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This baby was born in Central African Republic, where 2 out of 3 babies are in need of humanitarian assistance due to the ongoing crisis.

Every year, 2.6 million newborn babies die in the first month of life, many in the first week. The risks faced by babies that are born too soon, are too small, or become sick soon after birth are at the greatest risk of death or disability - particularly if specialized health care is unavailable.

Our colleagues from @UNICEF and @WHO are working with partners and governments around the world to transform care for those newborns most in need.

Regram: unicef_uk | 📷: © UNICEF/Gilbertson V


"Today, I hope we are seeing the beginning of the end of one of the biggest tragedies of the 21st century — the conflict in #Yemen, the worst humanitarian crisis in the world." On Thursday, #UnitedNations Secretary-General António Guterres gave encouraging updates on the peace process in Yemen, including agreements reached, the establishment of a ceasefire and more. For example, parties to the conflict agreed to a ceasefire in the port city of Hodeidah, a key lifeline for millions of people in the country.
The announcement came following consultations between representatives of the Houthi and Yemeni delegations, pictured shaking hands, as Margot Wallström, Minister for Foreign Affairs of #Sweden and the Secretary-General look on.
More than 24 million people – about 75% of the population – need some form of assistance and protection in Yemen. 20 million people are food insecure, with half of those people unsure how they will get their next meal.
In response, our colleagues at the @worldfoodprogramme_official (WFP) are scaling up their operations in in hopes of reaching up to 14 million people. This is only one way the UN family is providing relief when and where possible. 📸: courtesy of Swedish Foreign Ministry video

“This photo is part of my childhood,” says 13 year old Yahya, cradling a small picture of himself.
Around the world, millions of people are on the move - many of them young children. In places like Jordan and elsewhere, our colleagues from UNICEF help provide the most vulnerable children with health, nutrition, education, child protection and other vital services.

The photo was taken for Yahya's first grade school registration only one week before his family fled #Syria. Yahya currently lives in the Za’atari refugee camp in northern #Jordan.
Yahya keeps the photo safe so he can remember his past when he looks at it. “It makes me smile to see myself, and I’m happy to have a memory of when I was younger in Syria,” he says.

Regram: unicef | 📷: © UNICEF/UN0255468/Herwig

#GlobalGoals #withrefugees

#Vaccineswork! Here a young girl in #Yemen smiles after receiving a dose of an oral cholera vaccine.

With the support of @UNICEF, the @worldbank and @gavialliance, our colleagues from the World Health Organization launched a vaccination campaign in Hudaydah in August 2018 to prevent the resurgence of the world's largest cholera outbreak.
The volatile mix of conflict, a deteriorating economic situation, and little or no access to clean drinking water and sanitation have resulted in more than one million suspected cholera cases in Yemen since the outbreak began in April 2017.

On Wednesday's #HealthForAll Day, the #UnitedNations is stressing the importance of Universal Health Coverage for each and every person around the world.

Regram: @WHO | 📷: @WHOyemen / Sadeq al –Wesabi

#GlobalGoals #StandUp4HumanRights

Behind-the-scenes at the Global Compact #ForMigration conference in #Marrakech, #Morocco where world leaders came together to help ensure a life of safety & dignity for all migrants, everwhere. "There are many falsehoods about the Global Compact For Migration – and about the world’s migrants. But we must not succumb to fear or false narratives. We must move from myth to reality," said #UnitedNations Secretary-General António Guterres. "More than 60,000 migrants have died on the move since the year 2000. This is a source of collective shame. And of course, behind every number is a person – a woman, a child, a man, who simply dream for what any of us dream – opportunity, dignity and a better life.
But whether their movement is voluntary or forced; and whether or not they have been able to obtain formal authorization for movement, all human beings must have their human rights respected and their dignity upheld.
To deny this – and to vilify any group of people – is the road to dehumanization and horror. We must not succumb to fear or false narratives." 164 countries adopted the historic Compact in Morocco.
Check out our Instagram story for more behind-the-scenes action! 📷: Mark Garten/UN Photo


