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i dont even like pizza bagels  🌹❤ronnie❤🌹 Im not gay, my gf is ☁️Tragic Sadness☁️ Postponed Childhood👌 Warning: Extremely Queer

Happy little trees

Friends, soft drink, and a huge pusheen @tomodachi_us #tomodachimoa

A little friend i met today c: he was a jumpy boy


!!!!P U R E M O M E N T!!!!!

everyones posting fortnite wins while ive got sweet ass Toreba wins

White rat: Dexter
Middle Rat: Loki
Front rat: Tessi

so the white ones name is dexter, but i cant settle on a name for the two hooded ones. I wanna give them really cute names but also low key matching. Two random names i liked were Bear and Meow, but i decided not to. Trying to find iconic twin names

my rats r so cute everyone is trying to steal them

(Swipe for the cutest boys ever)
Meet my sons!!! I have made so many name ideas i cannot settle on one.

I rlly like this

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