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The”Ugly” Fruit & Veg Campaign  🌎🌍🌏Campaign by Jordan Figueiredo celebrating imperfect fruit&veg and fighting all wasted food! Posts not endorsements,opinions,views ofMyEmployerCVSan

‪What the strawberry?!!! 😮 Pic by @wildrootsfarmer

Dancing on the Dashboard. Twitter Pic by @NTKingstonLacy posted by @nationaltrust sent by @lipstickwith 🥕🕺🥕 ‬

‪That Moment When You Think Your Apple Might Be A Smoker..... Twitter Pic by @FacesPics 🍏🤔 #ISeeFaces

‪Love and Tomatoes! ❤️🍅#FindItInEverything Pic by @adalisab

‪Whoah, is that an extra corn in your pocket or are you just excited it’s Friday?! 😂 IG Pic by @crkerr

‪Free Carrot Hugs! One Size Fits All! IG Pic by @VanMarkets sent by @ellebeelb1 🥕🤗🥕 #HugYourVeg

Hey IG Peeps! I know we’re all here to celebrate “ugly” produce and fight wasted food but sometimes I need to post something seen as “political.” Thank you for staying with me (I’m just one person by the way, no “brand” or “company” or business, just me and my unpaid hobby) and thank you even more for joining the conversation on something “political.” If one post every now and then that’s not vulgar, abusive or racist but merely “political” offends you so much that you need to unfollow (or think you can command me to “just post about ugly fruit”) then maybe you need to take at look at why you are unfollowing and what this says about you........ We are in very divisive times where hate and anger is thrown about so easily (especially on social media) without a passing thought or attempt to understand “the other.” All I’m trying to do with political posts is to get people talking about an issue I care about. We don’t have to agree but we can certainly talk about it and be civil, can’t we? We’ve had some great discussions here about really important issues over the last year (IG has been way better than Twitter or Facebook on this). Love to you all that are still here. More ugly fruit coming......(and a political post here or there too)😉👍 ***********
PS - if you want others to see this message please leave a comment (even a very short one like “👍”). IG boosts the posts into more feeds when a lot of people are talking about them....😘

Thank you Kap, thank you Nike. #BelieveInSomething #BelieveInJusticeForAll

‪🌱👽😱‬ Twitter Pic by @facespics #TheSeedScream

‪Ah strawberries, the fruit that’s full of love! ❤️🍓 Pic by @lucascq via @agriculturapelomundo

‪Portrait of an Eggplant. By @annette_behrens #AubergineDream

‪There is something strange with this tree(?)...... I can’t quite put my finger on it.....🤔🍍👹 Pic by @santoshmore101

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