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Taylor Houghton  9 years old / 93kg UCONN powerlifter / trout

Hi. Here’s small me in my groufit trying to fix my deadlift form. I am a small trout now, will compete women’s 43kg next with a good water cut. This is a 455 single. Back was flat-ish and hips are tucking less, good form PR. Thanks for all the help and positioning cues @dan.alger @mikeyg803

Did a meet this past weekend. Here I am benching 325. Not hyped about it, went 7/9 and didn’t hit the thirds I wanted. Placed second in the open 93kg class, competition PRs in each lift. Stressed so hard that I dropped from 195 the morning before to about 188 at weigh ins. Still fun, woulddoitagain/10. Great venue, great people, thanks so much @dan.alger for prepping me all the way and driving me and everything, you the bomb. Can’t wait for the next one. SBD 480/325/518.

455x3 @ mattpisc30nuggets. Nationals got me hyped to hit dis baby weight

Biggest SBD day of life, triples on all opening weights. 495x3 dedlift after heavy quad and calf cramping. Really excited to pull this on a good day.

Sent it at Next Level, 450ish for a top single here. Definitely most fun morning of lifting I've probably ever had. Got to lift with the likes of @mp_deadlifts and company, just awesome. Thanks so much for taking me @sammglift

475 3x3 at RPEwentobedat6am, still moved the fastest 475 has ever moved, only attempted to triple this once before. Me like.

Heavy-ish pulls because deadlifts felt good yesterday, 495x1 after 460x3x3. First time touching this weight in a while, pretty happy with it. Priming myself for bigger pulls, v excited, v good filming and v potato quality video, srry @kavkiwi8

Post deload week off to a surprisingly good start, 3x3 @ 285 bench for the quiccest I've hit this weight for a single let alone a triple. Things are coming together @dan.alger

425x5 @ RPE fatiguemedaddy

Hi it's me, still here just training specifically for badminton now instead of powerlifting. 250x3x8 @ RPE putmorew8on. Maybe a PR? Idk let me know

New program cycle inbound, 4/5 deadlift set of 475x3 @ H A R D, probs RPEwyd. Dumb tired, trying to get my energy back, took a deload week but feeling even more tired and sore this week, pls hlp.

3rd set of 455 3x5 @ 7 at the end of SBD day, 3 sets of 10lb rep PRs. Impromptu 5 second pause bc friend's headphones wanted to commit, not on my watch. Feeling like I finally might be coming out of my heavy fatigue, everything has felt heavy and bench and deadlift were hit particularly hard the last few weeks. Thanks for watching guys subscribe and smash that like button giveaway at 10k

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