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follow me on @7.50pm to see full thing!!!

HEY! I’m getting my new computer today or tomorrow which means i’ll be editing again.. yay! my new account is gonna be @7.50pm so if you’d like to see me edit tvd, shameless, stranger things, and more then follow me there :))) @7.50pm

y’all can unfollow lol i won’t be editing again till December when i get my new computer & i’ll be making a new editing acc bc this is dead hehe but im@ gonna unarchive all my edits

#psat2017 hehehe i made this last nite i was bored so ☪️😃🤣🛍😣😍🎊💝🎊😭 #omgpage also watermark is from my spam account

scrap hehe deleting tomorrow, ac hybridnik

— no humanity.
cc divxnes
rm af.salvatore

(scrap) deleting later i didn't even finish.... but LANE!

i haven't edited in a month ignore this mess
cc gllavch (edited) ac bennettsmagic dt @hedapierce ❤️

tvds best characters (not a plotwist)
cc gllavch | ac xopalescent | for ira & cindy ❤️| tc @xtransitions

i love them so fucking much !!! )):
cc gllavch | rm xopalescent |
#seraphicrct1 #steferinerct1

y'all should know my lane by now
cc @gllavch | ac @vamprivs
for maddie & ira

you are my fairytale
cc @gllavch | ib @bxried

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