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the undertaker2  Real page @alinajafi_officialpage Ali Najafi💎 phenomenal boy Ambassador of Peace 👽 Architect📐📏 Singer R&b Wwesuperstar Mmafighter 4-4-94

I am legend of legends and today at this point only i have date i am the first son in the world that the world gave me name of phenomenon this phenomenon is an athlete and has activity in martial arts , and with physically ready i made myself with unforgettable climber professional designer dress designer scene singer am creator of four characters for professional wrestling company i am movie kota made supporter of nature am against drugs i try for highest level and this victory tape will be destroyed with my death in must say all this glory is only for god's help long live the world without war thank you .
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The specific purpose of the specific path of sustainable power is always ready to be invincible and now the world calls me phenomenon i had no childhood or adolescence and now i am busy in youth that nobody has done together in the world i am athlete honors and records i left in different disciplines of myself i haven't been ready to work in sports physically , and i'm ready with hard exercises today i'm singer and be able to read some different styles poet my own poetry i'm professional climber am i'm real hero my string is architecture i'm stage designer and designer of my own clothes i've made four characters for the famous professional wrestling company i'm supporter of animals i'm supporter of environment and nature film kota maker and documentary maker writer book and writer i am the book of story , but no support has ever been from me today , and only at the highest level of impossible work is diff , and not from material opinion or media opinion of any support , and it was only me , my parties and today . That the world gave me the name of my fans is also i acted insted of talking with pictures and film and evidence my goal highlight first announcer hero in globe earth thank god
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