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So today was trash day, and no one told me! Honestly, is it too much to ask for people to have some semblance of common human decency?
ANYWAYS! I felt the need to post a Widowmaker selfie (because I’m in a sniper mood with all this trash piling around me) @cosplay_ftw Has this AMAZING shirt on their site! Check them out!! #widowmaker #shootallthetrash #notreally #but #wasteofoxygen #widowmakercosplay #cosplayftw #overwatch #overwatchcosplay #thatcontourthough #widowbae


My girls @comiclzz and @phin.amin inspired me to do this Galaxy Hinata makeup look ✨😍✨ My family flew back to California today and I wanted to do something to distract myself! Hope you guys enjoy πŸ–€ My eyes are edited, not contacts, mine ripped and I haven’t been able to replace them 😭
#galaxy #galaxymakeup #hinata #hinatahyuga #hinatacosplay #hinatahyugacosplay #hinatauzumaki #cosplay #cosplaybabes #galaxyhinata #makeup #makeuplove #fun #konoha #kunoichi #naruto #narutocosplay #narutohinata

It's October and the leaves are changing 😍🍁😍 Autumn is my favorite time of year, everything about it just fills me with joy! These photos weren't taken in the Fall, but my hair reminds me of our trees currently! ❀🍁❀
Photos by @dear.dianne
#fall #autumn #vogue #photoshoot #fashion #autumnishere #beautiful #nature #love #makeup #needtodomoreshoots

Don't you just love it when you find that powder foundation, powder brush, and setting spray that when combined makes your skin look FLAWLESS?? I have annoyingly large pores πŸ™„ But you can't even tell! This photo is 100% unedited! Straight from my phone's camera! @maccosmetics Fix+ setting spray has become my new go to!! I'm super picky about my setting sprays, as I have super oily skin and need staying power! I also cosplay, and need the makeup to stay flawless ALL day long! This setting spray goes on really well, without throwing big splots of spray and leaving your makeup spotty πŸ™ƒ It's light and doesn't feel too heavy or tight over my foundation! Plus it has a LIGHT pleasant scent. Far too often setting sprays smell like chemicals or are way too scented, this one is just right!
I also got @maccosmetics brush in 140! It's fully synthetic, and soft enough to apply flawless power!
I'm wearing shade C2 of Studio Mac Fix powder foundation and I LOVE it! My skin is an annoying mix of red and yellow, so matching skin tones is next to impossible! But this is pretty darn close 😍 And best of all? NO CAKEYNESS!
On my eyes is my fave @kikomilano Smart Eyeshadow palette in 02! Warm shades! Perfect for fall 😍🍁 It comes with a variety of pigmented and smooth shades, perfect for any look (natural or smoky) with warm bases perfect for the fall! (Or for me, every day since fall is my go to..) They're easily blended, and compliment each other so well! I really appreciate the Shade range, with tons of lights, mediums, and darks so you can really use it for any look! They also have a Cool toned palette, but this one is my personal fave!
#makeup #makeuplove #makeupaddict #fallcolors #kikomilano #kikomilanomakeup #kikoUSA #kikotrendsetters #mac #maccosmetics
I want to thank Companies Mac Cosmetics and Kiki Milano for sending me these products, I have not been paid, and I keep my opinion 100% honest! #freewithoctoly #gotitforfree #octoly #octolyfamily

I have so many new Cosplays planned πŸ™ˆ I seriously can't wait to show you guys!! Meanwhile, enjoy this awesome photo by @ocmphoto111! My fellow Naruto lover friend! #cosplay #hinata #hinatahyuga #hinatacosplay #hinatahyugacosplay #naruto #narutoshippuden #narutocosplay #anbu #anbuhinata #kunoichi #byakugan #byakuganprincess

I think it's hilarious when people get upset with me for simply posting the creepy messages I get, recently some random person has been harassing me and even making fake accounts JUST to harass me (how SAD is that? πŸ˜‚) Apparently posting and calling out these creeps is "begging for attention" and "extremely toxic"
Meanwhile I have friends messaging me, thanking me for calling it out. Because when they get these messages, it triggers their anxiety and depression. By calling it out and posting it publicly, I hope to show people that "boys will be boys" and "girls will be girls" is NOT okay. People WILL be held accountable for their actions. I usually reply to said messages and let them know why it's not okay. I've actually had followers ask me why it's not okay, I've explained, and they've gone "That makes a lot of sense, I didn't think about it like that"
At the end of the day, these messages mean nothing to me. In fact they're kind of hilarious! I don't get angry, I barely even get annoyed! Someone recently called it fighting a losing battle, but that's not a reason to stop fighting for what's right ❀ To all the people who've sent me beautiful messages lately, THANK YOU ❀ I don't reply to them all because I simply don't have time =\ But I do read them all and appreciate them! Thank you ALL FOR THE SUPPORT!

In OTHER NEWS!! My Ko-Fis have finally been depositing!! New Hinata content coming soon 😍❀ if you'd like to donate (NO PRESSURE, I just can't afford cosplays right now and people have been asking for content!) My KoFi is linked in my profile!
This amazing photo was taken by @eurobeat_kasumi_ebk! And my GORGEOUS Ino is @helloiamkate ❀
#cosplay #hinata #hinatahyuga #hinatacosplay #hinatauzumaki #hinatahyugacosplay #konoha #kunoichi #naruto #narutocosplay #ino #inoyamanaka #inocosplay

Who else is getting insanely hyped for the next season of RWBY!? πŸ’›
Wig from @brookeisabee πŸ’›
Arm by @cinder_the_handyman πŸ’›
Photo by @surfsideimages πŸ’›
#rwby #rwbycosplay #roosterteeth #roosterteethcosplay #yang #yangxiaolong #yangcosplay #yangxiaolongcosplay #thatarmtho #yellow #cosplay #fightlikeagirl

So 😍 @cosplay_ftw sent me this AMAZING Widowmaker shirt!! It's SO comfy and ridiculously well made! Honestly it's perfect for cosplay (Or working out! Gotta get in shape!) I love it so much! You guys should seriously check out their store and see what they have up for sale! If you find something you love, use my code uneekchic10 for 10% off! Save you a little money on your new cosplay or just fun purchase!
www.cosplay-ftw.com : uneekchic10
Thank you so much @cosplay_ftw!
#widowmaker #widowmakercosplay #overwatch #overwatchcosplay #cosplay #cosplaybabes #widowbae #cosplayftw

Getting some Adams Family vibes.. anyways, sorry for my awkward self. It was hot and SO crowded, we nabbed one or two quick cellphone pics (this being one) before we left. I wish you could see how tiny my waist looks in this corset!! @timelesstrends has a new Hourglass line and it SLAYS ME! I seriously can't get enough! I only own one from that line (though I own like four or five others..) I'd LOVE a black one πŸ˜πŸ–€ #timelesstrends #corsets #hourglass #curvesfordays #rennaissancefestival #renfest #cosplay

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