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Our @bruinrunwalk patient of the week is Hector! Share Hector’s story, donate, and register for our walk to support the Chase Child Life team at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital. ➨ www.bruinrunwalk.com
Hector’s Story: Hi I am Baby Hector, I was born on August 8th this year. I was nice and snug in my mother’s tummy, but I decided to come a little early. I was born at 33 gestational weeks my lungs were not the strongest at the time and since i wasn't able to stay as long as I needed to, I was at risk for some scary diseases. Luckily I was in the best of hands, mommy and me where taken care of at the Ronald Reagan Hospital where I met the nicest of people, they turned this scary new experience to a supportive and loving environment for us. When I say us I mean my entire family, both of my parents and my big sister Natalie! Natalie really enjoyed the family play time hours where she would find new friends, super fun toys, and even jam out during music hour!The Chase Child Life Department at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital has helped us so much throughout the year. From the very start Rebecca, our Child Life Specialist we worked with, has checked in on us daily. She made sure we were okay, checked if we needed anything to snack on, to play with, or most importantly if we just needed someone to talk to. She along with the rest of the amazing staff and volunteers have made it possible for my family and me to keep smiles on our faces even during our saddest times. It's really great having genuine people care for me and my family. Thank you for all that you do for kids like me!

A big THANK U to Alex for delivering of over 150 WubbaNubs for our pediatric patients at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital! Alex and Jack were all smiles meeting IRL after being introduced on social media last month. Every month Alex starts a philanthropic campaign in honor of his sister. Alex got to work raising funds for the WubbaNubs after seeing a video of Jackson asking for Alex’s help in bringing more of his favorite soother to patients. @wubbanub

Our @bruinrunwalkpatient of the week is Debbie! Share Debbie’s story, donate, and register for our walk to support the Chase Child Life team at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital. ➨ www.bruinrunwalk.comDebbie’s Story: My name is Debbie Flores and I am eight years old. I have twin little brothers who are two years old. On December 2016 I had a cyst removed on my upper left arm at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital and the doctors said they would get the results of the specimen in a few weeks. They said that I had a very low chance it would be cancer. Now fast forward to January 2017 and at seven years old I was diagnosed with Pre ALL (Acute Lymphoblatic Leukemia). My parents were shocked, scared, and had no idea of what was next to come.At UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital there is a program called Chase Child Life, which is dedicated to brightening up the children’s day. Child Life has been the best experience throughout this rough time for my family and me especially. Child Life Specialists are staff that make me feel comfortable and explain things like procedures I have to go through and helping me understand what is happening to me in the hospital. They help my parents take a little break when I have to stay in the hospital by taking me to the Playroom to do fun things with volunteers and watch movies. I have fun when I am in the care of Child Life simply because it would distract me and help me forget about the pain I go through. Not only do I watch movies and do activities I enjoy, but also I get to meet other kids who are going through the same battle I am. I can happily say Child Life is the best part of this bad dream. I will never forget the day of my birthday when Child Life game me a huge surprise by taking me out of my room and secretly decorating it. That day was truly special.

Our @bruinrunwalk patient of the week is Timothy! Share Timothy’s story, donate, and register for our walk to support the Chase Child Life team at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital. ➨www.bruinrunwalk.comTimothy’s Story: Timothy Breedlove is 11 years old and has had asthma since infancy. Whenever he needs to be hospitalized, it is Mattel Child Life Program that's there for him. As a mother, as a family, we try to give Timothy all the support we can but we are so
appreciative for all the kindness and attention they've shown him over the years. Just the other day Timothy had a procedure done that I wasn't able to be there for, but Tracy, one of the Child Life Specialists, was able to go with him. I could tell he was relieved. I can't imagine him going at it alone, and neither could he. One hospital stay was 28 days long and of course very exhausting for Timothy. He bided his time by pranking his nurses, doing arts and crafts, and playing video games or board games. Every day the Child Life Program would check in with my boy and volunteers played with him. One day the folks from the Child Life program decorated his room in STAR WARS! The difference in his attitude was amazing to say the least. It was as if the extra love and attention gave him strength, a sort of armor to fight the battle of ASTHMA. Having the Child Life Program there for him has also allowed me, as his mother, to be able to step away from the hospital for a few moments at a time to take care of his siblings, therefore allowing for my attentions to be spread giving our family the support we need to stay strong and supportive for Timothy and each other. With many thanks and great appreciation,Timothy Breedlove and the entire Breedlove family

