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[M-1 - Dead Prez]
"I say, "Fuck the Police," cause they been killin us for years
This ain't no free country, niggas get murdered for their ideas
Free Mumia means all Africans let go
Cause just livin in the ghetto puts you on death row
You don't know? You seen how the tried to do Assada
Till some real niggas organized theyselves and went and got'er
Lotta crackers verbalize if Mumia dies, put fire in the skies
But only time'll tell the truth from the lies [Chuck D]
As you peep the illusion, cause I see my peoples losin
The overall battle to keep Republic rats from choosin
Afterall, I feel the bruisin of the constitution
When my back's against the wall, manifestin in their destiny
Shit, they just testin me, Mumia's spirit blessin me
No alibi, I know Allah is not their ally
I believe I can fly, but their type of freedom is a lie
So fuck the government, C.I.A. and F.B.I" #realhiphop #3rdeye #seekingthetruth

I plan to move my motherfuckers to the frontline, ready with guns cockin'
We storm prisons, get the wards rockin'
Snipe all the F.B.I. and cops clockin'
Philly officials, bodies droppin'
Offends the eighty-five, bombin'
Eye for an eye, we'll hang 'em by the Capitol Steps
Snap their necks, snatch their vests, equip my children with techs
Free from the protected Feds, called it murder, legal execution shit
Free the righteous or face the bloody revolutionists song. #unboundproject #rawhiphop #mumia911 #seekingthetruth

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