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Umm Abdullah al-Hasanat  📍London Mother of the Abdullah & The Notorious Kiger 🐯 Wife of @HasanatOfficial TWITTER: UmmxAbdullah YOUTUBE: Umm Abdullah FACEBOOK: Umm Abdullah

In regards to my last post 👀 that kinda spider-alled outta control 🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷

My Hero ❤️

You don’t always have to look after children. They can look after each other.. and by looking out for each-other they build a lifelong bond of care, love and friendship. So we give our older son Abdullah little responsibilities such as feeding his younger brother and through these little responsibilities he develops a special bond of love and care for him. As for the younger one his feelings develop as he becomes dependent on his older brother for some of his needs and as they are being fulfilled his love will naturally grow. These are the kind of things which bring meaning, contentment & happiness throughout life. Not abundance of Money, nor a big house or a nice collection of cars. I just love my little family and as imperfect as we are we make each other’s lives perfect ❤️

Me saying ‘comments like this make my day’ would be an understatement. This comment is enough to give a lifetime worth of motivation to remain active on social media to make people smile & laugh. Just me knowing that even 1 person has their sadness taken away because of my content makes me feel like I already achieved my goal of being on social media. I wanna let you guys know that i love you and appreciate your constant love and support both online and offline ❤️ I’m gonna stop now before my Niqab gets wet with tears lol

I always do his buttons before his other wives get there... Yeah the ones in his dreams. Well he seems to think they’re real and I just play along. 😏

Anyways I got a recipe for you ladies to keep your relationship strong.🍝
You need to have a certain something that only YOU do for your Husband.
A memory that he can remember you by or stick to

Something that reminds him of you everytime he looks at it

Something as simple as you doing his buttons all the time

Make this a practise

Its cute, its cheesy and its lovely

It gives you that warm fuzzy feeling in your heart and that is the best feeling ever 😊💛 Love you Zawj @HasanatOfficial

Guys I have a problem here.. When my Husband decides to grow his hair long, I have to spend a LLLOT of time maintaining it 😑 So much so that I don’t get time to maintain my own! 😣 Should I tell him he looks better in short so that he cuts it off or is that me being selfish. Please advise 🙏🏻
#HairDidByUmmA #SalivaAlsoDidByUmmA

You just can’t help but love this girl ❤️ @sistersarrah
I wanna share a famous yet overlooked Hadith where the Prophet ﷺ mentioned that nothing weighs more on the scales of Allah than good manners. That’s right. It’s not giving charity or praying Tahajjud all night but simply having good manners. He mentioned in another Hadith that a person gets the reward of praying ALL night and fasting ALL day just by having good manners. Yep it’s that simple and It doesn’t cost anything. So guys.. be outstanding and let your manners be your ticket to paradise 😊 hope you all enter & live there in happiness forever and maybe you can remember how your sister Umm Abdullah once literally handed you the tickets via a caption. 😉
Tag others & hand them the potential tickets to paradise too 🏷

Im wearing the smile you gave me
Except no one can see
Something so sacred to me
The best gift you gave me
And through you God has blessed me 🖤✨.
Yes i wrote this myself ^ and now im feeling all cool & shiz 😎 sounds cool right? Please comment below “goals” and make me feel good about myself 😬😫 did i say please? Pretty please....

More of this please @hasanatofficial

The Sun may rise tomorrow .. but YOU may not. So make right your wrongs and live today as if it's your last 💛

The rules are ‘you don’t always have to stick to the rules’ especially when it comes to your Husband 😉

Was great meeting this lovely bunch of people @islamchanneltv 📽
Thank you for having us 😊

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