Our @bruinrunwalk patient of the week is Angy! Share Angy’s story, donate, and register for our walk to support the Chase Child Life team at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital. ➨ www.bruinrunwalk.comAngy’s Story: Angy Rodríguez was born on April 5, 2010. From that moment, she illuminated our home with her smile and her joy. She met all her developmental milestones and continued to have a normal childhood. The years passed and everything was pure happiness for us. Until one day on April 10th, just as she had turned 7 years old, she took a blow to her left knee that resulted in severe swelling, at which point we knew something was wrong. We took her to see a doctor at UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital, Santa Monica where she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a bone cancer. Subsequently, part of Angy's bone had to be removed and replaced with a metal prosthesis. The day we found out about Angy's diagnosis, it felt like the world was caving in on us. We could not stop thinking about all the bad things that could happen to her, all that could go wrong, but we knew we weren't alone. We were fortunate to have the help of great doctors, nurses and the rest of the hospital team. Everyone treats us as a members of their own family, there to help us in the most difficult times. Angy loves spending time in the playroom with her sister and her child life friends. She looks forward to new art projects and just getting out of her room for a few hours. We are very grateful to all of them for all the good things they have done for us, especially for Angy. We also give thanks to God who put such a strong warrior our lives, a warrior who does not stop fighting every day with this disease.

Our @bruinrunwalk patient of the week is Casey! Share Casey’s story, donate, and register for our walk to support the Chase Child Life team at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital. ➨ www.bruinrunwalk.com"I think I have had over 100 visits to UCLA in my lifetime for medical procedures. I have had stomach surgeries, g-tube surgeries, and tons of endoscopies. These are all moments of my life I choose to forget. But there are some moments at UCLA I love to remember. Did you know there is a very special program at UCLA for children who are visiting? It’s called Child Life. My time at UCLA changed the day I met Karleen, a Child Life Specialist. She is the sugar to my tea... I need her. A Child Life Specialist is somebody who is there to make your time at UCLA fun, and I love how they make your time there feel like you are at home. Karleen is amazing. She loves to watch HGTV with me. She invites me to parties in their department. Once she took me to a tailgate for the UCLA football team. I loved dancing to thepop music. But the best surprise she gave me was when she organized my entire medical team to come sing and perform “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice. She even got the doctors dancing! That gave me hope and made me so happy. Let me brag a little more about Karleen. No matter what time my procedure is she is right by my side. Karleen makes me feel safe and secure. She is loving, caring, and fun. If she wasn’t there I would be so scared. And get this, if your procedure is right at 8:00, they play a special tune to let your team know it is time to go in the surgery room. The Child Life Program always has something there to make you smile and they make your time at UCLA fun."

The UCLA Children's Heart Center recently held a Play Day. Patients, siblings, and parents were invited to join us for fun arts and crafts activities provided by The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, visits from the #UCLAPAC therapy dogs, and opportunities to meet other kids and families. #UCLAMCH #UCLA #UCLAHealth #UCLACommunity #ItBeginswithU

Hospitals can be a confusing and frightening environment for a child. Chase Child Life Program seeks to ease that fear by familiarizing young children, adolescents and their families with the hospital experience. Learn more about the Child Life Program ➨ https://ucla.in/2pRaIvG #UCLAMCH #UCLA #UCLAHealth #UCLACommunity #ItBeginswithU

Walk with us at the @MarchofDimes walk on Saturday, April 28th to support life-saving. Join the UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital team ➨ http://bit.ly/2tTqECT #MarchforBabies #BruinsforBabies

@TeamUSA Olympic Bobsled team member and @uclaalumni @carlovaldes_usa visited kids and families at UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital. Kids were amazed as he explained his role as a member of the team in the 2018 Pyeong Chang @Olympics and showed video of his amazing runs where he and his bobsled teammates reached speeds of up to 96 MPH. @usabs #BruinProud #ThePowerofU #UCLACommunity

Our therapy dog teams make more than 1,000 patient visits per month, seeing more than 12,000 critically ill children and adult patients a year. Meet the team 🐶➡ http://ow.ly/ptFQ30j7TJi #UCLAPAC #NationalPuppyDay

Join us on April 29th for the 19th Annual @bruinrunwalk! Proceeds from the run/walk benefit the Chase Child Life Program at the @uclamch. Sign up today ➨ https://www.bruinrunwalk.com/

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