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the pizza is a LIE  🛸 Aiden | they/them | engaged to @lion.bones 💍 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ▪☆▪

made this dude while testing a new lineart brush

commission for @bloom.s0 🌹💝

#artvsartist2019 👌
not really going into this year with that much new art! but i didn't want to be left out of the badwagon.

Please use they/them pronouns, Thank you!
Ahh i need a haircut so bad :")

fIRST DOODLE FOR @shadowgamer012 out of many! thank u for donating so much you are literally a godsend

baby BOY i fuckin miss damien im not gunna lie

kofi doodle for @ashieexe 🤠

☆Commissions open!
All info is provided from the link in my bio. i updated my T.O.S, and art examples.
PLEASE go read it first before considering to commission me!


The list of things i offer isn't long but i'm considering adding a waist-up aswell. i also have a ton more of examples on my insta account itself, as you all know.
If you are curious about something, please ask!

Let me know if you are interested, either DM or in the comments is fine with me!

I spotted a very lovely and affordable plane ticket and i literally only need $160 more to pay it off, so slots will only be open for so long!

1. apothacaryblues
2. super.nova.nymph
3. bloom.s0
^ new ppl i will be adding to trello

Reminder i accept donations/tips through ko-fi! x3 ko-fis ($9 total) qualifies for a mini doodle!
I have some new goals to save up for a plane ticket, marriage fees, new luggage, and essentials for traveling in June!
Link in bio!

big thick bun
AT with @skiubun .. . i butchered her

3rd pic is by skiu <:3

Might be accepting 1 or 2 art trades, comment below if you are interested in doing this with me!! i am kind of a picky person regarding style so please don't take it harshly ;; I'm looking for possibly a badge-like thing or toyhouse icons 0: !!

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