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Sending you guys positive vibes 💖
Top: @fashionnova
Gonna respond to the comments 🤗 love you all!

When a guy wants to FaceTime so you have to throw on @fashionnova & get dolled up in 5 mins 💖 #casualsunday #ohyouknowjustchillinglikethis 😆

Me on Valentines Day in my @fashionnova
I squeezed my boobs together & put enough padding in my bra to last me a year, all this effort just to be left hanging! 😂😩❤️ #wheresmyvalentine #canklestoostrongnovalentine #squeezeandletgo

I’m ready for Valentines Day in my @fashionnova I like to be well prepared for the let down, who else can’t wait!? ❤️💃🏻😜

Who else is a Selena Fan?
Top from @fashionnova 🙌🏼❤️

I use this dress from @fashionnova to get guys to buy me free drinks then I disappear in these bushes like Homer Simpson 😂❤️ #thanksforthefreedrinkssucker #yourenotgettinglaid #anotherthotyoucantfuck #freedrinksuntilmylooksfade #wemightescelatetoadinnerdatebutimjustthereforthefreemeal 😂 #thesehashtagsthough

I broke my back after taking this pic in my @fashionnova 😂

New Year New Me in my @fashionnova jk! It’s a new jacket & a wig!
Hope you all had a great new year! ❤️

Happy New Year! From Svetlana the spy in her @fashionnova 😂
This year has been an amazing year for me!
I learned & realized a lot & had a lot of personal growth, the greatest gift from God was given to me this year.
This year I learned what love is all about & to be truly loved you have to have self love.
I had a life changing experience which made me sit back & look at my surroundings & decisions I have made.
I know people assume a lot of things about me, that I might look stuck up or hard to talk to or whatever but truth is I’m really easy going & as long as you’re nice to me, I’m nice back, unfortunately this personality trait even though it might be good often bring along people that take your kindness as a weakness.
I often allowed people into my life that didn’t deserve a spot & then ended up being disappointed.
I later realized that if it truly loved myself I wouldn’t have devalued my own worth & allowed these people into my life.
I also realized that I shouldn’t be upset with these types of people, they’re only doing what they think they should do to fill the void of love in whatever way, so I wish that they find a way to love themselves & stop hurting & using people to get there.
So for all my followers in 2019 & in the future sit back & think what kind of life do you want for yourself, you deserve the best so stop giving people & situations discounts.
You only have this one life to live & you should have true love, happiness, health, wealth, family & success. Live a full life & never stop learning!
Hope you all have a great year! Love you all! ❤️

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