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For this year's #edinburghfringe I'm being a grumpy local and hiding away from the crowds. However. As I missed @bettygrumble last year I ventured out tonight to see her and saw this on her backdrop. #govegan ❤️

Finally trying out @harmoniumbar before braving the festival.
This is their fillet - o - to fish burger. It comes with salad, tartare sauce (which had a good hit of dill) chips and a salad.
It's all been inhaled and I'm now waiting on dessert 😋

If you read my blog (link in the bio) you'll know I'm trying to get a bit more physically fit so seeing my Fitbit progress report this week makes me super happy.
Now I just need to keep it up and keep improving.

My custom blend from @bluebirdteaco has arrived! It's a mix of rooibos, coconut and cacao nibs *drool*
I'm having it in my favourite mug (thanks @holliezook) with matching infuser (thanks Expo). Today is a good day 😊

I've never had a Niçoise salad so I'm making my own version for my work dinner today.
It's got banana blossom and seaweed instead of tuna. Tofu scramble instead of egg. Green beans, tomato, olives (I only had green), cucumber, lettuce and to bulk it out some wholemeal pasta.
I've also got a mustard vinaigrette to finishing it all off later.
This is my first attempt so no doubt it will evolve from here over the weekend.

After a greasy lunch I'm having a virtuous dinner of dal, garlic mushrooms sautéed in water with a little soy sauce, boiled corn on the cob and salad.
#spoiler I hope you like dal @wanderlust_untapd as there is a big pot of it for your return home.

Last full day in Glasgow and @ktchn_nrchst went home last night so it's just me on my lonesome.
Decided to walk 3 miles to @steakcattleroll for lunch and then back again to balance out the basket of loaded fries I ate while I was there. This is their onion, 'bacon' bits, aoli and hot sauce basket.
The less I eat fried food the less I can stomach it. While these were delicious I sadly couldn't finish them 😢

Leftover @pizzapunksgla from yesterday with some salad and corn on the cob for tonight's dinner.
One more full day in Glasgow left... where should I go eat tomorrow?

Took @ktchn_nrchst to @pizzapunksgla for dinner and it was tasty as always.
This time I went for BBQ sauce on the base topped with falafel, red onion, sweet corn, pumpkin, artichoke, broccoli, spinach, rocket and chilli flakes.
Somehow I managed to only eat half of it so I could have the brownie freak shake too.

Back in Glasgow today hiding from the Edinburgh Festival and finally trying out @steakcattleroll's lunch deal.
You get a vegan cheese burger, fries, slaw and corn on the cob for £4.50. After all that I'm stuffed!

It tastes a lot better than it looks I promise.
Wholemeal pasta, lettuce, red pepper, sweetcorn and cucumber in a garlic tahini dressing with coconut bacon bits. Mmmmmm.

Same as yesterday for my pre work meal but only because it was so damn good in the first place!
It's a beautiful day out too so my walk to work will be nice and dry today.

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