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The”Ugly” Fruit & Veg Campaign  🌎🌍🌏Campaign by Jordan Figueiredo celebrating imperfect fruit&veg and fighting all wasted food! Posts not endorsements,opinions,views ofMyEmployerCVSan

That moment when you get the feeling your potatoes are staring at you! IG Pic by @elliemarkovitch 🥔👀🥔

This daikon radish is either cold or has to go pee? 😬 Or both?! 😫IG Pic by @botanicaldreaming

‪Behold the beauty in imperfection!✨ Twitter Pic by @NutricionActiva

BREAKING: It’s an “ugly” carrot party this weekend! Don’t do anything carrot wouldn’t do.... 🙌👹🥕🙌 IG Pic by @muchocol sent by @thesugarshopbta

‪When your eggplant with a beauty mark strikes a pose! 🍆📸 #VeggieVogue IG Pic by @thelovingearth

Pears....harrumph! 😏🍐🍑IG Pic by @carnegiehillcsa

‪The pepper that got into the Christmas spirit a little early! 🌶🌲🎅 Pic by @discosopachile

‪File is corrupt, please reboot.... Pic by @houmamiss

‪Whazzup!!! 🥕✋😃🤚🥕 Pic by @niccib28

‪The good folks @wckitchen are doing amazing work once again. This time to help thousands affected by the #CampFire in California. Please join me in sending love and donating to WCK at!‬ (link in profile)

“Excited” Corn??? 🤷‍♂️🌽🙈 Pic by @joeeatsworld1 #NSFWVeg

‪This Pumpkin Was Bummed Out To Miss Halloween...FB Pic by Alicia Polacok #ProduceJokes

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