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Therapy animals work with our care teams to provide immense relief and joy to patients— but they often remain the unsung heroes. Vote for Pierre and help him win the Dog of the Year Award @Streamys! Go to Twitter and RT or Tweet #PierreForStreamys to vote! #UCLAPAC @pierre_dont_care . . . “I was in a really bad car accident on my 18th birthday,” says Kaylee Nebo, who was hit by another car running a red light. “I had a broken rib and a fractured pelvis.” Kaylee’s father, David, says, “When she arrived at UCLA she was in really bad shape. If it wasn’t for her doctors making the right calls, we might have lost her.” Kaylee’s mom, Elvia Nebo, adds, “We’re in love with UCLA. Since day one everyone has not only been there for us, they treat Kaylee like a queen.” Smiling, Kaylee explains, “I was eating breakfast this morning when I heard a knock at the door, and UCLA People-Animal Connection brought in a dog! I miss my own dogs, so it was really great.” #UCLA #UCLAHealth #UCLACommunity#ItBeginswithU

“I study obesity and cancer, specifically acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which is the most common cancer in children,” says Dr. Steve Mittelman, chief of pediatric endocrinology at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital and physician scientist in the Mitochondrial and Metabolism Core. “My research is based on the observation that a child who is obese when they are diagnosed with leukemia will have a 50 percent higher relapse rate than a non-obese child. There is a lot of epidemiological data showing that obese people have a higher chance of getting and dying from some cancers, but very little of why. To make a long story short, we have found that fat cells actually protect leukemia cells from chemotherapy. We’re now trying to figure out how the fat cells communicate with the leukemia cells and the end goal is, obviously, to block that relationship. It’s very likely that anything we find in leukemia is going to be relevant to other cancers.” #UCLAMCH #UCLA #UCLAHealth #UCLACommunity #ItBeginswithU #PowerofU

“Dr. Justine Lee reassures my girls that they’re beautiful inside and out,” says Beatriz Moreno, who is enjoying the Craniofacial Picnic with her daughters, 19-year-old Shilda, pictured right, and 14-year-old Emily, pictured left. “They both have neurofibromatosis, which means benign tumors have grown on different parts of their body. Emily was visually impaired in her left eye, she now wears a prosthetic and Shilda has had a lot of facial reconstruction surgeries. I don't think there are enough words in the English dictionary to describe the gratitude that I have for the medical attention my children have received. For us, this event is very special, because we meet wonderful families and all the kids have a safe environment to play.” #UCLAMCH #UCLA #UCLAHealth #UCLACommunity #ItBeginswithU #PowerofU

“I used to have asthma as a child and had numerous visits to the emergency room,” says Dr. Sande Okelo, associate professor of pediatrics and division chief of pediatric pulmonology and sleep medicine at UCLA Health. “As a physician I understood there was a great opportunity out there to help patients lead normal lives. There are great treatments out there, and our group’s expectation is that children should lead an entirely normal life with asthma. I treat children from less than one year of age to 18 years of age. The best part of my job is when a parent says, ‘You were right, I forgot my child even has asthma,’ because their child is doing so well.” #UCLAMCH #UCLA #UCLAHealth #UCLACommunity #ItBeginswithU #PowerofU

We've teamed up with @PCRF_Kids and are excited to announce “Warrior Skye” as one of our Honorary Captains for this year’s #dribbleforthecure! Skye was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer while she was an infant and received the first of three bone marrow transplants at UCLA. Since her diagnoses, she has had the chance to meet some of the 71 blood donors who gave blood during her long hospitalization late last year. Now she is regaining her strength and growing into a joyful toddler. U inspire us! #GoGold #ChildhoodCancerAwarenessMonth #childhoodcancer #PediatricCancerAwarenessMonth #UCLAMCH #UCLA #UCLAHealth #UCLACommunity #ItBeginswithU #PowerofU

Hip hip hooray, Lacresha registered to vote today! This November, she will make her first vote count. The Chase Child Life Staff helped patients, family members and staff register to vote and make sure they are able to vote by mail if they’re in the hospital on Election Day.
Young patients also got in on the voting activities by participating in a pretend “election” for their favorite playroom board game. (Congratulations, Monopoly!) CA residents, don’t forget to register to vote by October 22!
#VoteByMail #NationalVoterRegistrationDay

We joined forces with @PCRF_Kids and are happy to introduce another awesome #dribbleforthecure Captain! Leone loves basketball and baseball and is so excited to meet the UCLA basketball players! U inspire us, Leone! #GoGold#ChildhoodCancerAwarenessMonth #childhoodcancer #PediatricCancerAwarenessMonth #UCLAMCH #UCLA #UCLAHealth #UCLACommunity #ItBeginswithU #PowerofU

We teamed up with @PCRF_Kids are proud to announce our next #dribbleforthecure Captain, Alexa! It’s been more than five years since she was last released from the hospital after being diagnosed with Medulloablastoma. Alexa is now in sixth grade and loves to dance and sew. Go Alexa! ➨ https://ucla.in/2MRI6vW #UCLAMCH #UCLA #UCLAHealth #UCLACommunity #ItBeginswithU #PowerofU #GoGold #ChildhoodCancerAwarenessMonth #childhoodcancer #PediatricCancerAwarenessMonth

Our patients got a special visit from our favorite duo, @uclajoebruin and @uclajosie! It was so much fun showing them around the hospital and introducing them to the kids. We can always count on the @uclaspiritsquad to make our days brighter! #GoBruins! #UCLAMCH #UCLA #UCLAHealth #UCLACommunity #ItBeginswithU #PowerofU #4sUp

@uclamch and @pcrf_kids are happy to announce Gigi as this week’s Dribble for the Cure Captain! Genisee Grace, aka Gigi, loves reading and learning, and her brilliant mind is matched only by her caring heart. Throughout her cancer journey, Gigi has been extremely brave and optimistic. U inspire us! ➨ https://ucla.in/2xzpdZ3 #UCLAMCH #UCLA #UCLAHealth #UCLACommunity #ItBeginswithU #PowerofU #GoGold #ChildhoodCancerAwarenessMonth #childhoodcancer #PediatricCancerAwarenessMonth

On Saturday, September 8, 2018, @alexslemonade hosted the 9th @lalovesalexs event on Royce Quad. Over 2,500 guests raised nearly $1.5 million to fund promising research projects for children with cancer targeted at new approaches to the treatment of childhood cancer and the development and acceleration of clinical trials. @uclamch was a Sous Chef sponsor of the event and several pediatric cancer physicians attended the event including Dr. Steven J. Jonas, an Alex’s Lemonade Stand Young Investigator, and his mentor Dr. Paul Weiss. Drs. Brigitte Gomperts, Satiro De Oliveira Gavin Roach and Joanna Gell, faculty in the Division of Pediatric Hematology Oncology also attended. #UCLAMCH #UCLA #UCLAHealth #UCLACommunity #ItBeginswithU #PowerofU

“I have a cough that’s been going on for a while,” says 10-year-old Gemma, who came to the UCLA Health pediatrics clinic in Santa Monica with her mom, Sara. “I’ve had the cough for a few weeks. I thought it was allergies but it’s not.” Sara adds, “They said it was a sinus infection that wasn’t going away.” Nodding, Gemma says, “I’m going to take some antibiotics and this other type of medicine. The doctor said it comes as a gummy bear, and I like gummy bears.” #UCLAMCH #UCLA #UCLAHealth #UCLACommunity #ItBeginswithU #PowerofU

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