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Kelly Clark  One lanky creatrix living life fully in the PNW. Artist • Silversmith • Painter • Photographer • Explorer • Next update: TBA

Friends, your love has brought forth an amazing blessing. Yesterday, as I sat reading aloud Watership Down, and Robin massaged oils along her spine, and Jay and Kathy held her hands, our dearest Umber made the transition from her earthly figure to the celestial being she's longed to be. Her crossing, true to Kelly form, was a beautiful and joyous moment. "My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today." - Richard Adams

Celebration event details to come in the next few days.

with kelly and brad’s express permission - a note from robin:

i arrived in seattle on july 3rd just in time to accompany kelly and brad home from an overnight in the hospital brought on by kelly’s increasing trouble breathing. i got to join kelly, brad, and kelly’s mom kathy living at their beautiful home and i have also had the pleasure of sharing my little bedroom with R2O2 - as we loving refer to the home oxygen machine that is a part of the amazing circle that supports kelly on her journey right now.
what a journey we are on. what a powerful inner circle she has and how the circle of support ripples outward. the struggle and the profound beauty of it all each day - each moment - is indescribable…i am always a woman of many words and i can’t even begin to tell you this space.

the short version: our beloved UmberDove is a warrior and she continues to warrior on. she continues to open her heart more and more to receiving love, prayers, light, and all kinds of help. we humbly and with deep gratitude renew our request that you give whatever you can - whatever feels right to you. if you are able to support with financial gifts they are much needed and can be sent directly through PayPal to or through venmo @umberdove
it is funny how the world can be both so minute and so vast. isn’t this what we spend a lifetime learning? there have been days where i have barely left kelly’s side - where stepping out to the back yard for a few moments feels like i have traveled miles away. i have been lucky to spend time in the kitchen, lovingly creating small plates of nourishment. and i have been blessed and transformed by the time holding her hand, looking into her eyes, saying i love you, rubbing her back with oils, and the countless moments whispering to her, reminding her of her own strength and of the strength of the entire universe that flows through her. (Continued in comments)

a note from robin (@robin.soyala): dear sweet ones near and far, i write at Umberdove's request to update you on her journey over the last few weeks. as you may remember, the Dove tried a treatment over this winter which included a combination of chemotherapy and an experimental new drug. unfortunately that treatment didn’t work as doctors had hoped and it left her with a severely compromised immune system and lingering side effects. the plan once the treatment was suspended was to rest and recover for about six weeks while researching new treatment options.  during that time frame the Dove experienced a deep decline in vitality that honestly we don't have any perfect answers for. the truth, in this moment, is that our Dove is dealing with actively increasing cancer in a few locations and a genuinely depleted system. last weekend her energy faded dramatically and nutrition and hydration IVs were implemented (and continue) to provide immediate support for extreme physical strain.
as one who has borne close witness, i can assure you that throughout this process her spirit and strength have been nothing short of miraculous. if there is a warrior who is known as a beacon of calm and peace, Dove is she.
this morning when i had my near daily heart chat with UmberDove, the renewed life force energy emanating from her was palpable - and as one who loves her it felt to me like a much desired deep breath.  one piece of our conversation was her request that i write a few words to update her widest circle of love as to where she has been (though the place is unnamable) and what has been going on (though it is not entirely clear). please know that she is here with us all. that she holds gratitude immeasurable for all you have given in the form of love, support, prayer, light and currency. we are actively calling in continued love and prayer on her behalf. (Continued in comments...)

Five Things Friday...
1. I picked up a paint brush for the first time in months this week, and immortalized one of the backyard towhees.
2. It's been a hard last day of processing information. What was truly a trifecta of bad news delivered as kindly as possible by my oncologist: rising cancer activity, fluid and pneumonia in my lungs and a lack of real useful information from last month's biopsy. I hold close my mantra: we are brave indeed to bind up our stardust and take on human life.
3. I am brought to my knees in awe at the timing of the universe. The way messages and synchronicities show up in such brilliant timing. The way I am offered calm and ease in the face of fear.
4. I am also forever in awe of what a lucky soul I am to feel the support and love from so many beloveds. You know who you are. I love you.
5. In the face of any news (good, bad, it matters not), it is always perfectly acceptable to blow all your cash on multiple pounds of cherries. You have full permission. 🍒
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There is no greater act of faith than the planting of a seed. To tuck a tiny withered shell into the earth, to wait and watch and water, holding onto that green glimmer of hope. To find patience in dormancy and then delight in the first flush of leaves. To hold a spark of belief that this thin blade of new life holds the power to nourish and sustain our own. 🌱
Fecundity: Holding Faith necklace... I can't hold back this love of every green and growing thing. Layers upon layers of delicately hand sawn sterling and one nugget of Blue Gem Turquoise add up to the most pleasing weight right over the heart center. Shop update TBA soon!
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The PNW... cracking hearts open since the dawn of time. •

