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UmberDove  creative legacy work project run by teamUD in ecstatic memory of Kelly Clark. Artist • Silversmith • Painter • Photographer • Explorer •

Happy birthday Kelly. “A day in the life” blog post linked in the bio. That girl knew how to celebrate. 😊 - BC

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Today's message, courtesy of Dolphin, Seal AND Chipmonk. Everyone has been very clear on how to spend my 34th birthday.

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|death medicine keepers project| live virtual gathering 3.15.18 9pm est

grief is not a dirty word. it is a daily kindred or an occasional knowingness. grief is a flavor of our sufferings, the wilderness we explore after loss. loss of a loved one, loss of a dream, loss of a job, loss of breath. there is not a single one of us who has not suffered loss, who has not been invited into grief - or at least stood at the edge of such wilderness wondering what it holds.

this morning i was passing the time with a beloved sister while hand grinding my coffee. we were quiet, in the clear blank space of being, but she was so happy i had invited her.
then she looked up at me, in her quiet way, knowing what i was wondering about because we are like that. “just tell them what you do,” she said.
i exhaled.
if you would like to come sit with us this evening, the death medicine keepers circle is gathering virtually at 9pm est. i will welcome you, do a tiny bit of drumming to settle us in, offer a practice invitation, read a little poetry, and open up the space to see what creating and sharing feels right and good. you are welcome to come to bear witness, to wonder, to explore, to stay quiet, to find a word or two to speak. all ways, all beings, all hearts in any stages or states of grief are welcome. i promise my presence and pure authenticity on anything i have already explored or known.
lets be in the wilderness together. lets bring all our medicine.
the death medicine keepers project is donation based, no payment is required to gather in. you can join in by phone or video conference. link to more information and registration in bio.

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Reflecting deep today. -BC

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You are doing the good work of living (and that is enough). #reminderstoself #psa #youareenough #antihustle #theoriginaltemporarytattoo #umberdove

Join us tonight! -BC

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death is not just

earthly death

where life force

leaves the body,

but all manner of loss.

the loss of a relationship,

of a time,

of a project,

of a garden.

each breath a tiny micro death.

each loss a chance to practice at grief,

in community,

all echoing together.

and all of this

an enormous invitation

to expand into our living.

tonight at 9pm est. we gather together virtually to sit and breathe, to hold space for our awareness of death, to explore our grieving together, to wonder about life. the time will include some guided practice, an invitation to creative spark, a little story telling, and dialog with others medicine keepers. this is a video or dial in virtual circle. all are welcome to join in. you are not required to speak or share, your presence can be your offering. we are each our own sacred medicine.
registration link in bio to join the live call and/or to receive the recording by email.
feel free to send me a message with any questions.

all love all love, robin

#deathmedicinekeepersproject 📷: @jennymoloney
medicine keeper guests: @candacemorris @sunnyrisingleather @bckinetic & you 💓

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Words of thanks are never enough to truly portray the gratitude felt. You’re an amazing community and beautiful support. All the love to you and yours today! ❤️ [BC]

Dwelling on her words from 2 years ago. [BC]
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By the hundreds... I am:
Candles blazing in the pre-dawn, heavy heart, arranging her things just so.
The tangled mop of hair twisted and perched high.
The solitary tree, roots exposed, root sunk deep, both bare and alive.
Still climbing from this speckled shell, emerging, expanding.
What would it look like if you weren't afraid?
The scent of fir branches cracked open to the marrow and cold burning just inside the nose and how thick that moss was and I am a wild thing whether I stand on a mountainside or walk over these old pine floors and somedays I want to tell the ever present Should to fuck off.
Fur wrapped tight over animal nature.
The wolf-riding Durga who knows a bow is both a weapon and a harp.
Palo santo rising.
Pomegranate stained fingers and a pile of dishes and lukewarm coffee, already reheated twice.
Self-baptism kneeling on the edge of every river, every shore, that single cold drop rolling down the nose.
Invocations to the wooded devas and that single great horned owl.
A spine of so many golden building blocks, knitting and filling and sliding ever closer to straight.
Gratitude and grief, chaos and peace, earth and fire, the impossible dichotomy that makes absolute sense.
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This morning I got up early to run the dogs before work. Arriving at the park, the sky shown of deep crimson as the sun hadn't crested the mountains yet. It's the kind of beauty Kelly would have been ready for with her DSLR, but I had just an iPhone. She's been heavy on my mind lately. Life has managed to keep me busy. New connections being made, new adventures being had. There in the background though, is her.
Her love.
Her support.
Her death.
I see her before cancer, and I see her in the last weeks of cancer. Looking around nature I feel her influence on my eye. "Look at the things around you. Drink them in. Devote them to memory so you can call upon them for inspiration later."
Come with me, drink in the beauty around you, and let's call upon that for inspiration in this life. Take a moment today to find your inspiration. Devote it to memory. You'll want it later when the heaviness of life befalls you.
On Thursday last week I had 5 different people all reach out to support me; let me know I was in their thoughts. It's always interesting when the Universe does that - brings multiple people to your door.
I feel you. I feel your love. I have felt your support. Thank you. [BC]

