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·穎·  🇭🇰 Born in HKG, Raised in SGP 🇸🇬 🛩 Living out of a suitcase most of the time 👜 💌 yawning.poon@gmail.com 📍 Singapore


Where dat light at the end of the tunnel?
Today I chatted with a few of my friends and they gave me some good ideas where to start finding 😊 Let's go 💪🏻#ootd

Shoutout to friends and followers who took time out to ask if I'm okay, told me that they can relate; shared their stories and gave me encouragement. 💕 Sorry if my posts are going to be emo nemo bcos my life isn't always fun and filled with colours 🌈 but I'll try find something to be happy and thankful about everyday, let's do that. 💪🏻😊 .

Thank you @lejeanhair for the pretty curls! Korean perm at $118 if you like and share their home page 💇🏻📞67372272

Been feeling all sorts of low lately, and I realise I've been grasping at any little opportunities to be temporarily happy and to forget the existence of the feeling of emptiness. That caused many nightmares and sleepless nights because subconsciously I'm crumbling. It does not solve any thing in the long run so I'll stop pretending I'm fine and face my emotions head-on. Been hiding behind my work-smile for too long it drained me.
If you're feeling something similar, do know that you're not alone. We will be better together 💪🏻

Y u so fast gone? 😱 TMG's first hen's night! 🙌🏻💕

This one is a charmer 👶🏻 See you next month baby R 💕

Spent half of my Friday looking like a delicious yam Pau, wbu? 🍠 check out my ig story for more hilarious looks. 🌚 @lejeanhair

🌀 #uhwingfly

Went to get the lamp for my mom and I to hiao hiao since it is only $45 for one 😆💅🏻 📸: @davidpdw

Coffee, Thai iced Tea or Me? ☕️ #butiamsweatyaf 📸: @sinyanchloe

#ootd doesn't rly work here bcos I keep wearing the same coat all day err day help 🤦🏻‍♀️ #uhwingfly #megwingtokyo #selfie

Always too excited then forget to use camera 🤦🏻‍♀️🌸🌝 #uhwingfly #megwingtokyo

I am tamago eggcited to eat you 🤦🏻‍♀️🍳 #megwingtokyo #uhwingfly #tamagoislife

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