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Uncanny!  The one stop shop for all your comic/super hero needs! We can't be Uncanny without U! Located at the King of Prussia and Plymouth Meeting malls.

Deadpool, Black Panther, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Harry Potter t-shirts are back in stock at Uncanny Plymouth Meeting! Stop by and look better!

It's Wednesday once again! There's #JusticeLeague, #JusticeLeagueDark, and #Nightwing in DC land, plus #TheLifeOfCaptainMarvel, #DarthVader, #Thor, and #Shuri over on the Marvel side of things. There are TONS of other great books this week, like #Skyward or #XmenBlack, we just didn't have the time to get to them here! What are you reading? #UncannyOnline #UncannyKoP

Star Wars Legion here at Uncanny Plymouth! #StarWars #StarWarsLegion #Tatooine

We had a great discussion of The Black Monday Murders here at Uncanny Plymouth Meeting last night! Please join us next month for a discussion of DC: The New Frontier on 11/14!

Also last night we had a demonstration of the new edition of Star Wars X-Wing. We'll be making X-Wing Wednesdays a regular thing here at Plymouth, stay tuned for more information on that!

Charlie won his inaugural game of X-Wing and is now bragging about it in the third person.

New comics! It's a pretty cool list this week featuring lots of foily covers. What are you reading? #SpiderGeddon #ImmortalHulk #Catwoman #Superman #XmenBlack #CaptainAmerica #Jughead #Haircut #UncannyOnline #UncannyKoP

I'm sensing a theme. Read Deadly Class by @rickremender and @wescraigcomics we just restocked the complete run. Get yours at Uncanny! and discover your new favorite series before it premieres on SYFY in 2019

Warhammer, Ant-Man, and The Wasp.

Painting and building today here at Uncanny Plymouth!

We'll be having our Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease Tournament on Sunday, September 30th, at Uncanny! Plymouth Meeting, for $30, with signups starting at 12:00 and actual deckbuilding starting at 1. Choose your guild, we'll see you Sunday! #MtGGRN #Boros #Selesnya #Golgari #Dimir #Izzet

For this "throw back Thursday " I'm featuring one of my favorite pairings Daredvil Dark Nights with Brooklyn Defender check it out. Link in bio. My favorite story in this anthology is by @leeweeksart it captures the true essence of what makes Daredevil a hero's hero. #brooklynbrewery #brooklyndefender #daredevil #marvel #uncannyonline

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