Dearests - Thank you again for your continued and beautiful outpouring of support for Kelly’s work. The three of us are here and wanting to be utterly authentic with you all. Grief is such a complex, real and baffling experience. To undertake a legacy project dedicated to a beloved, as a small group, proves time and again to be a teaching. One that is sometimes breathtakingly beautiful and other times just riddled with unexpected pain.
We are here but we are struggling a bit, each in our own way, to see exactly how to make this project work. We all want to honor Kelly. We all want to honor and be of service to all those who loved her. We all want to see her beloveds supported in every way as they transition to life without her earthly form. We want so much - but we can’t always clearly see the way. This is the truth of the journey right now.

We truly did not know how complex this undertaking was. How much grief and loss would challenge our capacity to hold steady and create. How many different ways there are to work, and be, and love. We didn’t know. And in the now we simply don’t know if or what this project is moving forward. At this moment we are gentling our tender hearts and working out the details of what limited and final offerings we might be able to hold space for in the coming week or so.
We thank you deeply for your presence, your patience, your support and your witness. We are here. We are lost. We are here. We miss her. We love you all.

BC, A.S., & r.e.s.

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Legacy work, shop update *today* 9am Pacific Time
a collection of three pendants: Our Lady of Deep Rooted Wisdom,
Our Lady of Internal Expansion, & Saturnian

With love from team UmberDove...

Thank you to everyone who took the time to bless us with your stories of earthly inspiration. Team UmberDove is over the moon excited to have the opportunity to honor the following three magical women who were nominated in our recent #UmberDoveInspired gift away.
Our Lady of Deep Rooted Wisdom: @numinous_jane
Our Lady of Internal Expansion: @__morganlovesyou__
Saturnian: @theretrohousewife
All pendants will be shipped with another small token of appreciation included as a gift to those who did the nominating.
The UmberDove Legacy shop update, which includes all three pendants, will be live on Etsy on Thursday the 26th at 9am Pacific Time.

We are here, a small team of three dedicated to doing our best in honor of the creative legacy of a woman we love very much. This particular leg of the journey is not without trials, complications, and struggle - but how could it be? We attempt to stay with the many layers of our hearts as we honor our work, her work, and your presence and dedication. Resoundingly, thank you, thank you, thank you. May we all continue to find inspiration, love, and heart beats of lifejoy each day.
r.e.s., BC, and A.S.

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recently, i have been sitting with this question; what do i think is magic?
and while i ponder this i have soaked in the inspiration of the nominations of magical beings pouring forth in the #UmberDoveInspired gift away. thank you so much for taking the time to share.
we wanted to remind you that nominations for this gift away close today at 12am PST. we will be announcing the destinations of the three pendants tomorrow.

a legacy work shop update will open this thursday morning, the 26th, offering Our Lady of Inward Expansion, Our Lady of Deep Rooted Wisdom and Saturnian pendants for immediate sale and early december shipping.

for today - my short list of magic:

the way the leaves are displaying a spectrum of color around here

small collections of words that shift me

chicken soup

the bright sliver of the waxing moon


circles of women pulled tight by love

recipes for teas and salves
baths with oils and salts

bird song

hand knit scarves


and you? what is your short list of magic for today? {r.e.s.} @robin.soyala

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a team UD collaborative five-ish things friday: {A.S.} @sunnyrisingleather
1. Birthdays are weird and beautiful monsters. This year in particular has been very significant: turning forty and doing it while grieving a significant loss. I have had such a rainbow of emotions and enough solitude to let the support I am experiencing do its fine work. I feel grateful and I am surrendering to this feeling of being a bit unmoored - it's not familiar yet, but I am open to it.
2. Roast a chicken (with all the fixings - lemon, sage, onion and thyme in the cavity) and after it's been a dinner or two, submerge it in water with aromatic veggies and make a lovely bone broth. I eat my brew every day at lunch filled with fresh veggies and quinoa noodles. It feels so rich in self-care. {BC} @bckinetic
3. Stop trying to plan every moment of life. It's not possible. Be in the NOW. Live right now. It can be amazing.

4. Swim in the deep end. It's terrifying at times, but you're a stronger swimmer than you give yourself credit for. Plus, that's where the most amazing people are. They'll help you stay afloat. {r.e.s.} @robin.soyala
5. know your ways. if your body system is one that finds its way home through movement gift yourself the time and space to move. get that book you’re dying to read. make time to paint something. write a short poem. lay down in your garden. it does’t matter what you, or anyone else, think you should be doing - know your ways and trust those.
6. try to share your truths. be it with one person, a small group, or a whole crowd. it does’t matter if you don’t fully understand everything. you don’t have to wait until things are just so. you might not think you make sense yet but still try. there is no sense in disappearing when the call is to be present here now. try to share your truths especially when they are born of your love.

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