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HELL YES!!! I FINALLY FOUND ONE!!! This has to be one of my all time favorite versions of the Joker! I definitely want to cosplay him in the future. 💕

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Newest piece just finished. This will be going into our stack for art walk!
Where will you put your Demented Arts? .
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I was lucky enough to get some old photos of my late uncle Jimmy. He was a very important person in my life even though he wasn't in it long. He passed away January of 2000 from AIDS and even though I was only 7 he had a huge impact on my life.
It wasn't until I was older that I was told he was gay and that was a huge epiphany to me. The knowledge of knowing my favorite person in the world was gay helped me break through the stigma imposed on me by the religion I was raised in and gave me the courage to explore my own sexuality and come to terms, and even be proud of the fact, that I am not straight.
He was and will always be one of my heros. He was openly gay in a time when it was not widely accepted. He was brave enough to be true to himself and that helped teach me to be true to myself. I love him and wish I had more time with such an amazing person but I am extremely grateful for every moment I got to spend with him. 💕

Umm.... fuck me.

Not my greatest. Just a quick sketch.

Seriously though...

Did some sketches of a friend's OC male Harley. 💕 Had alot of fun drawing Harley with cybernetics!
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Absolutely love my short hair!

Got my hair trimmed a bit more and now it's perfect!

Got a new hair cut!

Just finished a painting for my dad :) Late father's day gift.

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Just finished two more pieces. One has already sold! More wolf paintings to come.
Where will you put your Demented Arts? .
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