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Ulf Skarin, CD Veckans Affärer  Every day I'm having lunch with the pioneers. Bring your ideas to the table! (and follow me behind the scenes at @ulfskarin). #ulfslunch

Nr 837. Vice is the fastest growing youth media in the world when it comes to internet reach. Talking about the reasons behind it with Carlan Snygg, strategic account director, and the answer is simple:
"It's all about staying authentic in your communication."
Bring your ideas to lunch!
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Nr 836. In the end Spotify chose not to be listed on the Stockholm stock exchange. But talking with Adam Kostyal, senior vice president at Nasdaq, about the advantages of Sweden being a smaller stock market and instead attracting fast growing scaleups.
What's your best idea?
"To get many kids!"
Bring your ideas to lunch!
#ulfslunch #veckansaffärer #downtowncamperbyscandic #nasdaqomx

Nr 835. Have you heard the story about the Swedish sportbrand Casall? Me neither. Andrew O'Sullivan is the man to put the familyowned company on the consumers radar.
What's your best idea?
"Forever better."
Bring your ideas to lunch!
#ulfslunch #veckansaffärer #downtowncamper #downtowncamperbyscandic #casall

Nr 834. Talking about the universe of raw with Carolina von Rosen! Together with her mother she's the entrepreneur behind Get Raw, organic bars made of fruits and nuts. We're talking about the luxury of indulging in everyday candy and Carolina is soon launching a new healthy brand on the market.
Bring your ideas to lunch!
#ulfslunch #veckansaffärer #downtowncamperbyscandic #getraw #getrawbar

Nr 833. Marcus Tagesson, together with his wife Linn, has from scratch built an ecommerce giant when it comes to babies. Sales for Babyshop now exceeds more than one billion SEK and we're talking about the challenges (and pleasures) of building a fast growing company.
Bring your ideas to lunch!
#ulfslunch #veckansaffärer #downtowncamperbyscandic #babyshopse

Nr 832. Talking about the fantastic feeling of finding your right thing in life. Eleni Enedahl got worked out, took a course being a silversmith and everything fell into place. Now she's running her own brand, Iameleni.
What's your best idea?
"Dare to loose control."
#ulfslunch #veckansaffärer #downtowncamperbyscandic #iamelenijewellery

Nr 831. Talking about the future of intelligent speakers and headphones with Pernilla Ekman, CEO of Zound Industries. Read my profile interview with the Swedish queen of voice in a coming issue of Veckans Affärer!
#ulfslunch #veckansaffärer #downtowncamperbyscandic #zoundindustries #zound

Nr 830. Discussing the art of leadership with the powerduo Fia Westerberg and Linda Hammarstrand. Together they have recently started Culture Academy specializing in helping companies to actually walk their valuetalk.
What´s your best idea?
”We have to work together, not just being at the same place at the same time.”
Bring your ideas to lunch!
#ulfslunch #veckansaffärer #downtowncamperbyscandic #cultureacademy

Nr 829. They started EOE Eyewear in Umeå, but now they are living in Stockholm. Emilia Lindmark founded the company with her husband and soon they are the first producer in the world making new frames from 100 percent old recycled plastic frames.
What's your best idea?
"To build a company together with my partner."
Bring your ideas to lunch!
#ulfslunch #veckansaffärer #downtowncamperbyscandic #eoeeyewear

Making a podcast with Judith Wolst, digital superbrain who is just about to publish a book about digital panic. What's her best advice to avoid digital panic?
Listen to her answering in the podcast ”Min bästa idé”, published on Friday at www.va.se (see link in bio).
#ulfslunch #veckansaffärer #downtowncamperbyscandic #digitalpanik

Nr 828. Visiting Tomas Hempel at Collect&Bottle in Södermalm. He's a perfumer and this is the place to go if you want to tailormake your personal fragrance. Read all about the disruptors of the perfume market in my coming feature in Veckans Affärer!
#ulfslunch #veckansaffärer #collectandbottle #storaskuggan
@collect_and_bottle @storaskuggan

Talking about the fastgrowing world of niche fragrances with Tara Derkashan. She is one the cofounders of Sniph, a subscription-based service where you once a month receive a curated small bottle of perfume via mail. Read all about the disruptors of the perfume market in my coming feature in Veckans Affärer!
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