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Christine  // I am forever in alongside the boys in jumpers // Concert: April 15, 2017 🎶 Number 1 Jamie stan! 💙@gabbyinmyhead is my spam 💙

Still think ILIWYS had the best lighting 🖤
What are your favorite visuals?
🎥 @bedfurddanes75
#the1975 #mattyhealy #georgedaniel #adamhann #rossmacdonald

⚫️ Rant about personal shit ⚫️
Guess who skipped her meds a couple times this week on top of taking meds she shouldn’t be taking and is now feeling like shit 🙄
I think it was yesterday or the day before when I said I was feeling content for the first time in a long time. It’s like I don’t know how to let myself be happy. I always have to self destruct

I’m still desperately clinging to the ILIWYS era 🎥 @bedfurddanes75
#the1975 #mattyhealy #georgedaniel #adamhann #rossmacdonald

To those of you who watched the livestream. Thanks for making me feel a better 🖤 also I completed the quest like a minute after ending it so I guess I’m worse at multitasking than I thought 🎥 @bedfurddanes75

Have I mentioned that I love this song? 😂
🎥 @bedfurddanes75
#the1975 #mattyhealy #rossmacdonald #georgedaniel #adamhann

I’ve got some more videos!
From the lovely @bedfurddanes75 🖤
#the1975 #mattyhealy #rossmacdonald #adamhann #georgedaniel

I was hoping we’d get more than just a single and music video for June 1st considering all of the hype with the month long countdown and all of the posters.
I’m still holding onto the theory that it was supposed to be the album but it got delayed for some reason 🤷🏼‍♀️
#the1975 #mattyhealy #musicforcars

I’m so excited for the new music video!!! It looks like it’s gonna be crazy and out here there like Love Me was, and I’m so hyped for that! I want another crazy, quirky single
#the1975 #mattyhealy

I just watched the first episode of Orange is the New Black. As usual I’m late to the party lol
It seemed good so far, but I think I need to watch a few more episodes to really get a feel for it.
Have any of y’all watched it? If so, what did you think? No spoilers please

Let’s play a game called “how long can Christine go before desperately missing her sister?” 😂
Small things don’t count! Cause I’ve already had little moments of seeing her side of the bathroom counter empty and coming out in the morning and not seeing her where she usually is.
I’m talking the more desperate kind of missing. I’m gonna give it 3 days, I think 😬
Y’all have to understand though, the last time I spent that amount of time away from her was 3 years ago when she was living in College Station and I was still in Dallas. Other than that we’ve been living together ALL THE TIME!
#mattyhealy #the1975

I’m so excited, guys! I got registered for classes for fall. I had to do it late because I was getting transferred into my new major, so it was hard to find classes that still had spots or find classes that weren’t all at the same time. I did it though!
I’m gonna be taking Sociology of Race and Ethnic Relations, Intro to Africana Studies, Sociology of Deviance, and Abnormal Psychology. I’m excited! 😊
#the1975 #mattyhealy

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