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being with someone you truly adore and being present enough in the moment that the world literally slows down and you ask yourself how did I stumble into this? but I’m in here 🌢

we went to that grocery store and there was this old lady who told us "she feels like we are her sunshine, she can feel the love that she adore our passion and look's. god bless her fr i'll never ever forget her! when y'all open your eyes there's so much beauty in the world. stuff that's not yours but u can turn them into your own happines.
and thank bb's for lighting up my world, giving me so much inspiration, show me so much passion and all those fairy intense πŸ–€

im 20y old. i finished my school. i finished my 3y education as a hairdresser with dip. i lived one year in london (went to school there), i live in paris now & found a job here. and y'all still judging me for my lifestyle.
y'all got that 1 life, why should u waste time with not being yourself just because these crack ass ppl don't want u to be that! stay real to yourself if u wanna do smth do it! not because u want to show them u can! just do it for yourself. if they judge (i don't really like the word hate) then just cuz u get there and they stand still at one place, or got some big ass fucked up issues with themself! they try to put ppl levels down just that they feel crowned, and thats how they forget about their shit/issues/business.
fact's: thats your small world you can build by yourself, with your decisions! 🍬

wag1 @nikkipanic hnybunny' scammin paris 🏁

bf fact: u the most annoying person on this planet sweaaar, casse les couilles ! but please never stop annoying me 🐬

lana del rey is in parizz, im probably her biggest fan, ion have ticket's, ion wanna spend 79€ on a 1 hour concert cuz after im broke, and life makes no sense anymore!! πŸ–•πŸΌ

cherrybabe πŸ’

soft & dangerous 🏁
my IG fuck up the quality of all my pics wtf, whyyy would u do that IG, son of a bitch😭

"cute casual" 🐬

the type a girl you wanna chew all of my bubble gum πŸ’
πŸ“Έ @artistelibre

swear yall better go check out that sweet sweet stuff they create @wegangyoung πŸ’βœ¨

ride and die
fly so high 🏍
for @thehoodlab x @asap__tyy

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