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Taylor Houghton  9 years old / 93kg UCONN powerlifter / trout

Singlet day. Weighed 88.9kg this morning. Opener-ish 315 @ nothing. Currently at subway, literally and figuratively time to eat. @mikeyg803 💵💵💵

PR squat triple today and 305x4 bench PR I think(?) @ like 8 After 6x4 @ 285, khemmin @mikeyg803

Hell week, 7x5 squats @ 415, first and last set shown. More plz

455, 485, 515 deadlift dubs. Nice. 3 weeks out or something let’s acquire money @mikeyg803

475 squat single and 315 pause bench @ rpe barwhip and mismatchedplates respectively

1x1 deadlift @ 495 then 5x3 @ 445 with full resets all on a stiff bar. At the weight room again, just as cool as yesterday

Stopped in Richmond on the way to NC for a few days. Wish I could stay longer because I found the Weight Room, fantastic gym with awesome people and all the equipment imaginable. Squat single at 210kg/463lbs I think and bench doubles with 295lbs. Can’t wait to get back in tomorrow.

Missed two days worth of work, decided to do all compounds I missed today. Squat was mmkay, bench was shot, but deadlift decided to be nice to me, 495 pauses deadlift 1x1 @ 6, 3x5 comp deads @ 7 @ 445 Yeet

315 single @ 7ish, feeling super average

3x3 deadlifts @ 465, back looks straight and I feel jacked, skettit.

Programmed amrap day, 445x8 squats, 295x6 on bench because I was F R I E D from squats, still heppy with it.

275 1x2 Mini deload day 1 of 2, I love the iron factory

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