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University of New England, USA  Will, Neuroscience & Med-Bio, Rock Climber 🤙🏻, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Photography! Nature Fanatic. Mumford and Sons brings me great joy. @will.rijn

Coming into college I was a terrible test-taker. My effort was adequate at best. As most people do, I resented the painful feeling of failure and so, to avoid such feelings, I entertained the idea of not going to college. I’m sitting here with my pile of textbooks, exhausted, but proud. I’m proud because I’m no longer the kid who settles for an 80% when he could have received a 100. College is a time to learn discipline, to learn to never settle. When we feel an inclination to run away from challenge simply because we feel as though we aren’t “good” enough, that’s a sign that it’s probably time to dive in. It’s true that college is hard, but every second is worth it. 🤙🏻#noreasters

Outing Club organizes bi-weekly trips to local climbing gyms. Evo Rock & Fitness in Portland and Salt Pump Climbing Co. in Scarborough are the primary climbing gyms we go to. Hope to see some new folks getting chalked up in the coming semesters!

The front side of the new Ripich Commons is pretty breathtaking. I’m dreaming of when the waterfront area is totally finished.

Huge appreciation for the folks at UNE health and wellness who set up shop on the compass. They’ll be giving out free coffee and tea from 7:30 am to 10:00 am. Even if you don’t have an exam this morning, stop by to grab a drink and go study!

Last push to the end of the year! As excited as I am for summer, and as much as I know this is an uncommon opinion, I find a certain clarity of mind in the hectic-ness of the school year.

Pro Tip: Linger at the Forum around closing time after a late dinner and you might just find yourself sitting with a pile of churros.

The cliffs overlooking the Saco River are a rad time. Definitely a nice spot to unwind.

Regardless of whether you’re in high school, undergrad, or graduate school, we all know that academic and social stress is a given. In these times of turmoil it becomes increasingly important to acknowledge the “little things”. Be it the smell of mulch as a reminder that warm weather is coming, or the burn you feel while weight training. These little moments keep us sane. In college it can be difficult to find a space where one can be alone with their thoughts. For me, the most valuable moment is the tiny bit of bliss I get while drinking coffee and looking over the Saco River. Look forward to seeing new faces in the fall!

Maine is notorious for having harsher winters than other areas of the U.S. but that doesn’t mean we’re devoid of beautiful warm nights like this come spring.

Little evening trip to fortunes!

Hey folks! I’m Will, for the next few weeks I’ll be documenting my attempts at staying both academically and mentally afloat here at UNE. It goes without saying that finishing off the semester isn’t an easy task. We often assume that the only way in which our anxieties about school will decrease is by maniacally studying until we keel over. While it’s true that we need to get into gear to finish strong, lets also take time to breathe. We’re almost at the end. Keep it up! 🤙🏻

Please welcome #UNE first year, Med Bio student Will!

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