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I'm really behind with my YouTube videos as my normal filming location has been occupied for the last few weeks and will continue to be for the next 3 months so I've been experimenting with other places to use.
One of the videos is this tasty plate of bakes banana with maple syrup and pecans topped with @oatlyab cream.
Sometimes is so hard making these videos ;) haha

Another matcha smoothie combo. This morning it's blueberry with @bluebirdteaco Super Matcha which contains acai powder and blueberry oil. Mmmmmm good combo!

Every time I come to the mosque kitchen I have to exact same thing - taka dal and rice.
Seen as I've been sneezing all damn day I figured that I'd go for something a bit spicer today to try and burn it out.
Here I've got Bombay aloo with some curried aubergine and peppers. My mouth is now on fire (in a good way) and damn it was tasty. Fingers crossed the sneezing now stops haha

Usual raspberry smoothie this morning but today I've added a bit of matcha powder.
Was wondering what it would do to the colour but those raspberries won't be beaten!

Making the most of our new yoga room before it becomes our friends home for the next few months.
Also I've only got two more yoga classes before it's all over so need to get into the habit of practicing at home.

So it's morning stretches with a side of @pekoetea_edinburgh Kukicha and a beautiful lotus carved stone by @darkside261 to stop my mat from rolling back on itself.

A bit of a mess for lunch before I head to work but damn is it tasty!
It's home made chapatti topped with plantain, peas and tofu in a harissa, tomato and peanut sauce.

I used to avoid spicy food like the plague but now I can't get enough of it. Hot sauce has become a bit of an obsession.
Up until today is never tried buffalo sauce but we couldn't resist trying @breadmeatsbread buffalo fries topped with crispy onions and with a side of veganase instead of blue cheese mayo 😍

Having a clear up ready for friends visiting next week and in preparation for getting a roomie for a few months which means clearing rooms and space in the kitchen.
Last dregs of peanut butter with banana and raspberry? Sold!

Vegan milkshakes before seeing the pet shop boys last night in Glasgow.
I went for chocolate and peanut butter, leo went for banana peanut butter and we thought it would be a great idea to share some onion rings as a snack. They are the size of doughnuts!! Definitely need to come back here with an epic appetite.

Another day another pancake stack. This time it's coconut and the last of my @bluebirdteaco's pure matcha with banana and maple syrup.
Perfect way to start the day but now means I'm out of matcha :(

Matcha pancakes to start the day made with @bluebirdteaco lemon matcha powder.
On top we've added blueberries, banana and fruit syrup.

Back working hard at yoga this week as @tinydancer_yoga has captured in this picture.

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