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This man was wrongfully convicted in 1991 was sentenced to life plus 72 years not only did he reverse his conviction but all the cops involved in the case were sent to prison,the judge was sent to prison the district attorney on the case went on the run in an attempt of his arrest he killed himself not to go to prison.This is a wet dream to most of us but this is this mans reality ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you ISAAC WRIGHT JR!! He’s an attorney after that nightmare and he now has an Instagram and an upcoming TV series (ConLaw)G-unit film and Television.

Thank you TI most celebrities are rightfully afraid that being attached to these boycotts will destroy their relationships with corporate America. i can tell you that i personally have lost millions and i lost my advertisers, add agency, support for my charities and my businesses have been penalized I know what these boycotts can do to a biz person like your self I’m proud to see that you love your people more then money I stand with you thank you for helping to make Starbucks own up to their shit (In case you #Starbucks fans don’t know it’s ok to go back your power influenced their dropping charges their apology and their making it right for the 2 young men that were wrongfully charged) So now it’s easy I’m asking for all people of good conscious to ask #wafflehouse and #houstons to do the same for their customers we do not appreciate the treatment of our sisters by you and until you come to your senses and respect your customers many of us of good conscious both black and white will not be eating at your restaurants

Some friends stick by you and show unconditional love You should always celebrate them always But in their birthday you should make it a priority to say how much you love them happy birthday @nataliaroks Love you like i love air

What are u gonna do to make a difference Each one of us is here as a servant to the collective ...You can do something ...Maybe just vote And maybe Stand up against privatized prisons , and against corporate control of our government, As you know this is why occupy wallstreet was created and then killed.. vote for the least corrupt and March and voice your opinion against to most corrupt , don’t worry or have anxiety infact by doing your share you should “rest in perfection” and not chaos the yogi is an activist she serves the greater good in her own way

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Some things I did today! I visited the rare books library! (I’m a rare books collector myself so that was really special) and the classics library and engineering department! I rubbed the lucky toe as well! I was so impressed with the well curated classics library and the women engineers club at Yale! Not to mention the beauty of the entire campus! #yaleclassics #yaleengineering #dreamschool #yaleuniversity

Happy birthday to my lifelong friend / family member @iamnaomicampbell Love you forever #blackexcellence

Just for a minute turn your attention to the many obvious examples of inequality promoted to people of color from our justice system If you are mad enuff maybe u will vote In local and national elections The last generation worked so hard to give you the power Don’t disrespect their efforts they died so we could have this power We have the power let’s use it

Whoooooo congratulations it’s never too late people look @kimoraleesimmons Proud of you Klee

Don’t forget !! Enlightenment is possible in this lifetime ❤️

BGM Black girl magic @iamreneewatkins I remember when i first went to class, now 23 years ago, there were no people of color at all .. Yoga was handed down by God thru people of color.. it’s for everybody... I’m going into class in 10 minutes there may not be any people of color today But join me anyway #Godislove

Best part of your day is when you speak to your daughter ... but then eventually she says “I’m busy dad what else do you want “ And u really don’t know just to see her and hear her talk is enough ..When your baby is visiting the city of her new school and looking for places to live for 1st semester...You get sentimental ❤️ Love you @mingleesimmons

Excuse me while i thank this young man Not judging others just praising him @kidcudi

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