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Liefia Ingalls  Training Systems by Liefia Ingalls BS / CSCS / CPT / USAW / CFL1 --- Custom programming & Remote coaching --- #UNICORNSTRONG --- @liefiasaurus

Congratulations going out to Melissa @sheraprincessofpower1 on her 3rd-place finish at the infamous Granite State Strongman Challenge this past weekend. Here she is repping out her 250-lb. axle DL with no signs of slowing down, on her way to taking 2nd in this event. Her goal was to gain a podium spot in this contest and she earned it by putting up great placings in every event!

Wanna PR your overhead press? Ooh wee, can do! Obviously the secret is to wear a unicorn-with-a-jetpack shirt (and to follow your program). Here's Jeannel hitting an all-time press PR with 155-lbs! Make em say uhhhh.
No joke, she's been hitting a PR on something every single week for the last couple months!

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What I’m like when I hit a new PR. (Sound on - explicit language warning) #strongwoman #strongwomanintraining #girlswholiftheavy #unicornstrengthtraining 💪🦄💪#flowforcerehab 🦍👍👍#lookwhatmyrightarmjustdid #frozenshoulder #defrostingshoulder #axlecleanandpress #yeahiknowitsugly #apologiestomygymforshouting #sorrynotsorry😂 #reallytho #sweetmoment

👀Another awesome PR in the books. A 365-lb stone load for @rubbercitystrongman.
Chris just competed at USS Nationals last weekend. After months of hard work and consistency, he accomplished his goal of placing top 10 in MMW...BUT a last minute equipment change at the contest meant he never got to test himself against the top stone he had been peaking and preparing for, so here he is checking it off the list for the first time this week.
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So I did a thing today...
#prda365stone #didnthavetodoitatnationals #only50inchesinheightthough #roadto400? #ireallyneedtotan

Got a few more seminar dates to announce for the fall and this one is gonna be fantastic. Can't wait to sprinkle magic on everybody at the infamous Battle Axe Gym in
M I A M I !
Sounds like the majority of spaces have already been reserved, so if you wanna get in on the fun, better act fast!
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The Battle Axe Gym will be hosting @unicornstrengthtraining !!! Proud to be having my strongman buds and generally some of the strongest people I’ve ever known come down south .. WORLD champion and WORLD record holder @liefiasaurus and 3 x Cali’s strongest man and top 231 amateur strongman @knassbruckles are coming to Miami for a one day seminar at The Axe .. I literally have only 8 spots left.. info is on flyer .. confirm spot with payment, no refunds unless serious shit happens .. SEE YOU ALL THERE !! Slip in the DM’s for info .. mic dropped Florida, your move #strongman #thebattleaxegym #unicornstrengthtraining #bedifferent #weallrise #miami

Daphne's "off-season" includes lifting at the Boss of Bosses at @bossbarbellclub at the end of August and she just hit this EASY little PR at 425, off-peak, and with 7 more weeks to go! Isn't that neat?
Everybody is getting so strong and it's so exciting!
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It may not be 500lbs but I’ve missed this weight probably over a dozen times in the gym and I specifically remember missing this at the US Open last year and at California’s Strongest Woman a few months ago. I haven’t had a REAL deadlift PR in over one and a half years... until today. And it was easy. 425x1

Not sure I've mentioned how excited I am to be working with @joanek15! I'm not kidding you, she has been one of favorite Strongman competitors to watch for YEARS. Anybody this smoll should probably not be allowed to have so much power. I'm so honored that she would even ask me to help guide her to her goals and even more excited to see the sneaky progress she's been making in the last few months.
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70lb 6rm each arm @barbell_babes #thickthighs @s10fitness @unicornstrengthtraining @femmeroyalemovement @halio_la fueled by @fnx_fit #s10 #savethefishies #sandiego #strongman #femmeroyale #haliola #dumbbell #fnxfit #femmeroyale #athiawarrior #barbellbabes

#Repost @ginger_lifter916 looking stronger than ever going into the start of preparations for her second PL meet this October.
Oooo girl. Did the strongs tonight. 265 x 10. 2 days after 315 x 2. Yay me. #untamedstrength #trainuntamed #unicornstrong #Fleo #fatgirlinlittleshorts #tacobell #pioneerbelt #sbd #gingerlife #gingerstrong #girlswhopowerlift #grrrl

