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Spreading Motivation And Love  ❤️️♐️❤️️Live, Laugh & Love ❤️♐️❤️

A relationship with love, loyalty, and laughter!!!! That’s what I desire!!! What is life if you can’t wake up smiling and eager to see your love ones. There more to life than just clubs, and things of that nature. Well to me anyway. Soul to soul, life to another life, enjoying things together. Everyday won’t be great but living to make them better will be. #thoughsofagrownman #growth #lifeisbeautiful #lifeofadventure #thinkingoutloud 🤔🤔

The bonding of two souls... #beautiful #staystrong #lifeisbeautiful

I’m knocking on the big 40 and I have to personally ask myself.. Uconn, are you ready for the next chapter in your life? Growth, pressing forward, letting the old go and beginning a new journey. It’s time!!! I’m holding on to those in my life that I know have my back. The rest I just have to let go!!!! #peaceofmind #peacefulsoul #realfriends #packlife

I’m so thankful!! For all the small things in my life... For those that fill my life with smiles and joy!!! My niece Jordan Walker calls me yesterday and says uncle, I have a riddle for you. A blue man stays in a blue house, a red man stays in a red house so who stays in the White House????? So bring myself I start clowning around with her giving all kind of crazy answers lol. She was like noooo, uncle the President. Lol. I love moments like these. There is so much hate in this world. Take the time to tell someone that you love them. Tomorrow isn’t promised. Be thankful!!!! Stay blessed everyone and be safe!!!

Good people are hard to find these days! I’m blessed to have a faithful few and I’m extremely thankful for them!!! Some days you need that phone call or text just to push you on or give you a smile. Life is precious and it’s not promised to any of us... it feels great to know that you have those that love you and that they are there for you.... #loveandrespect #friendshipgoals #lifeisbeautiful #smileforme

⚜️Who Dat⚜️ #whodatnation #whodat

I do love my family!!!!! #packlife #hiking #torreypines #joyfullife

Miami Nights with my brothers Dub and Ant!!!!! #scooter #miami #drunk

A sense of humor goes a long way!!! Especially in traffic 🤣🤣

Blessed to open my eyes. I’m very thankful for my past. Life has gave me many lessons and have mold me into the man that I am. Walking into the light, proud and happy and very thankful. Time to start a new chapter in my life. #blessed #faith #humble

Enjoy life... that's it!!!!

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