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Pratish  Do you hear the voices too?πŸ˜• P.s You may call me The Dark Lord. My friends do...

Spot the baby in this photo.
Hint. He's wearing a brown jacket.

Look how long my hair has become. Only posted this pic to show you jow long my hair has become...or else the pic is blehkkk...

Ninja??πŸ˜‚ kirr me....

Good times.Gooood times.

The moon and my growing hurr...cheers

Because nobunaga

Don't I look like a pretty gurl?Well I am not. I am a pretty boy.know the difference.uggghh..I'm sorry.just keel me...πŸ˜ͺ

Good morning...haven't really slept because ABSOLVER!!But still good morning...and yes awesome view so thought I'd take a picture..

Time to kick some ass


The darkness comes to you because the sharp edges of light are too painful sometimes. Darkness comes to comfort you and keep you safe,it comes to you as a loving presence to protect you while you're vulnerable.

A time not so long ago and my almost long hair.

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