Coached by @unicornstrengthtraining
Lifetime spotter @mrwebb78

Awww, guys...my feels feel something.
@jeannelking has come a long way, possibly even more than she knows! Her own words tell the story best, I am happy to see her embracing her changes and excited to see her SMASH her own expectations at her upcoming contest!
Throw back to almost exactly one year ago today, when I went to @liefiasaurus ‘s @unicornstrengthtraining Strongman seminar at @untamedstrength. Was the first time I ever touched a log, a stone, or a yoke. Was also my one year anniversary for lifting weights in general. Was also one of the most transformational experiences of my life. Over the past year I’ve redefined what my “officially disabled shoulder” and “old-ass body” could do, and redefined my view of myself as an athlete, a strongwoman, and a competitor. It hasn’t been an easy road - traveling for work has me getting crafty on where and how I get my training in, plus my shoulder decided to freeze up for a few months - but it has totally been worth it so far. Celebrating this one-year strongwoman journey with another competition at the end of the month. #anniversary #strongwoman #weightlifting #girlswholiftheavy #redefiningyourself #youarecapableofsomuchmorethanyouthink #glitterunicorns #happyrainbows #andallthatshit #insertmotivationalsayinghere 🌈🦄💪

Strongman Competition Seminar in action today at the @borgeskogen_treningssenter in Stokke, Norway.
It was fantastic.
As told by these photos, topics included:
1. Naptime fundamentals.
2. Improving high-five accuracy.
3. Armpit strength endurance.
4. Karate-chop mechanics.
5. Belly Button Boopin.
JK...we're just not super photogenic because we didn't come to look good, we came to make shit happen.
In all seriousness, we had a great time tonight. Everyone was a sponge for knowledge.
Thank you to @kikkiberlijohnsen and @egilberlijohnsen for inviting us here to meet this amazing community of coachable athletes.
For info on booking your very own, please email training@unicornstrength.com.

The Unicorn is the national animal of Scotland, so that's probably why this one looks so comfortable being treated to strongman in the UK. Thanks @_1980becks_ for showing off.
If you wanted to order shirts, but haven't yet, you're running out of time. We'll be setting off on our summer tour next week, so ordering will be paused until mid-August. Get yours right meow!
Logo tees are $25 shipped
Raglans are $30 shipped
Get one of each for $50, or combine shipping to save $5 on each additional shirt. All unisex Sizes XS-XXXL available.
Contact me for international shipping or any questions.
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Don’t you just love it when you can train outside ?? Farmers walk 110kg , yoke carry ( zercher carry ?) 87kg. Showing off my new training haberdashery from @unicornstrengthtraining and @silverbackgymwear. Thank you @lilyloveslifting #dundeestrengthunit #unicornstrength #silverbackgymwear #farmerswalk #zerchercarry #yokecarry #strongwoman #training #highlandgames #sunny #dundee #scotland #bighthighs #thickandstrong #girlswholift #goals #2018

Dayummm. 😲
#Repost @ginger_lifter916 looking skronk AND moving well and 200-lbs in each hand! Somebody's been following the plan! Good girl.
Solid 200/hand beltless farmer's for 50ft today #untamedstrength #trainuntamed #unicornstrong #gingerlife #gingerstrong #girlswhopowerlift #beastmetals #sbd #grrrl #grrrlarmy #stronghands #strongwoman

Wanna be like Joan? Super skilled? Powerful? Insanely determined? Sweet as sunshine? I know I do. Pretty sure it totally comes from that super soft raglan she's wearing. Get one right meow before they're gone!
This is the LAST WEEK to order.
I'll be shipping orders through the end of the week, but after that, sales will be on hold while we're away all summer!
Logo Tees $25
Raglans $30
Get BOTH, any size, for $50!
All prices include shipping anywhere in the US. Contact me for international shipping.
Unisex Sizes XS-XXXL still available in all styles.
To order: Send yo $$ to PayPal.me/unicornstrength (link in bio). DM with any questions.
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Clean technique with @coachmiller_fortius @crossfitfortius @nutrakey @repp_sports @halio_la @femmeroyalemovement @unicornstrengthtraining @bloodandironactual #alwaysaworkinprogress

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