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Ursa Major Jewelry/ Kate Jones  • we like the salt air • pieces made by hand, in house, by us, little ol' us • Maine/NYC • 📩studio@katejones.us •


Hand carved Carnelian / No. 8 / AW18

I have to say you all are amazing. I usually keep the sweet emails I receive to myself, I mean, that’s what you do...but this one about a Mother of Pearl Pilar ring just made me smile so warmly and reminded me exactly why I do what I do. “Your work is always timeless with an heirloom quality, but this ring makes me feel like a 7 year old carving little animals out of sticks discovered with my Grandpa on our Colorado farm using our mother of pearl handled pocket knives. Perhaps an odd reference, but it’s real. Thanks for what you do.”
Kathleen..thank y❤️u

All the stress and energy of creating the new collection is coming to a close. I want to thank all of the patient customers who have waited a little longer than usual for their orders during this exciting but chaotic time. My head has been about to explode for the past month while trying to balance the new development with the existing production, and all under a hot deadline. I couldn’t do it without the grace of all of you. •
Ribbon Cuff, Golden Mother of Pearl Pilar, and Cori Ring

And on that topic of love....
Paul Schutzer, Italy, 1963
Rg from my other love Yas @anyonegirl

On a more personal note... no work. Happy Valentine’s Day to my love/life/“business” partner...who deals with all my stresses in stride, supports me unconditionally, builds me the perfect studio, and keeps peanut butter out of the house just for me. You make everything better. He might not approve of this PDA but that’s all the more reason to love him

Hand carved with love...and ready for yours. Must feel good (comfort, weight aka substance), look good (classic, subtle yet distinct), and be good, which is why we use 100% recycled metals. We take our weddings rings very seriously....and it may just be my very favorite part of the job ✨
Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! Thank you for each and every drop of love you bring to Ursa Major 💗 We love right back

Online next week!
Our men’s 4mm Comfort Fit Band and women’s Curved Band to accommodate those center stone engagement rings
#lovegold #futureheirlooms #showmeyourrings #ursamajorjewelry #ursamajorbridal

The Shokin-tei at Katsura Rikyu, one of the three imperial villas in Kyoto. A 56,000 square meter complex completed around 1658, and designed by Prince Toshihito


Milano dreaming for No. 8... #aw18

Le rouge et le noir / #DeborahTurbeville

quiet Monday mood
photo by love @stellaberkofsky for @anaakcollection

Nature at its best... years of minerals and sediments working to create these graphic patterns and colors. It never ceases to amaze me. The Pilar ring was designed to highlight this and bring these old stones, and perhaps dated ideas of what semi precious stones can look like...into a new light. Wear it with your Yohji, your Céline, your Levi’s. Give these beauties a modern finesse, clean lines with a warm sculptural quality... but above all, a quiet purity
This one demonstrates the variable qualities of the “light apricot jasper” we offer. Each one unique but this particular coloring and cross section can be replicated quite easily. Shown here in 10k Rose Gold

#lovegold #inlay #showmeyourrings #futureheirlooms #ursamajorjewelry #pilarring

Blood moon over cove

Artist Danielle Romero / @floraandform and her Matina No. 2 earrings. A hoop of substance, form, and a little grace.
In stock if you want some immediate satisfaction.

L’Officiel Mexico you get me 🌊🌊🌊
Thank you @flipando and @lofficielmexico

Florentine highlight

Uffizi moments

Flowers in his pocket
I will always love this

And then sometimes Tamu gives you the magic to post next.... We laughed about her chipped nail polish and not fixing it before a fancy dinner, I said, "you go girl, this is why I love you"
I'll take a shot of your pinky with chipped polish and our signet over a high gloss shot of it any day. It's meant to be worn...through perfect nails and not. It's meant to be lived in.

And she couldn't be more right. Be 100% you. Always. I created Ursa Major jewelry with the intention to go beyond trends, to transcend the world of fast fashion. It's subtlety is made for the woman who carves her own path, listens to her own drummer, and leads with her heart

#notyourgrandfatherssignet #futureheirlooms #lovegold

Milano in winter

Italy, brought to you by Luigi Ghirri...

A rare sneak at the next collection No. 8
...a tease I know, you won’t be able to get these for months... .
In a world of such over saturation and rapid copy cat-ing I tend to not post pieces in progress or pieces prior to the look book being released, holding them close for safe keeping. But I’m in Italy and collection No. 8 has been born from here so.....it only seems right to let the cat out of the bag. The creative journey and process, is, after all, integral and where the magic happens ✨
There will also be a small huggie style size of these Checkerboard hoops 🏁
#modernheirlooms #futureheirlooms

An old city on the ocean....Venice is like a lucid dream. I see Ghirri, and Twombly, I see Mahler.

Past lives

Words can not begin to describe the incredible justice Carlo Scarpa did to not only the existing structure of the Castelvecchio in Verona, but also the permanent collection of mostly 15th century work that is housed there. A dream come true to be able to view it in person. His utmost attention to every detail, where form and function are united and inseparable. I’m not sure I’ve ever encountered a structure and body of art so old that has converged with the new and done so seamlessly and only added to its beauty.
I nearly cried...
#CarloScarpa #MuseoCastelvecchio

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