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Check out @jwestrope_strong with this huge (40-lb+??) Stone PR and A+ celebration technique. Since she started changing her approach to training the gains are literally flowing in and she's been hitting new PRs in training almost every week. Boss!
One year ago this weekend, I competed in my very first strongman competition. And tonight, I finally loaded the 215# stone. I’ve only attempted this stone once before and failed. Something about tonight was different. My mind was right for all of my lifts; I only wish I could have that mindset during every training! Thank you to my # 1 supporter @westrope_strong and an even bigger thank you to @liefiasaurus @unicornstrengthtraining for continuing to challenge me.

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Another rad recent PR. Brett had been chasing this pull for years and it was one of the first goals he asked me to help him reach. His strength had stagnated because he was neglecting some of his major mechanical weaknesses. I told him we would get there, but in order to do it he would need to take a couple steps back and work on some things he wouldn't enjoy. The work pays off, and I think he believes me now too! Up, up, up!
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After 2 years of chasing this goal I finally pulled 600 pounds tonight. Huge thank you to my wife for loading my bar and telling me to get it out of my head. She knew I could do it but I kept letting it get to my head because as I’ve been closing in and miss a lift I take a step backward sometimes. It’s just part of the process in the end and in the end trust it and get your fucking head right. #biggerbetterbrett #unicornstrong #teamplayagain #deadlift #FRēK #livbig #beyondhuman #cerberusstrengthusa #defeatdestroydevour #silkiebrotherhood #silkies #SOFlete #dieliving #rawgripchalk #rfcmusclemilitia #strongman @unicornstrengthtraining @jamiepoppchristenson @frekwear

Check out the Yooooooge PR! When we first started working together just a couple months ago, MJ said she had been trying to load this stone for a year and never got it more than a few inches off the ground. Now's she's nailing this load! This isn't magic, it's careful planning and hard work. Congrats MJ!
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Fuck yea!!! 230 for a PR!!! My Coach wrote my required weights to hit today which she NEVER does... normally just as heavy as possible. I was excited about today’s approaching workout & the possibility of hitting a 50 pound personal record.... today all my hard work, training, meditation, mental training came together!
Lifted 230 like a fuckin beast!!!! Hit this momma for 2 reps as per @liefiasaurus training!
Holy Fucking yea! Felt good, smooth, easy as FUCK!!! 🙌🏻 #strongman #strongwoman #atlas #stones #standstrong #lift I Am #passion

Congrats are also in order for this newb! Daphne said her goal was to go to the Arnold when she first contacted me, before ever having tried strongman. We knew it was possible but not without a lot of work, all of which she had no problems with. Learning an entirely new sport alone and with a remote coach is not easy, but she has no quit! Won her first show to qualify for Nationals and then finished in 6th out of over 40 LWW to earn her spot to the Arnold World Championship. Congrats to @daphne_wants_a_6pack. She's already impressive and we've barely gotten started! Can't wait to see what she's gonna do next year!

This lady is a boss in every aspect of her life, so it's no suprise to those that know her that she did well at Nationals this weekend, but what they may not see is just how much she has grown as a competitor since we met. She was already strong, and while I have helped her get even stronger, the most valuable thing we have worked on together is her competitive mindset, and it showed well last weekend. Dealing with all the emotional waves and surprises that come with a contest of this magnitude is difficult, but crucial to success, and she handled it all and then some. The goal was a top 10 finish and an Invite to the Arnold. Even with a huge class of over 40 LWW, she did exactly that.
Congratulate @salty_mandy on her qualifier to the Arnold World Championship in March...but first watch her throw down beside me a World's Strongest Woman in December!

When we started working together in June, she didn't do much pressing because of chronic shoulder and arm pain and had huge doubts about being able to press heavy one day. We've gotten her moving without pain and getting stronger every day. This week, she just pumped out these 60 lbs DB presses like it's no big deal!
I'm not just proud of her for getting strong, I'm proud of her for being committed to establishing quality movement and for patiently and consistently working toward her results every week.
She's gearing up to do her FIRST strongman contest in November at the @ragnarokstrongman in San Diego.

I want to congratulate client Erich Schick @schickainteasy on his first open WIN this weekend. He took first in the HWM class at the 2017 Santa Cruz Strength Challenge. He has been dedicated to his program for the last 5 months and we have seen big improvements in his athleticism because of it. Most notably, this weekend he showed off an entirely new confidence in himself as a competitor that came from being well prepared. Enjoy the win Erich!

Proud of the work Lisa has put in this year and very excited for her progress. This was a very heavy contest for her, and she rose to the occasion fearlessly, taking home some new PRs along the way. She did what she set out to do this weekend.

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Definitely stepped out of my comfort zone at USS Pro Women's Worlds today! Zeroed a lot of events, but also hit a couple competition PRs so that was pretty cool. Up next is NC Strength Challenge and then a nice long off season ! @unicornstrengthtraining 🦄
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Congrats to online client MJ @standingstrong4women @mjyourrealtor on her win this weekend. I put together a crash course program to get her ready for the events on short notice and she jumped right in. She told me "all I want is a first place trophy". Glad it was the badass battle ax one.

When your clients are getting stronger everywhere, in ways they didn't even ask for, because they follow their programs and trust the process... it's a good day.

Haven't posted in a while, but I've been busy getting people the results they wanted. Lisa is training for the USS Women's World Championships and here she is taking her old 1rm for a handful of reps. All in a day's (or couple month's) work!

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When your coach decided you weren't allowed to be a weak presser... let's just say this was a continental clean and split jerk in July. 💪🏻 @liefiasaurus @unicornstrengthtraining
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Very fun small group seminar this weekend at Phenom Athletics in Burbank, CA. Really enjoyed raining the knowledge (or was that just sweat?) onto these lovely strongwomen as they prepare for SC Nationals and beyond. These ladies learned A TON and even better, they put it all to use right away and were a pleasure to work with.

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