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Umm Abdullah al-Hasanat  Working alongside my husband in helping the most persecuted ethnic minority in the world on the ground of 🇧🇩 border📍 ⬇️ClickLinkBelowToKnowMore


Asalam Alaykum everyone!
Hope you all are doing well. 🤗 Alhamdulillah I'm feeling great! Fully recovered and back on my feet after being sick in bed for the past few days, just wanted to say a huge JazakumAllahu khayr for all your kind messages of support and duas ♥️ i read every single one & really appreciate them.✨

Time is like a river.. You cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again.⌛️
You are here today and may not be here tomorrow. The reality is that death can come at any time without any signs or warnings.
Appreciate and make the most of every moment with your loved ones ✨live together in such a manner that when either yourself or a loved one departs from this world, you are left with no regrets.
Balance your time and have some one-to-one time with everyone whether it be your husband, wife, father, mother, child, brother or sister.
Find something in common so that you both can relate and form a special bond through it. Whether its chopping some onions for your Mother when she's getting ready to cook or grabbing a bucket full of soap water and dragging your Dad outside to wash his car, do it and don't let your inner shyness stop you. Express yourself and add into conversation previous memories of your childhood and the good times you had with your parents. 👨‍👩‍👧♥️
Let them see that you appreciate them and remember your times together although you have now grown up.
Spend some time every so often repeating this pattern and trust me, you will find yourself surrounded by a positive and happy atmosphere 🙌🏼 with a beautiful feeling of contentment as life goes by.
So make memories! Endless memories, which you can re-live in your imagination even after one of you leaves this world, to start your long journey to the hereafter. 🥀

Say Hello to the waver baby everyone! 👶🏻 This is how he likes to greet us, he also bids us farewell the same way 😆 and it honestly makes our day 🙌🏼❤️😘 #munchkin #growingtoofast

It's been a while since these kids last sat in Quran classes 📖 so my husband @hasanatofficial is taking it upon himself to dedicate an hour every two days to teach Quran & Arabic to the children in the Kutupalong Rohingya Refugee Camp number 2.
Many of these children have sadly forgotten portions of the Quran that they had previously memorised, which is understandable because of the lengthy break adding to the fact that they have been through the most unimaginable and traumatic life experiences.
May Allah restore within their hearts and minds the endless joys of childhood once again. ❤️Ameen

At first i couldn't understand why little Haneefa stretched out her tiny hands towards me when i saw her laying down lifeless on her 4 year old sister's lap at one of the makeshift medical camps.
As soon I picked her up she dropped her head on my shoulder and didn't want to let go of me so her sister took us back to their tent. When i met Haneefa's mother, she instantly broke down in tears after she was told that her daughter wouldn't let go of me, She told me that the girl's father was murdered in front of her eyes about 2 weeks ago and he had a similar beard and body structure as me.
It was hard to hold back my tears in front of them and remain strong when I saw the pain in their eyes. I'm sat here now thinking to myself, how many other children have lost their fathers at the hands of these inhumane and heartless beings? But. I guess nobody will ever know the exact figures and as for the broken hearts of these innocent children.. They may never be mended.
Repost from @hasanatofficial

@Hasanatofficial is at Kutupalong Relief Distribution Camp no.2 giving out sacks of rice, lentils, salt and bottles of oil for the newly settled Rohingya Refugees.
He's going to distribute 300+ durable tents tomorrow to the same camp InshaAllah and will start to prepare around 10,000 additional tents in the area after more funds are transferred from his UK account to Bangladesh.
Hopefully I'm able to help out tomorrow if my stomach problems calm down. Me & Abdullah have been doing laps in & around the toilet for the past couple of days. Must've eaten something realllllly off 😷
Please do keep raising awareness. Can't thank you all enough for the endless support! You guys have been fantastic 🌟

May Allah accept everyone's efforts & support.
The situation here with the Rohingya Regugees is getting worse by the day.
Please continue to raise awareness even if the media hype dies down.

Let's not make it the case that we support these helpless people only because it's a social trend, rather our humanity and faith should motivate us to continue to support the most persecuted ethnic minority in the world. #SaveTheRohingya #MyanmarGenocide

I personally spoke to thousands of refugees and they all requested not to send them clothes and instead utilize the space in the trucks and containers for food and clean water.
May Allah reward all for your efforts. Ameen

We haven't seen anyone else serving cooked food out here to the Refugees apart from these guys ⤴️ and they've been very consistent! 👍and I'm sure a lot of you have seen the viral videos of them humbly greeting and providing water for our Rohingya brothers and sisters upon crossing over the border.
We are working on starting a feeding programme alongside them for the new-coming refugees, for those of you who would like to contribute towards the cost of food and cooking you can donate through any of the methods below:
- @HasanatOfficial's Bank Account:
M Hasnath
Acc Number 10025723
Sort Code 60-60-15
Reference: CookedFood
- Paypal.me/hasanat | hasanat@email.com
- Youcaring.com/Rohingya Project

It's not just a matter of crossing the border and there is a camp ready and waiting to welcome them in.
Thousands of women are fleeing their homes everyday, grabbing any belongings they can before having to set off on the journey of a lifetime by foot, whilst carrying babies and dragging their children alongside them.
2 days ago I saw many women who are actually breastfeeding whilst walking miles trying to find the nearest camps as soon as possible.
This journey can take up to 7 days for them. I myself, being a breastfeeding mother of a 9 month old baby know how hard it is just to carry a baby and walk a few minutes whilst nursing him, let alone carry all my essentials and walk miles without any food or water in my stomach.
The journey also involves passing through rivers and roads full of slippery mud, whether it be under the scorching hot sun or under the pouring rain in darkness of the night.
So I thought it would be useful if we prepared a project to collect spare baby-carriers that many of you have laying around in your homes and for those of you who want to contribute towards purchasing new baby-carriers from manufacturers at the best rate can donate into my husbands account or through our Youcaring.com/RohingyaProject page. Each carrier may cost between £10-£30 depending on the quality.
Please feel free to comment below your suggestions and advice as well as any other ideas you may have to help make our needy sisters' lives just a little easier.
Your sister Umm Abdullah

I don't know who did this edit of my picture or how they did it, but i love it! ♥️

We spent some time with the border guards today. They told us stories of many Rohingya people that they came across. This story in particular made our tears flow.. .
Please continue to support these helpless people by raising awareness and collecting donations.
If anyone would like to volunteer, please get in touch with us. Especially those of you living in Bangladesh and know the language and culture well.
Brother @shakilrahmanofficial is one of our volunteers and will be posting regularly in both English and Bangla so do follow him for regular updates.
Also those of you who wish to donate can do so via my husband's PayPal > Paypal.me/hasanat | hasanat@email.com.
You can also donate through our new Crowdfunding link > YouCaring.com/RohingyaProject.
International Bank Transfers can be sent to brother @shakilrahmanofficial's account.

UCB (United Commercial Bank)
Shakilur Rahman
Amborkana Branch, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

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