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Umur Seyhun Çavuş  @thisissempiternall 🍓 Guitar/Vocals for #reflectband & #bilinçaltıband Music - Metalcore - Guitar - Covers Architecture - Comics - Drawing

"büyüdüğümde onun gibi olmak istiyorum" dediğim yegâne kişisin. kaç kişiye ilham kaynağı olduğunu tahmin bile edemezsin. seni unutmayız biz, bu yüzden ölmeyeceksin. #restinpeace

for the last time. Excelsior! and thanks for my all dreams. #stantheman

I will follow you 'cause I'm under your spell
And you can throw me to the flames
I will follow you ...

yes. i am the one.

Durduramıyorum ... #Architects #Holyhell #Royalbeggars
Are you listening? You may not have noticed
We have totally lost our way
Are you lost in the clouds? Or can you hold your focus?
It’s ourselves that we will betray
Like a bird in a cage, trying to fly away
Is this the price that we have to pay?
Overflowing with rage, yet we still obey
'Cause we’re asleep in a hurricane

Master, master
Where’s the dreams that I’ve been after?
#metallica #archiboy

hep yan yana🎈

dolar kadar hızlıyım.

the best days.

iyi günde, kötü günde 🖤

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