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A few days ago @unclerush and I filmed this video... it was after we saw and heard a LOT of discussion circulating about the Netflix doc "What The Health." I've seen it numerous times, and given that I already eat a plantbased diet it wasn't much new information (although, admittedly, I was shocked at the lobbying powers and what control this has on restaurants, schools, cafeterias, etc. Russell was already well informed on this matter).

What really stands out to us, and what we’ve noticed time and again, is how dismissive and/or angry the reactions are when issues like this are brought to light. Often times, we get angry at the unknown or what we don't understand. ⠀
Watch the whole documentary, and instead of dismissing it right away, I really encourage you to listen with an open mind.  You have to have an open mind to have open ears. Be open to the idea that just because things have been done a certain way for a long time, doesn’t make it right.

Years ago, our grandparents cooked with lard and thought white bread was healthy. Now we know better. Most people can’t even watch videos of how their food is made, because it’s “gross” and they would rather just eat it and not know. This is unconscious living. Choose to be conscious of everything you do 💜🙏 If not for yourself, for your kids, your parents, your family, etc.

If you have already seen What The Health (whether you’re vegan or not), comment below and tell me your thoughts. Good or bad!
⠀ ⠀
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1000s gather in #Charlottesville for a peaceful march and candlelight vigil for the three lives lost on Saturday

Yesterday's highlight I visited the boys and girls club of West Hollywood Plan on teaching these kids to meditate. I'll keep u abreast

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My baby girl is 15 today! 15 years we've been together. She's smart as a whip and beautiful and feisty. She codes, writes, reads a ton and is super athletic. I remember the day you came into this world. Like a whirlwind. Beauty and brains. You've made me a better person. And upped my debate game. Your smile is infectious and your goofy laugh is insane. We all love you so much! And wish you a very happy, crazy, cool born day!🎂😘🎉🌟🎈#AokiLee

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EVENT ALERT 🚨 you don't want to miss this weeks events...
1️⃣ Week 3 of our 4-part Tantris Foundation Series. Saturday 8/19. 1.30pm with @yogawithstar + Courtney Munch. 🙏🏽 (you do not need to have attended previous weeks to come!) ⚡️ scroll right to see the flyer👉🏼
2️⃣ Soul Sunday led by Courtney Munch @ 12pm, followed by lecture with Courtney & @unclerush 🙌🏾 Vegan brunch provided by @cafegratitude (Gratitude of Beverly Hills) 🌯 💪🏽 Soul Sunday sponsored by @swissxcbd ✌🏽
Please PRE-REGISTER online at tantris.com or using our app 👆🏻 link in bio 💥

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