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Umm Abdullah al-Hasanat  Looking for my bio in my notes lol

Many of you ask how me and @hasanatofficial got married. Here's one possible scenario ⬆️😂 What’s your theory of how it happened..? You can be honest 😉

1 more day and the Hasanat family will be back in UK 🇬🇧 Where to next? ✈️ 🤔

Can anyone guess mine and @sistersarrah age?👀

Grateful for my family Alhamdulillah 💝 A blessing we often overlook. Say Alhamdulillah and be grateful to Allah for your family✨

Damn it even our jokes are scripted and even then we failed 😑 So we are just leaving Berlin now and will be going to Hanover, Hamburg and possibly Cologne. Let us know if you want us to visit your city📍⤵️

Guess who did his hair today? 😆

My DMs all disappeared 😱😭 If you sent a message to me about something important and didn't get a response then comment below👇🏻with the words "NO RESPONSE" and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. It’s been very hard to keep track and I’m so upset that all your messages disappeared.
On a lighter note. I’m sooo excited to be visiting Germany & Italy this week 🇩🇪 🇮🇹

Who needs chairs when you’ve got Zawjiiii ♥️🙈

You don't have to be a scholar to share what you know, nor do you need a title to lead.. Each of us have a responsibility to teach and share what ever little we know. As the Prophet‎ﷺ said, 'Convey from me even if it’s one verse.' 📚
Let me give you guys an example, say you teach your younger sibling or child or perhaps a new revert just one verse; Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alamin'. Now they will use that verse every time they pray throughout their life. Each time they recite it they will earn 170 good deeds and you too will receive the same exact amount of good deeds because you were the reason behind them knowing that verse. My not so criminal of a Husband told me that whilst he was in prison they had about two people every week who used to become Muslim and he would always try to be the first one to get to that revert so he can teach them Surah Fatihah 😏 clever git was always looking to invest in his hereafter. So take this as an example and seek knowledge, act upon it and teach as many people as you can.😊
Purify your intentions and go go goooo! 🏁

This heart of mine doesn't listen to me. It keeps following you 😫 @hasanatofficial

It’s Friday so let me give my little Khutba (speech)
The advice for today is for both married and yet to be married people. If you are married and you want to remain happy in that marriage then make it a ritual to sit with your spouse once a week to spend 15 minutes staring into his/her eyes and tell them why you fell in love with them and the things which you love about them most. Reminisce and talk about how your spouse used to talk to you and the things they used to say in the early days of marriage and tell them how it made you feel. Give your other half the opportunity to tell you what made them fall in love with you and what they love most about you.
Then end it with a slow and steady motion of drawing close to eachother, like reaaaal slowww... and enjoy a nice magical little moment ✨ as you would have done the first few times when you met 😉
If you are not married, take notes and implement this little piece of advice and I hope it will help you maintain a happy and healthy marriage.
If your husband doesn’t agree to carry out this cheesy ritual with you then show him where the door is 😆 Jk.
May Allah bless you all with happiness and contentment in a spouse that loves you through every moment in life ❤

Who needs 'twinkle twinkle little star' when you have the beautiful words of Allah to soothe the hearts. 💛
What can be more beautiful than the sound of the Quran. ✨

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