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#BeastieBoys in exile, "Paul's Boutique"-era. #IndoorSwimmingPool

"Paul's Boutique"-era #BeastieBoys, up in the hills.

Released OTD in 1989, the one, the only, there'll never be another, "Paul's Boutique" by Beastie Boys. A treasure trove of samples and amazing lyrics filled with pop-culture references, this disc changed forever how I listened to music. A #GameChanger in every way, it cannot be overstated how high I rate this album. #BeastieBoys #MCA #MikeD #AdRock #Paul'sBoutique #CapitolRecords #DeliciousVinyl #DustBrothers #MarioCaldatoJr #1989

Had this hardcover on pre-order for several months, and read it, cover-to-cover, about as fast as my free time allowed. An amazing story of a long-gone era, when rock stars were ROCK STARS. All the attendant debauchery, drugs and egos in full effect. Highly recommended. #RockNRollBookshelf

"Y'all know me, ya know how I earn a livin'..." #Quint #RobertShaw #Jaws #1975

Released OTD in 1975, the summer blockbuster movie "Jaws". I can still watch and enjoy this movie to this day. Still DO NOT like large bodies of water: fresh, salt or otherwise. #RobertShaw #Quint #GameChanger

Favorite Notification. @ckozerski @dankanvis #NoFilter

Never been much of a boater and "Jaws" made me scared of large bodies of water, salt, fresh or otherwise, but the BatBoat was bad as hell. #RIPAdamWest

Always knew this Blu-Ray boxed set would be an important and treasured piece of my #PhysicalMedia collection when it was released a coupla years ago. For all the cheesiness of the TV show, Adam West as Batman was always the first and "super-est" of all the heroes to me. @ckozerski and @dankanvis called him "Old-Fashioned Batman", and we were good with that! #RIPAdamWest

Thanks, @revolvermag for this little info about @faithnomore "Angel Dust". #AngelDust25

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