: @undp | 📷: UNDP Nigeria / Bridget Jangfa

#StandUp4HumanRights #GlobalGoals

#TourTuesday: A view of the #UnitedNations emblem in the General Assembly Hall on the first day of the General Debate last month.

The UN emblem consists of a top-down view of the globe. Two olive branches on either side of the globe symbolize peace.
The original logo was created by a team of designers during the United Nations Conference on International Organization in 1945, where the UN Charter was drafted. The design team was led by Oliver Lincoln Lundquist, an architect and industrial designer from the United States

Today, the UN emblem continues to be an aspirational symbol, speaking to the hopes and dreams of people the world over, for peace and unity. 📷: UN Photo / Cia Pak

#UNGA #GlobalGoals

Raquel, a farmer from #Honduras, tends to her chickens.

Our colleagues from the @WorldFoodProgramme support smallholder farmers, especially women like Raquel, to improve their productivity, income, livelihoods, nutrition and food security. Locally-produced eggs help communities in Honduras fight poverty and the effects of climate change. "Our life is better now, you can tell from the happiness on our faces," Raquel says.
In his message for Tuesday's World Food Day, #UnitedNations Secretary-General António Guterres highlighted importance of working together to eliminate hunger worldwide: "#ZeroHunger is about joining forces. Countries and companies, institutions and individuals: we must each do our part towards sustainable food systems." Regram: @wfpusa | 📸: Rocío Franco (@missfotos)

#GlobalGoals #ClimateAction

Mahmuda, 34, feeds her livestock in Balaganj, #Bangladesh. She was able to purchase goats and cattle with the help of loans provided by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). "The empowerment of rural women and girls is essential to building a prosperous, equitable and peaceful future for all on a healthy planet. It is needed for achieving gender equality, ensuring decent work for all, eradicating poverty and hunger and taking climate action," said #UnitedNations Secretary-General António Guterres in his message for Monday's International Day of #RuralWomen.

Regram: @ifadnews | 📷: IFAD / G.M.B. Akash

#GlobalGoals #ZeroHunger

Olumuyiwa Ogunbamow and his son 5 year old son Adefie, visiting the United States from #Nigeria, take photos in front of the “Knotted Gun” sculpture at UN Headquarters in New York.
The two were visiting the #UnitedNations on 9 October - the birthday of the late musician and activist John Lennon.
The famous sculpture was a gift to the UN from #Luxembourg. It was created by renowned Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd in response to the murder of his friend John Lennon in #NYC in December 1980.
The sculpture, which consists of a large replica of a 45-calibre revolver with the barrel tied into a bullet-blocking knot, is an iconic symbol for peace.
📷: UN Photo / Kim Haughton

Greater Flamingos gather at the water's edge in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Migratory birds make epic journeys throughout the year, connecting countries, cultures, and continents. However, due to climate change, the migration patterns of birds such as the Greater Flamingo are changing.
"World Migratory Bird Day is an opportunity to celebrate the great natural wonder of bird migration – but also a reminder that those patterns, and ecosystems worldwide, are threatened by climate change." -- #UnitedNations Secretary-General, António Guterres.
On Saturday's #WorldMigratoryBirdDay, join the global celebration for these birds that connect habitats, countries and cultures - traveling the world as symbols of peace and of an interconnected planet.
Regram: @worldmigratorybirdday | 📷: Mario Cardenas
#GlobalGoals #ClimateAction

Boya Lake in British Colombia, #Canada on a summer night is captured in this stunning photo called "Midnight in the North". This image was one of nearly 1,000 amazing photos submitted as part of the World Meteorological Organization's annual calendar competition. The theme for this year's competition was, "The Sun, the Earth, the Weather" and 13 winning photos were selected by the judges to share this year's top honor.

The World Meteorological Organization works to ensure international cooperation on weather, climate and water issues around the world.
Follow @wmo_omm to see more of the photos from the competition.

Regram: wmo_omm | 📷: Jason Salisbury


Secretary-General António Guterres meets with residents and views what remains of the village of Balaroa - one of the hardest hit areas of Palu, #Indonesia, on Friday. The region was struck by an earthquake and subsequent tsunami in late September. "It is impossible not to feel heart-broken when we see such devastation," said the Secretary-General, adding that now is the moment to express full solidarity with the people of Sulawesi and the people of Indonesia.

He went on to praise the Indonesian people and government for their resilience: "Their courage, their spirit of solidarity are remarkable," he said.

Latest figures from the #UnitedNations Office of Humanitarian Affairs say around 2,000 people died in the disaster - around 70 per cent of the population. Another 11,000 were injured, with another 680 still officially missing. 📷: Anthony Burke / @un_ocha

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