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Umm Abdullah al-Hasanat  Working alongside Abu Abdullah in dealing with the world of the unseen/sharing snippets from my life as it passes us by .. 📧

Current status in life: 32 failed attempts in trying to take a decent family photo 🙈 guys who do you think ruined the most pics?
SWIPE ➡️ #SpotTheFails i blame this guy @hasanatofficial 😑

Praise be to Allah, the young jinni inside this little girl left her body.
Numerous other cases of a similar nature have occurred with children in the same neighbourhood that this girl lives in.

Since the 15th of July 2017, we have been receiving many reports of children being possessed in a certain area in London. It has been a very emotional couple of days for us. One of the jinns inside another young boy mentioned that a swarm of Jinns have relocated to this area after a vast piece of land in which the Jinn have lived for over 10 years was "invaded by humans for the purpose of building more homes" and they have chosen to take revenge by possessing children.

If you have concerns regarding your child or would like to book an appointment for a general checkup you may send us an email or text message with the words 'CHILD CHECKUP' along with the child's name and the preffered times and dates for an appointment to or +44 7474 042 271 and one of our Admins will help arrange an appointment for you as soon as possible.

Appointments can be arranged for you to either attend in person to the closest location to you or via Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime Video LINK. Home visits can be arranged but only when the other options are not suitable for a person due to a valid reason.

In cases of EMERGENCY or when a child is displaying clear signs of possession, send a message with the words "CHILD EMERGENCY" to +44 7985 423 292.

See HASANATRUQYA.COM/CHILDREN for more information.

Hasanat Ruqya Team
@hasanatruqya @hasanatofficial

Who said marriage was easy? When i first got married to @hasanatofficial it definitely was anything but easy. I always saw him as the most abnormal & complicated man ever known to mankind. When my friends got married b4 me i remember them always sharing pictures of gifts their spouses spoil them with, exciting holidays & date nights at extravagant restaurants.
Mine on the other hand was the complete opposite! Firstly he would never buy flowers, instead he would pick it from bushes & hand it to me as we were walking by #totallyunromantic we never went on a honeymoon, insted we'd go for walks by the river, that was his idea of a day out & lastly he'd never take me out for romantic meals like all other couples do! So I'm sure you can all imagine how embarrassed I'd feel when my friends asked me what I'd been up to with my husband 😒
As time went by & his strange ways became ordinary for me, I slowly began to realise the beauty behind his intentions & how he'd never care of what people would say or think.. as his main focus was always building his hereafter with me 💞 Wallahi now I look back and realise that what we had was truly special.

Love was him taking the time & effort to pluck flowers with his own hands instead of walking into a shop & having them readily picked for him. He didn't need to spend thousands to whisk me away abroad, instead walking by the river side & showing me that we can enjoy each others company no matter where we were, whilst admiring Allah's creation together became love for me 🌺
Love was him telling me to sacrifice those 3 scoops of frozen yogurt & to give the money to charity instead as it could easily feed a poor family 4a week & as a result Allah will gift me something much greater.
I no longer restricted the definition of love to going out for dinner or drowning in endless gifts from my husband. Love is pure when you don't depend on anything other than each other's presence to make you happy.
Its funny how we perceive happiness to be what the norm is & how we can easily make our marriages miserable by comparing our life to others. If only we realised that happiness lies in knowing the value of intentions, not the norm or the price.

So the Aunty in the video has been possessed for 5 months and the Jinni inside her causes many problems in her daily life. It stops her from praying and recently it has been repeating indecent song lyrics from one specific artist who the Jinni clearly seems to be very fond of. It often makes her run out of her house after Maghrib (sunset) whilst attempting to rip off her clothes. Her son sought help from us after returning from work one day to find her singing in a strange voice in the bathroom, He waited for her to come out and was alarmed after noticing that the pupils in her eyes expanded and the eyeballs turned jet black as she continued repeating the song lyrics. He also found it strange and unusual as his mother has always been known for her interest in reciting Arabic traditional poetry. She doesn't even know any english songs let alone sing one.

She mentioned during the consultation that she has been overwhelmed by indecent thoughts and having a strange desire to go to places where women are known to sell their bodies.

There have been many other cases of a similar nature but the people possessed are usually ones who listen to Music.

O and SubhanAllah I tried to upload 3 videos in the past week on YouTube and it just keeps failing so I give up for now and I've uploaded the full version on Facebook instead for you all to recognize and be aware of the dangers of Music. | Permission was given by the patient herself and her family to educate and raise awareness |

I pray that Allah protect us all and grant us the ability and strength to overcome our weaknesses as we all have faults and shortcomings that we can all work towards improving on.


