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#SnoopDogg spreading that love again. Snoop condemned supporters of #PresidentTrump and called them all racists, including fellow rapper #KanyeWest today. "I don't give a f---. I tell 'em motherf---er, If you like that n---a, you motherf---in’ racist,” Snoop Dogg began in an interview with DJ Suss One on SiriusXM. “F--- you and f--- him. Now what?” I used to be a fan of his, but now he just looks pathetic. So angry and uninterested in finding actual dialogue with those who disagree with him. I guess Snoop can’t get any publicity anymore unless he attacks Trump. Do what you gotta do Snoop.

LIKE THIS if you think you have what it takes to join........ The Trump-Team. 😆😎😆 #PresidentTrump #Trumprally #DonaldTrump #miloyiannopoulos #alexjones #sheriffclarke #melaniatrump #flotus

#KeithEllison responds to accusations of domestic abuse by his ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan who made an official medical report and told her doctor she was abused. She also told her doctor that would have filed a police report but she was afraid of retribution against her if she identified who he was. Ellison denies the allegations and Democrats instantly believe him and marginalize the accuser. #BrettKavanaugh denies allegations made against him (with no medical or police record) and immediately every Democrat calls him a rapist. What liberals are saying is that the abuse of women just isn’t as important as winning elections. And it always depends on who is accused. Ellison said that in this #metoo environment, you never know what allegations women can “cook up.” So women who accuse Republicans “are to be believed” but women who accuse Democrats are just cooking it up. Got it. Accusations against Ellison are being investigated by his fellow Democrats but accusations against Kavanaugh MUST be investigated by the FBI. Funny how that works... 🤔

It’s too bad that when it comes to sexual assault allegations, everything is political. It all depends on which party the accuser and accused is. Democrats immediately believe any accuser as long as the accused is a Republican. But if the accused is a Democrat, liberals ignore it and defend it and even attack and marginalize the victim. #HillaryClinton claims to be a feminist but back when #BillClinton was accused by multiple women of sexual assault, Hillary, the media and most Democrats attacked the women and called them whores. Similarly co-chair of the #DNC #KeithEllison who is currently running for #AttorneyGeneral of #Minnesota was accused by his ex-girlfriend of domestic abuse but no democrats seem to care, and most of the media ignores it. In fact Karen Monahan says she’s being marginalized and ignored by her own party: The Democrats. Democrats are setting a very bad precedent that all women are to be believed UNLESS they accuse a Democrat. That is not right. #BrettKavanaugh was accused of groping a girl in high school 36 years ago and Democrats automatically believe her, before even hearing her. How come? Is it because they don’t care about the truth as much as they care about preventing the appointment of another conservative #supremecourt Justice? All it tells me is that they don’t care about the #metoo movement as much as they care about electing more Democrats. It’s too bad things have degenerated to that point. The media is the worst offender in my mind because they are suppose to get to the bottom of the facts, instead of immediately giving us Democrat-specific talking points in hopes of fooling their audience that their point of view is the only one.

Kid at #TrumpRally says he had a great time and “Hillary Sucks!” 😂 Smart young man knows what’s up. 🤣🤣🤣 #HillaryClinton #CrookedHillary #RSBN #PresidentTrump #DonaldTrump Thanks @cnnfake_news_propaganda

#JamesComey: The #weasel screwed the Democrats and Republicans. Can’t we just say in one bipartisan voice that he deserves to be locked up? #Comey

BREAKING: #NewYorkTimes (who hates #PresidentTrump) is reporting that Deputy #AttorneyGeneral #RodRosenstein considered invoking the 25th amendment to get rid of #DonaldTrump last year over the firing of #JamesComey. #Rosenstein also allegedly spoke about wearing a wire to record the President, however he denies these claims. I really don’t know who to believe but I don’t trust him or the #NYT. If true though, this is unbelievable but I wouldn’t be too surprised.