Electrical transmission towers in a mountainous area of Sapa, Viet Nam.
Over half the world’s population depends on mountains for water, food and clean energy - yet, mountains are under threat from a variety of challenges, including climate change.
The altitude of mountains, as well as their slope and orientation to the sun mean that their ecosystems are easily disrupted by climate variations. As a result, mountain glaciers are melting at unprecedented rates, affecting freshwater supplies downstream for millions of people.
Understanding how climate change affects mountains is vital as #ClimateAction strategies are put in place to reverse the current trends. Empowering local communities to protect their natural environments is another essential element for increasing the resilience of mountains.
On Tuesday's International Mountain Day and every day, spread the word on the importance of mountains and the need to protect them.
📷: UN Photo/Kibae Park
#GlobalGoals #mountainsmatter

#UnitedNations Secretary-General António Guterres talks with youth migration advocates in #Marrakech, #Morocco.
The Secretary-General sat with the young people on the margins of the Global Compact #ForMigration conference, where world leaders adopted a pact to help achieve a life of safety and dignity for all people on the move.
The youth representatives from around the world shared their priorities and concerns on migration with the Secretary-General, stressing that youth are dedicated to working together to ensure that migration is a choice.
For his part, the Secretary-General urged young people everywhere to be active on the frontlines of countering the misinformation and falsehoods spread about migation, especially through social media. 📸: Mark Garten/ UN Photo

#GlobalGoals #StandUp4HumanRights

A group of young people express their enthusiasm as they gather in Marrakech, #Morocco for Monday's adoption of the historic Global Compact #ForMigration

More than 200 young people came to Marrakech to press for solutions to the unique challenges faced by young migrants. On Monday, several of those young people sat down with #UnitedNations Secretary-General António Guterres to share their priorities for the future. They emphasized that the youth of the world are dedicated to working together to ensure that migration is a choice.

Stay tuned to this account for more behind-the-scenes snaps from the Global Compact meeting, including a special Instagram story on Tuesday! 📷: UN Photo/Mark Garten


Meet some of the representatives of indigenous peoples at the #UnitedNations Climate Conference COP24 from #Peru, #Chad and #Kenya.
Indigenous peoples from around the world are currently participating in #COP24 in Katowice, #Poland to demand urgent #ClimateAction. "We need behavioral change, but also solidarity among peoples and countries," says @hindououmar, Indigenous Peoples' Leader from Chad. 📷: @UNFCCC

#ParisAgreement #WeAreIndigenous #StandUp4HumanRights #GlobalGoals

Sculpture at the conference to adopt the Global Compact #ForMigration in Marrakech.
There are 258 million migrants globally -- that is 1 in 30 people. 50 million of them are children. All of them deserve to live free from harm.
The majority of migrants live and work legally, contributing to both their home and host countries.
World leaders are gathering in Morocco to adopt the Global Compact for a safer and more dignifed life for people on the move -- for everyone's benefit.
📸: UN Photo/ Mark Garten

Pre-school kids in #NYC recreate the archival photo (scroll to next picture) of children holding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ahead of Monday’s commemoration of the Declaration's 70th anniversary.
Drafted by representatives of diverse legal and cultural backgrounds from all regions of the world, it establishes the equal dignity and worth of every person. The principles enshrined in the Declaration are as relevant today as they were when it was adopted in 1948.
#StandUp4HumanRights on Sunday's #HumanRightsDay and every day! 📸: @unphotographers / Mark Garten


Godiose Mukakahisa stands at the entrance of her house in #Rwanda.
24 years ago, a brutal genocide was carried out against the Tutsi in the East African nation. It is widely regarded as one of the darkest episodes in modern history. Armed with clubs, her Hutu neighbours used dogs to hunt Godiose and her family. She hid behind a bush at first, but the killers eventually found her.
"One of the genocide perpetrators had pity on me and was able to convince the others to leave me alive. It was a miracle. I was 8,” Godiose shared in the 2008 "Portraits of a Genocide" exhibit presented by Myriam Abdelaziz at #UnitedNations headquarters in #NYC.
On Sunday, the UN marks the 70th anniversary of the Genocide Convention, the first global human rights treaty.
📷: @myriamabdelaziz

#PreventGenocide #StandUp4HumanRights

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