So my husband @hasanatofficial was doing Ruqya on a family and I sent him this video ^^ without knowing he was in a session at the time 😑He had to run to the toilet, stare into the mirror and slap himself a few times after almost dying of laughter 😂🙈
My sincerest apologies to the family. Thank God it was just a general checkup but again I do apologise. 😬

This isn't our Family Eid picture but since we are not together this Eid .. I thought I'd put up an old picture of us all together (minus Abdurahman)

As cheesy as it sounds dude, we really miss you @hasanatofficial
Abdullah keeps running around looking
for you whilst shouting "Zawjii!" I know Abdurahman misses waking up to hearing his Daddy singing nasheeds and throwing him into the air .. and i guess i miss your annoying presence too 😒

May Allah reward you for your countless sacrifices and efforts. Aameen ❤️

Taking the BIN/TRASH out -
A wife or a husband's duty?
Comment Below ⤵️
Your vote matters 📥
@Hasanatofficial are you ready to lose 😏

With all the deaths that are going on within the Muslim community, just appreciate your family a bit more. They are the most valuable things you possess.
Hug your kids a little tighter. Don't get irritated over the little things. Show love to your husband/wife a bit more.
There's our brothers/sisters who have been left with nothing; their children have been taken away, their spouses, parents…
And I can imagine one of the last things that would have been going through their minds is "What was the last thing I said to my loved ones.."
May Allah allow us to die in the best of ways, with Him pleased with us. May He unite us in Jannah with our loved ones. Ameen.

A #terrorattack was carried out about an hour ago against Muslims attending prayers at #Finsburypark Mosque in #London.
A van driver drove onto the pavement and attempted to run over those leaving the Mosque after prayers. At least 10 people are seriously injured and an old uncle died although a brother tried to perform CPR and struggled to get him to recover.
Please be careful brothers when going out and I would advise all my sisters to avoid going out unless necessary. As for Taraweeh, it will be better for you to perform it at home, especially in these circumstances and with it being so late at night but if you do decide to go, then make sure to always have a guardian with you.
May Allah bring the culprits to justice and protect us all.

Believe it or not this is the first time I'm going Taraweeh this Ramadan! Wallahi I'm soo excited. May Allah bless my dear Zawj @hasanatofficial for making some time for me from his busy schedule.
You'd think during Ramadan there would be less cases of Jinn possession and Magic but honestly we are absolutely exhausted doing Ruqya from Fajr till almost Suhoor on most days, but today I had some rest Alhamdulillah whereas he didn't. To be honest this robot hardly ever does rest. He's been running around like a headless chicken trying to sort out certain charity projects he's been working on before Ramadan ends 😆 Anyone who knows him will notice how much weight he has lost since Ramadan began. Majority of the time literally just has a few dates and some water.
I pray that Allah rewards him for every moment he spends in helping people for the sake of Allah.
By the way people he is far from perfect and trust me there's a looong list of negatives which I won't mention ....yet. So If you're reading this Mr Hasanat, renew your intentions. I don't intend to slaughter you* (I'll explain this another time for those of you that don't understand).
But I guess this is a cowardly way of me saying Thank you coz I'm too shy to say it to your face @hasanatofficial. Can I have some dessert now? 😏
P.s i did steal your phone and unblock myself a while ago. You're still a freshman on the gram 😎 #stayinyourlanebuddy

Contact either myself or @hasanatofficial with the details of the number of people and their ages.
Text: 07985423292
Please share this so we can try to help as many people as possible. Also if any of you are able to spare a room in your home, get in touch with us. May Allah reward you all.

All it took was for someone to say 'Ramadan Mubarak' to @hasanatofficial and he just wouldn't stop 😂
The funniest and most random thing happened after this. You wouldn't believe it! So this person right, came straight up to him, grabbed him and kissed him on his cheeks and looked at him and said, "Why on God's green earth do you not have an Instagram account?" My husband was like "I don't really know how to use it" and his simple response was "Come, let me get you some strong coffee and allow me to introduce you to the world of Instagram." So off they went and disappeared for two hours. My husband came back after Iftar and man's already hooked 😆 little did i know he actually handed over his 700k account to him! How is this even fair? My husband has only been on Instagram a few days and he already has more followers than me 😭
To my loyal followers, please don't follow him or like any of his stuff and to the rest of you do as you wish 😌➡️ @hasanatofficial

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