#ProjectVeritas has begun exposing members of the resistance inside the government. This is just a preview of what’s to come. I look forward to this complete series. Stuart Karaffa is a #BarackObama holdover state department employee and member of the Democratic Socialists of America on the down low. He brags about knowingly participating in “slowing things down” to stick it to Trump. What’s most infuriating is that you, the taxpayers are paying for him and many others like him to actively undermine the sitting President. Something tells me that good ol Stuart won’t have his job much longer but I worry about dozens or hundreds like him who aren’t dumb enough to get caught on video. Democracy doesn’t mean having an election but then spitting on the results because you don’t like it. Democrats are liars and hypocrites. Back when everyone assumed #HillaryClinton was going to win the media and democrats constantly kept asking #DonaldTrump if he would respect the outcome of the election. Hillary herself said in a debate that anyone who does not respect election outcomes is a threat to our democracy. Few months later she and most democrats do exactly what they said would be a threat to democracy, and of course there is zero media accountability, as usual. The media doesn’t hold Democrats accountable. But the arrogance of these government employee resistance losers who think they’re untouchable is just too much. These people not only need to get fired, but prosecuted to the full extent of the law. A message has to be sent. Examples must be made. @project_veritas @jamesokeefeiii

#PresidentTrump is on fire tonight in #LasVegas. You may not like his rhetoric, or his style, but you have to respect that he is objectively doing a great job for our economy. Ultimately to me, (and most people) the two most important issues are the economy and national security / security in general. People want to prosper and be safe. Unfortunately as far as safety goes, I don’t believe having open borders is good. Democrats used to believe that as well. But now all they care about is winning elections so they encourage people to come to our country illegally and get rewarded for it. All while so many good people wait in line to come here. We have a lot of Americans and immigrants who are citizens, and they could use some help too. Democrats want to abolish immigration enforcement altogether, which is where I imagine they lose a lot of independents. As far as the economy and security go, I think #DonaldTrump is doing a pretty good job. Much better than a lot of Democrats will admit. That’s why they can only attack him with ad-hominem attacks on his character. If you’re still not sure though, check out your #401k which is now UP over 50% in just 2 years. That’s after all the so-called “experts” in the media and the Democrat party said that if Trump is elected, the economy will tank. Well not only has it not tanked, it’s soaring. It’s the best it’s EVER been. I’m pretty happy about that, and if you are, make sure you vote this November for Republicans-not because they’re great, they have issues too, but because it will help the President continue #winning for everyone. When the economy does well, it doesn’t matter what race or gender you are, everyone WILL benefit from it. Everyone. #trumprally #nevada

#KeithEllison is Democrat congressman, co-Chair of the #DNC, and is currently running for #AttorneyGeneral in #Minnesota. He too was accused by his ex girlfriend Karen Monohan of domestic abuse, physical and verbal yet somehow Democrats can’t be bothered to even comment about it. In fact her own party brushed her off and cast her out. That’s how it works. The moment you disagree with their agenda, you’re dead to them. Their strategy is to quietly coast into electing this guy as AG, and hopefully winning the House of Reps, maybe the Senate so they can promptly brush this under the rug once and for all. Whether they pay the woman off or fight against her allegations which happened a couple years ago, and she claims to have VIDEO PROOF of him dragging her off the bed by her foot and calling her a “F$@$ing bitch” among other things. Vote for Democrats if you believe that they are above the law, and above their own “standards”. Let’s not forget, many of these people were close friends with #HarveyWeinstein and never said anything about his abuse and rape of women for decades! Odd I never saw any celebrities come out and defend this woman. I wonder why 🤔

If Democrats win enough House seats for the #midtermelections #AdamSchiff and his bulging eyes becomes the chairman of the House Intel Committee. That means any investigations they have going into government abuse of power go away, quietly into the night. #Schiff scares me almost as much as #HillaryClinton did in 2016. He defended and covered for her because he hoped he would become #AttorneyGeneral or #CIA director. Be sure to go and vote for your local Republican to prevent this horror-show from being in charge of anything. But especially if you live near Burbank, so sure to turn out on November 6th and vote against this guy. He belongs in an insane asylum, not in charge of any committee. Democrats might not have an issue with him or his tactics right now, but they are sadly mistaken if they think this guy won’t turn on them the moment he thinks they no longer serve his own interests. Anyone who lives in CA (and even if you don’t) be sure to follow @corruptifornia They are great for CA related political news and insights. #treygowdy #midtermelection

The Democrat party has become totally extreme, radical and devoid of common sense. So much so that people are not only walking away, they’re running. I’m sure many Democrats don’t like #DonaldTrump but what is happening to their own party is a lot more scary. I wish they’d return to being moderate but at this point, it’s obvious that is not going to happen. Extremists have hijacked their party and are making the decision for normal moderate Democrats to jump ship easier by being completely insane about everything. It’s been slowly happening since the election of #BarackObama, and probably before that but since #PresidentTrump won the presidency, it’s accelerated into high gear.

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