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  We come to set the record straight. Through media, we will deliver the uncensored truth about the real issues within society. ✊🏻✊🏿

It's crazy what one decision can do to a group of people!! It takes a true follower of Christ to love. However, there are those who call themselves "Christians", who believe they are superior because their sin is not as shameful, but each sin is equal to the next. God loves us despite our flaws. True Christians know that they are not sinless, but since knowing God they sin a lot less. What are you? A Paul who knows that the love we receive from God is unworthy to be accepted or are you a Pharisee; believing that the love you recieve from God is not enough?
Here is a demonstration of the Paul kind of love. Knowing that we have been transformed to a Saul way of thinking, to a Paul accepting/ loving way of life. Not accepting the sin, but accepting the person who God gave free will to. We are all Gods children and I will love my neighbor as I love myself #gaypride #lovewins #ChildOfGod #love #OneNation #Christians #RightOurWrongs #bealeader #rainbows

Everyone has a story. Everyone has been through the pain. Let yours be heard. Fall for nothing & stand for everything #God #Inspiration #Unique #Original #Faith #Love #Revelation

We aren't perfect, but for people to love us, we must love our own imperfections. #Motivation #Motivationalquote #BeBetter #AllLivesMatter #GodsChildren #LoveOthers

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