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The Unbound Project  A multimedia & book project by @weanimals & @kericronin that celebrates inspiring women on the front lines of animal advocacy.


As animal activists and as human beings, our team stands with everyone fighting against hatred, racism, intolerance, and all forms of injustice. Now, more than ever, let us stand together and build a just, better world for all.

New on Unbound! Smaragda Louw co-founded @bananimaltrading in 2013. Just a few years later, she and the organization's team are already well known for their successes in everything from social media campaigns to organizing protests to following up on reports of animal cruelty on the ground.
Read the full story of Smaragda's game-changing work! Link in bio.

Dr. Melanie Joy was rightfully inducted into the Animal Rights Hall of Fame at @farmusa's #AR2017 this weekend!

We love Dr. Joy not only for her groundbreaking work defining and working against carnism, but also her tireless work helping activists improve their relationships and be as healthy and effective as possible.

Ok, so our team is a little #WonderWoman obsessed right now. Here's to the strong women being that badass in all fights against injustice 💪

Dr. Capaldo of @neavs_1895 gets it. We're fighting for justice for all 💪

We're big fans of the @mothersagainstdairy campaign! These badass mothers are speaking up for motherhood in every form.
"Just as my breast milk is specially made for my baby, so is a mother cow's. Her body produces milk custom formulated to nourish her calf, and yet, adult humans steal this calf baby food and sell and needlessly consume it instead. Would you think it right if someone took my breast milk for another species to drink without my consent? Would you think it right if someone stole my baby from me so they could exploit my motherhood and commodify my maternal lactations? If you think that's wrong, then ask yourself why it's acceptable to treat a cow or any other mother this way. As parents, we raise our children with our values and beliefs. We show them right from wrong. Align your actions with your beliefs and show the children of our world true compassion and consistency. We owe them that much." – Compassionate mama Rehana Sara Jomeen

Meet the wonderful Hazel Zhang! Hazel became vegan after learning about the suffering of farmed animals in the documentary "Farm to Fridge." Shocked that there wasn't much content on the subject of cruelty-free living in Chinese, Hazel started a blog called VegPlanet where she started translating foreign-language articles.

Today, VegPlanet employs a full-time staff and publishes daily original content aimed at promoting veganism in China as a conscious, positive, and happy lifestyle to a following of nearly 300,000 subscribers.

Watch our new video profile of Hazel on the Unbound facebook page: facebook.com/unboundproject

Jean Gilchrist, director of animal welfare at the Kenya SPCA, is a humble, unassuming, and friendly woman who carries out the harsh work she does with humour and grace.
An excerpt from her Unbound profile: "As heartening as many of their rescues are, Gilchrist acknowledges that her life’s work is often wrenching.
"It’s not nice,” she says.
What gets her through? “Curry and beer,” she jokes."
Read the full story at unboundproject.org

NEW ON UNBOUND: Jean Gilchrist is the director of animal welfare at the @kspca. Her determination (and what she calls her "Scottish temper"!) has changed the lives of thousands of animals.

Read Gilchrist's full story at unboundproject.org

It's our privilege to celebrate some of the strongest, most inspiring activists working to make the world a kinder place. We're in this together ✌

For the past few weeks, Unbound team member Kelly Guerin has been in China documenting the incredible growing animal rights movement. While there, she met this courageous group of dog meat truck rescue activists from the group 好狗好猫 (Good Dog Good Cat), who work to save dogs from the brutal dog meat trade.
We can't wait to share their story and more news about the game-changing activists Kelly has been working with!

We can't wait to watch OKJA!

Repost from @okjamovie: Korean actor Seo-Hyeon Ahn gives a brilliant performance as Mija. #OkjaMovie #BongJoonHo #SeoHyeonAhn#KoreanCinema #Netflix

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