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👑🐝's 💕💕 her first Halloween!! #CélineRose

🍡Sprinkle pool fun!!🍡 @museumoficecream 🍦

All I could think to say was "bananas in pajamas r coming down the stairs" 😭🍌😭🍌🤷🏽‍♀️

‼️This picture was taken on Fathers Day 2016. One day before my now husband proposed to me n Paris. This was literally the happiest time in my entire life. But just 6 weeks later I found out that this baby had stopped growing inside of me around the time this picture was taken. I had miscarrried. I was devastated. I literally cried everyday all day after this. The pain u go through from miscarrying a baby is unexplainable. On top of the physical pain, mentally you r going through it....the guilt, sadness, anger u just feel cheated and if you've told people ab your pregnancy u even feel embarrassed. As a woman U start questioning if u can even carry a child. U blame yourself. Did I do something wrong? Is something wrong with me? Will I be able to provide a family for my mate? It wasn't until I start speaking with other friends ab it that I realized I wasn't alone and a ton of women go through miscarriage. Luckily I was able to conceive again (almost immediately after) and I now have my little rainbow baby 🌈🌈 and I thank God everyday for my little blessing. 🙏🏾I made this post so someone else can read it and not feel alone while they go through a similar situation. Has anyone else experienced this? Let's Talk‼️ #miscarriage #miscarriageawareness #miscarriagesurvivor #momsofinstagram #mommyblogger

MOMS‼️ A few days ago I posted ab my breastfeeding experience & said I would follow up about what happened to me when my milk dried up. 😫Well here it is....after my baby was born my doctor asked me about birth control methods because as we all know whether you're breastfeeding or not you still have the potential to get pregnant again 😫so me not wanting to be pregnant but still wanting to jump n bed with my hubby 😉I began birth control. Now y my doctor let me do that without explaining to me the repercussions is beyond me! My milk IMMEDIATELY dried up and I was pissed!! 😡 I had been having a great time breastfeeding my baby with no issues (besides n the beginning) and now literally nothing would come out. 😑 I tried Mothers Milk Tea, I tried Brewers Yeast, and Fenugreek none of that worked and I felt like I had failed my daughter and myself 😢 it literally had me n tears because to me breastfeeding my baby was the one bond I could hold on to after she was born that only me and her shared. All I wanted was to avoid getting pregnant again so soon and now the bond my baby and I shared was threatened and I was devastated. 😪So I called my doctor to see what my options were and they prescribed me these pills called Reglan (AKA Metoclopramide). When I went to pick them up I discovered that these pills r actually for muscle spasms but the SIDE EFFECT is that if you're having trouble with milk production it will regenerate your milk glands. After 3 days my milk was back like it never left and probably even more than before! I couldn't believe it it was like a freaking miracle!! Now I'm not trying to encourage anyone to take a drug but this is the only thing that worked for me when I was desperate to continue to feed my baby 😫😫 I have discontinued using birth control out of fear that it will happen again and once my supply came back I stopped taking the pills as well and everything went back to normal! Have you had any problems with breastfeeding? And if so what did you do to build your supply back up? I want to hear ab it!! Let's Talk‼️ #moms #momblogger #momswhobreastfeed #newmom #breastfeeding 🍼🍼🍼

Look at these little princesses 👑🎀👑💕little girls r the best!😍😍 this angle makes Aria look like a giant next to Céline 😂#blackgirlmagic #3monthsapart #queensraisingqueens 👑

Happy 4 months #CélineRose !! One day your mom will be consistent with posting on your actual date of birth and not a week later also posting every month lol but until then 🙃🙃😂 #4monthsold #monthlybabyphoto #newmom

MOMS‼️ Let's talk about #BREASTFEEDING 😫 when I first got pregnant there was absolutely no doubt n my mind that I would breastfeed my baby. But (even though I was warned) when the baby actually latched on I was ready to "throw the whole baby away". 😂 It hurt soooo bad!! I mean what girl could imagine an act that has been done before 😉 hurting that badly!?! O but it did 😫My nipples were super duper sore, they became dry, cracked, and one even bled. 😞No one could have prepared me for that. In those first few days I literally wanted to cry every time she wanted to eat. I tried to pump but the damage was already done so I just had to endure until one day it literally didn't hurt any longer. It was a miracle lol....now granted I started using nipple cream religiously after every feed and also applied some of my breast milk after every feed but still after ab 2 weeks all of the pain went away and it was like how did this ever hurt?? Breastfeeding has been so convenient n these first few months of my daughter's life. With me not having to get out of bed n the middle of the night for feedings or buy expensive formula! But I have also had some challenges recently that at one point completely stopped my milk from coming in...Though Luckily I got it back 😫 I'll talk about that in part two of this post! What were some of your breastfeeding experiences?? Let's talk‼️

And I was like "Girl Bye" ✋🏾🙄😂 #CélineRose


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