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Five Things Friday...
1. The truth is, things have been difficult. I want to sugar coat it, to put a shiny spin and relay the lessons learned, but as I age and sink deeper into my own soul, I value authenticity and truth over prettiness and niceties.
2. Pondering this: If you knew with certainty you'd still be alive in two years (or five, or ten), would you shift anything about the way you show up in the world today?
3. Vegetable starts as allies, great teachers and benefactors: gifting me, in this season, the joy of nurturing life.
4. This morning I sat in the sun for two hours with my neighbor, drinking coffee and talking about camping foods, businesses we want to see open, and art history. Perhaps this is one of the greatest gifts of this life chapter: a year ago I would have never allowed myself that sort of leisure time on a "work day," that sort of ease that looks suspiciously like real rest. But there I was, feeling no guilt and instead feeling the full expression of how good it felt to be alive in this body.
5. Green smoothies and cookies for lunch, fishnets and jean shorts in the woods, reading books on Buddhist meditation between episodes of the Great British Baking Show (a few of my current favorite amalgamations). •

Mmm, that ring. I made a series I can't wait to tell you about but know this for now: they are the Sterling silver manifestation of Finding Ease within the Effort. More next week!

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We stood together in the dark, bare legs catching salt mist, waves crashing 20 feet below. Across the narrow channel, the next island over jutted up gracefully, edges illuminated by the far away city lights on the mainland. With a grin I could hear, she told me a story of how the islands were formed, how the first women laid down their fertile bodies in the water to become land. Hips and shoulders becoming a mountainous landscape. Slumbering but very much alive.
We stood together in silence, but I knew I could feel the island's heart beat thrumming up through the soles of my feet, could hear her exhale in the surge of salt water. •
Archipelago Earrings: Deeply textured layers of Sterling silver. Next shop update to be announced soon!

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What is it about salt water that makes everything right in the world? Oh, ps, hello Hawaii. I think I love you. •
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How to turn 37...
Step 1: rise well before the dawn song.
Step 2: find a lonely mountain.
Step 3: drink tea in the shivering dark, watching the sun creep over the valley until it kisses your face with blessed warmth.
Step 4: embrace the number and act like a wild child, leaping around, not in spite of, not anyways, but because it feels good to act a goober at every age. •

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The truth is, I rarely sleep through the night. In the silent hours something pulls me back from wherever we go, dusting dreams from eyelids, lured out of the warm embrace of sleep. I stagger from the bedroom, find myself standing below the skylight as the moon illuminates my skin. In the half-dreaming state I slowly wave my arm through the clear shaft of milky light, certain I can feel a difference in viscosity. Certain the light clings to my skin like water droplets even when I move back into the dark, certain I can taste stars when I let the light pour into my mouth. For just a moment, I understand the billion mile trajectory of light particles as they seep into my skin and I glow from within. For just a moment I am a creature made of nothing but moonlight and breath; luminescent, effulgent. •
Effulgence earrings. An homage to la Luna's call on those sleepless nights. I've created a variety of sizes, from these big babies which measure a full 8 inches, to a more petite interpretation that will still tickle your neck. You'll find them in the Etsy shop right now!

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Five Things Friday...
1. Every creature, every interaction holds the capacity to be a teacher. The older I get (and I've only got 4 more days at 36), the more I feel like the youngest student of life.
2. I have yet to meet a pair of earrings that are too big for me to rock. Bring it on bling.
3. I've been obsessed with the docuseries Chef's Table. I've been rewatching episodes, sketchbook at the ready to take notes, talking nonstop about the overarching themes of a life spent in both creative pursuit and the continuous inward spiral of being radically true to self. This is what I want to speak to, converse on, in the world at large; part of the vital truth I believe in.
4. I feel the most me when I haven't brushed my hair in at least three days. After years of trying, I've finally realized those well-kemp blowout styles feel like wearing shoes two sizes too small.
5. Listening to old school Gwen Stefani. Transplanting seedlings. Roasting chickpeas. Running outside during every break in the rain to fill lungs with cherry blossom air. •

P.S!!! So these earrings... I know, right?!? I made a couple pairs for you too... along with a host of other brand new silver goodies that I'm excited to photograph and share with you! I'll be posting here and on the FB page, and popping beauties into the Etsy shop over the weekend as I'm able!

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