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Ain't lose a nigga that don't want me back yet! 🤗

Daily Smile at a stranger you never know what people are going through, spare anything you can to a homeless person, tell as many loved ones you can you love them and count your many blessings more than any of your loses or current problems sh*t can be worst🤷🏽‍♀️ THATS HOW YOU HAVE A GOOD DAY. Have a good day, be safe. #WCW

My favorite things to do; be home, blast music, cook, clean, take selfies & mind my damn business🙂 #ImSoRegular #ServingMyOwnBodGoals #Thick #ImOnADietAgain🤣 p.s yes I clean in hot as uggs all year around 🤣

It's ok to be regular and live by your own means. 👍🏽 I love being regular and comfortable. Providing myself with whatever I can afford, and still looking up to part.

Me In real life 🤷🏽‍♀️ #IDontrunWithMANYGirlsCausetheyTalkTooMuch

Love life. 😊

#WCW never change. My sister in my head. My Pisces twin, crazy a** bih😍 She perfect to me @kmichellemusic #SisImWaitingOnTheAlbum

Hi my name is Geovonie & I love having car concerts by myself & I barely ever know the words to any of my favorite songs 🙂

Had to get out of "love" show myself what I can do. 😁💙 #SoRegular

Nigga about to go melo and risk it all! If you don't want no problems don't get involved. 🍼

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