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The Unbound Project  A multimedia & book project by @weanimals & @kericronin that celebrates inspiring women on the front lines of animal advocacy.


New on Unbound! For twenty years, @ctph_uganda founder Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka has been protecting at-risk gorillas and humans in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, championing a unique brand of conservation that has done as much for people as it has for animals.

Read her story: link in bio

A note from Jo: just finished world renowned climber, wingsuit flyer and base jumper @highsteph Steph Davis' autobiography, Learning to Fly. If you want to learn about her life, her beautiful relationship with her dog Fletcher, and the pursuit of mastering these extreme sports, all while on a vegan diet (gasp! But how does she get her pro...nevermind), this book is worth a read. (Not a new book. About 8 yrs old now)

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Fearless shark advocate @sharkgirlmadison has been named Young Conservationist of the Year by @australiangeographic. We ❤ her incredible work to protect sharks and save the oceans.
📷 by @perrinjames1

Pam Ahern, founder of @edgarsmission, puts it simply ❤️

New on Unbound! We sat down with @animallegaldefensefund co-founder Joyce Tischler to talk about the future of animal law, the ongoing gender imbalance in the movement, and what advice she would give her 25-year-old self.

Link to full story in bio.


Like you, our team's feeds have been full of women recounting their own experiences of sexual abuse and harassment in the last two days, sometimes in detail. To all the women who have spoken out – or who have chosen not to but whose experiences are just as real and just as harrowing – we salute your courage and your strength. To all of the men who have expressed solidarity or even complicity and a willingness to do better, thank you.

The women on our team, too, have our own stories. Some of them involve men in the animal rights movement. This movement is driven by women, we must create a safe space for them, for their voices, and experiences, and talents. We should not have to live with this shared, accepted burden. As activists, we already have too much weight to carry and too many other battles to fight. Believe women. Listen to women. Support women.
Image: Young activist at a fur protest. Canada, 2013.
Jo-Anne McArthur/@weanimals

She's not wrong. The Unbound Project highlights trailblazers in the animal rights movement. These women aren't doing this work without fear, they're looking that fear straight in the eyes and doing the work anyway.
@dobrusia.gogloza is one of the founders of Polish group @otwarteklatki (@opencagesint). Read her full story at unboundproject.org

Today, the Unbound Project is releasing a new short film profiling the life and work of the incredible Gill Dalley, co-founder of the @soidogfoundation.
Link to full film in profile.
In 2003, after moving to Thailand to retire, Gill and her husband John were overwhelmed by the number of street dogs they saw living without proper care. To fight this problem, they founded Soi Dog, which now sterilizes tens of thousands of dogs and cats in Asia each year.
Sadly, Gill passed away earlier this year after a short illness. It gives us chills to see and hear how eloquently and consciously she talked of mortality and the urgency of living — all without knowing that she was living her final months. The film is dedicated to her inspiring legacy.

New on Unbound! @dobrusia.gogloza is one of the founders of @otwarteklatki (@opencagesint), the animal rights organization setting the tone for the movement in Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe.
Gogłoza is bold and strategic, constantly assessing how the animal movement can be as effective as possible: "Here, you can show the way, because there was no one before you."
Link to the full story in our profile.

"Energetic and engaging, Smaragda Louw is the kind of person who is willing to go anywhere to help those who can’t speak for themselves, including places she knows she isn’t wanted, like... a municipal rabbit park accused of massive neglect, where she chats up a manager until she is sitting behind his desk, dictating what must improve."
Read her story at unboundproject.org

Carol Adams isn't the only voice at the intersection of feminism and animal rights, but she's certainly one of the most important ❤

Jo-Anne McArthur/Unbound Project

New on Unbound! When Juliana Castañeda was a child, she told her mother: "When I grow up, I want to buy a big house, and I am going to help all the animals in the world."
Today, she is the founder and director of Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary in Colombia.

Read how she faces and overcomes the challenges of rescuing animals in what she calls "a poor, crazy country." Link in bio.
Photo: Julie O'Neill/Unbound Project

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