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Unfiltered.Politics  🌎 👊🏼FIGHTING AGAINST 🚩MSM disinformation🐑 🚩political correctness🙊 🚩political corruption💰 🚩politics as usual🎭 🚩racists, hypocrites🤡 🚩distortion, lies🤥

#CandaceOwens laughing about how #HillaryClinton tried to pander to black people right before the election by telling them she carries around #hotsauce in her purse. 😂

ZOINKS! #HillaryClinton would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling #deplorables

Uh oh. Is #BarackObama in trouble with Michelle? 🤣 Former President Obama sat next to #firstlady #MelaniaTrump at #BarbaraBush’s funeral today. And it looks like Michelle wasn’t too thrilled about Obama making Melania laugh. #HillaryClinton and #BillClinton pretended they weren’t listening. What were they reading? Hopefully Hillary’s indictment. #flotus

#KanyeWest visiting president elect #DonaldJTrump at #TrumpTower in December 2016, before his inauguration. Kanye and #PresidentTrump have been friends for a long time. While Mr West is a little ‘out there’ sometimes artistically, he is certainly one of the best rappers of our time, and a free-thinker.

One of the most talented rappers #KanyeWest is a free thinker, and a Trump supporter. And he likes other free thinkers like #CandaceOwens who voices her thoughts and opinions based on facts, logic and common sense, rather than identity politics and skin tone. I’ve been following both of their careers for a while. I’m a fan, and I have tons of respect for both. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 @realcandaceowens

#JamesComey and his mini-me #AndrewMcCabe are both under investigation for leaking classified information to the press and then lying about it to authorities. Pretty soon they’ll both be pimpin’ and weaselin’ it from prison. 😂😂😂

Both #JerryBrown and #AndrewCuomo have been absolute disasters as governors. Who do you think is worse? I might be biased since I live in CA, Jerry Brown is hands down, the worst governor in the history of the United States. But lately I’ve been hearing a lot of idiocy coming from Cuomo too. It’s a tough choice.

Take that #CNN 👊🏼

LIKE THIS if you would like to see #hillaryclinton finally be held accountable.

It really never stops. #CNN will forever be a big #shithole of a news network. They poop out #fakenews every time I switch to their network. Sad.

Eeyyyyy Whaddayya know! It was #TheMooch this whole time! 🤣🤣🤣 #Scaramucci #anthonyscaramucci #stormydaniels

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