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Umer C.| Visual Artist  Ordinary High schooler|Designer|Director 🗽New Yorker🗽 🇺🇸"one nation controlled by the media"🇺🇸 -Green Day


I think New York had the most beautiful storm ever!!! I don’t know why the media over exaggerates about the weather... I was outside for 3 hours taking photos, and to be honest the weather was beautiful!!! I didn’t need a jacket! My mind was very surprised on the weather! I thought it would be freezing cold. This was an awesome time! So called “ bomb cyclone snow storm” was beautifully abnormal!!! 👍💙 #bombcyclone

I took some photos of New York’s snow day!!! I woke up and saw snow I got very excited!!!

It’s my birthday!!! Thank you so much @khadijachohan and @chohanshagufta for arranging a wonderful dinner at, The Cheesecake Factory. Thank you so much for everyone who wished me happy birthday on Facebook. And best of all!!! Thank you so much @_sherazahmed for a wonderful gift! Credit for photography, @khadijachohan

Forever Love. This page is an old page from my sketch book diary. It was inspired by the movie, Twilight. Ever since that movie came back on Netflix I went crazy!!! I’m a big fan of the twilight movies!!! So this was an outcome of watching the movie over and over again... #foreverlove #twilight #twilightsaga

Finally decided to post this... endless galaxy...

I feel dizzy... ✍️

I’m going to be honest here, I’m not the best at drawing noses. So practicing any features is important, it will help me on the final larger paper board. This is just a rough sketch on @palloskar ’s nose. And I’m trying different photo references so I can get familiar with the reference. Yes, the drawing of the nose looks huge but that’s just because of the angle of the camera.#pállóskar

Roses 💙

No this isn’t the final drawing!!! Now time to explain the photo I'm using and why it's easier for me to use this reference rather than some other photo of him smiling or something... here's a little information about how I draw faces. Useful photos like this for instance is helpful to me because he isn't showing any facial expression at all... now when I draw faces I can't draw portraits with someone smiling... otherwise I get so frustrated on the amount of detail. But there's a technique I try to follow when I draw people with a poker face... I try doing something abstract and colorful!!! So it's not just a boring pencil drawing!!! It's a pencil drawing with beautiful designs and colors!!! Now am I going to get sued for showing this photo??? I don't know 🤔.... Anyways.... this photo of @palloskar is just perfect because of how simple and clear the reference is. Now for all the direct messages I got this morning... most of them concerns the estimated time of the project end date. The answer to that is... I DON'T FREAKN' KNOW 😅 some of you guys think I'm in my 30s??? Excuse you???? I'm a teenager. Do I really look that old??? Now I'm a high school student, if that wasn't clear already.

So my plan is to mainly use graphite gray pencils. Preferably, charcoal black, 6b, 5b, 4b, 3b, 2b, b, hb, b, and f pencils. First I would like to finish the head portion of the project. Then I'll add some color!!! I'll just use watercolors mostly red in the form of roses 🌹. It all sounds confusing but I promise I have this image in my head. Now some concerns over this project, timing. Yes, this project will take time. I'm going to take my sweet ass time. Maybe a good estimate would be about, 2 or 3 months...depending on different factors. In school I spend about 10 hours, on classes, exams, quizzes, and more. Then coming home from school I usually study for 3 hours taking breaks in between hours. After that I'm free from 9:00pm to 1:00am. In those hours I can get work done for this project. First step, Graphing!!! I picked a photo and then I started graphing on larger paper. Trying to get every proportion correctly and of course taking my time on it. Now I have a quarter league exam tomorrow (wish me good luck) so I won't have much time for the Páll Óskar(@palloskar) realism project. Be aware that I'm not going to forget or anything. This project have been on my mind for a really long time so there's no reason for me to stop. #pállóskar

I'm drawing Páll Óskar!!! (@palloskar)... but first I owe my audience an explanation... I will use this specific celebrity for a special message for the artist community. I won't reveal the overall message of the project... but I will tell my New York audience about how I chose this celebrity! Ok so I discovered Páll at the age of 14... I had a curiosity about Iceland, the people, language, lifestyle, etc. Now forgive me but, for what ever reason of researching about the island nation, I came across Páll Óskar and a couple of his songs. He is indeed involved in festival events, his own shows/ concerts, and other stuff... To us New Yorkers, we aren't well aware of other talents throughout Europe. I'm not gonna flood you guys with the boring information... Yes it's confusing, and yes it's difficult to understand why. I promise I will answer why I chose Páll Óskar for this project. But for now y'all need to understand that I have school as well so.... things aren't going to be as planned and things aren't going to be stable.... but in all honesty I think everything will go just fine! So no worries 😉 in the end you guys will understand! And I hope you aren't disappointed and I hope @palloskar isn't either. Thank you for your time. #pállóskar

Happy Halloween everyone!!! Ok now tomorrow is a very important day, it's the day I finally reveal the secret celebrity I'm drawing. I'm very interested in seeing my audience's reaction. I'm not gonna lie it's confusing and "creative" but do understand that I chose this celebrity specifically for a reason. And that will be explained later on... you'll just have to wait and see... #gothic #blackrose #fire #halloween #art #photography

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