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semi-hiatus!  hey there good looking! welcome~ ask me about ANYTHING on ask.fm! makeup tips, love/life advices! ☻ our inspiration: @uljjangies ♡ ☼ Est. 281014 ☼

have you seen her on ulzzang shidae? god she's so pretty! i'm a potato huhu ;-; sorry for the 1 week hiatus! planning something :-)
#qotdwulzzangalore :
who's your favourite ulzzang and why?: i don't have a biased ulzzang but i have a few faves, like song ahri, jung minhee, park sora, han byul, soyu (not from sistar, look her up) and of course dohee :-)

queen riri 👑 no #qotdwulzzang for now, maybe a little later :/

sorry for not posting for like 3 days! i was soooo distracted and i can't find legit hd pictures -.- but i'm back!
do you have a dream? what is it?:
okay, i secretly have a dream of being an idol, yes. you heard me right, i think i might/might not have the looks neither do not have a body for an idol. but i do sing and dance and i can assure i rap pretty well. (it's the truth, not self-praise) i'm planning to send in my audition to either JYP, YG or Cube. I'm not sure with SM though. I am willing to train hard, and i think and believe i definetly have a burning passion to be on stage and the only place where my heart truly beats, is the stage. ☺️

suprise suprise! another post!stylenanda's angel? ㅋㅋ sora is really pretty, i'm jealous :< i need her looks haha, stylenanda! please create a makeup look to make me park sora hahhaha ✨✨ okay sincerely goodnight because my eyelids are REALLY heavy, going to need LOTS of concealer tomorrow, oh dear..

my fave picture of her 😍 heyhey, it's my birthday today!! it's 30 October here in Singapore and yayyyy! :-) I'm blessed to be loved by so many people and i'm very thankful of that! I'll be posting for my readers in asia later on so do catch up with me! Oh, and if you have anything to ask or you're curious to know, ask me on my askfm, links on my bio! It's 3:35am here in Singapore, so please rest well wherever you are okay? Stay happy! 💞

love is the purest form of joy :-)
be happy followers! a new day is coming up!~
what is your favourite thing to do during winter?:
i will always travel back to my home country and make a small bonfire to chill with my family and dogs, quality time is the best! ☺️

wah she's really pretty 😍 i really admire ulzzangs, how can they be so good looking all the time?

annyeong followers!! this is a brand new ulzzang dedication account i have set up and prior to creating this account, i was inspired by the one and only @uljjangies :-) after creating this account, she really helped me out and i'm so thankful for her! so i'll be creating an ask.fm so you guys can send in your advice or anything you want to say! the ulzzang's name will be in the location (yes i'm asian, singaporean to be exact) so do check it out! i am also thinking of starting a question of the day section, so please let me know if you'll be willing to answer me ☺️ sincere gomawo @uljjangies unnie and my readers ✨✨

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