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Andi | udandi  busy professional who loves @vincecincy, food, DIY projects, sewing, & starting too many blogs 👇🏼

I bought an @ikeausa MICKE desk used, but since I didn’t like the textured black surface, I covered it with adhesive paper #ikeahack #ikeahacks #udandiy

I’ve done the following @onepeloton rides featuring @officialqueenmusic, but if there are more I’d like to find them and get on my bike and ride! 🚲
@iamicaniwillido 45min 6/20/2015
@stevenlittlenyc 30min 2/12/2016
@pelotonjenn 45min 5/4/2017
@denis__morton 30min 11/2/2018 #queen #classicrock #pelotoncycle #athomerider

Merry Christmas! 🍻

If you’re headed to a holiday party and need a effortlessly gourmet appetizer: bacon crostini made with @stellacheeses #linkinbio #sponsored #onthetable #holidayeats

Santa and I share the same diet of beer and pretzels 🙌🏼🍻🥨🎅🏻

I can honestly say no where in my youth did I think I’d be a person who grows up and organizes dog play dates, but here I am.
Thank you to all these people who said, yes I’ll bring my dog AND a dog costume so we can walk through the park in our own parade! 🎃
Thank you @bella_inthecity for being a wonderful co-host! If you need pet care, reach out to @petlife_incincy she has an amazing in-home doggie care business!

If you haven’t tried @freddysusa, go to my blog and enter for a chance to win a gift card. You can also read how I love everything on the menu 🤷🏻‍♀️ #ad #ilovefreddyscinci #giveaway #cincyeats #cincybloggers

Shoutout to my brother and sister-in-law for giving @vincecincy a stroller ⁣
🙌🏼 ⁣
It was perfect at today’s outreach event with Nehemiah Manufacturing where we learned about their mission #creatingjobschanginglives as a second chance employer making products you know like @febrezeinwash @downywrinklereleaser_
@kandookids @boogiewipes
For a behind the scenes look, visit @vincecincy Stories (and highlights). #iworkwithfebrezeinwash #ad

I kinda regret not buying this 🍔 hat for myself. Happy #nationalcheeseburgerday #nationalcheeseburgerday🍔

So between 2 and 6 @dunkindonuts the iced coffees are half off. But only the large and XL have #sippeelwin so I go for it! #ddcincy #ddperks #spon

Goal: to build a business and influence so I can sit around at home in my undies drinking #whosin
Let me know if you’re reading (or read) #Pantsdrunk and we can have a little book discussion right here on IG!