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Ubikubi  Smart crafted furniture and more. #ubikubi

Creating funny looking faces using 11+1 wooden houses, designed by Eliza Yokina, is a first for us. Did you ever arrange them this way?

The playful Niu collection, designed by @dragosmoticastudio, comprises various supports for phone and tablet, post-it notes, a card holder, a sharpener, a tape dispenser, a pencil cup and a cork container for paper clips. What's more to want from a desk organizer?

Milky Sponge got lost from his Albe family, but it seems like he got in a pretty nice place.

Visit our online shop to discover the entire collection of Albe kitchen containers, designed by @dragosmoticastudio.

Credits: DASH Films.

'Storied' decorative placemats, designed by @daretorug, are handmade using traditional weaving techniques and colored with natural dyes made from plants, nuts or fruit.

We warm heartedly recommend you to read the making-of story on our blog. Link in bio.

Photo via Dare to Rug.

Remember how much fun you can have with 'You've Got Flowers!' vases, designed by Ruxi Sacaliș? 'You've Got Flowers!' vases are available for purchase on our website. Link in bio.

Video Credits: DASH Films.

Needless to say, all members of our Marco family of seating solutions are very "athletic". Who is missing in the picture?
Visit our website to discover the complete Marco series, designed by @dragosmoticastudio.

This is what we call a fine and playful 'Welcome home'. Cereall Hook, designed by @mbsp.studio.

With an elonged neck and horizontal lines that mark the amount of water in the bottle or the glass, '1989' focuses on the pleasure and elegance of a simple gesture like drinking water from a carafe.

Designed by @dragosmoticastudio.
Coming soon in our collection!

"We’ve decided to only take the simplicity and the clear shapes from socialism and we've stripped the design of all unnecessary details while adding more layers to its meaning. We first wanted to create a very warm and quite personal object, then we added all the meanings that the social process of sharing stories brings to the table." - @daretorug about Storied set of handmade placemats.
More coming soon on our blog.

Sleek detail of 'Fair and Square' chair, now exhibited at @romaniandesignweek Central Exhibition, is part of a series filled with personality and formal sincerity, precisely as the name says it.
Design by @dragosmoticastudio.

Detail of 'Fair and Square' bar stool, now exhibited at @romaniandesignweek Central Exhibition. 'Fair and Square' is a furniture series designed by @dragosmoticastudio by using a limited number of modules that repeat and merge to create an object with structural strength without compromising function.

Come see it!

@romaniandesignweek is on and we've got a lot to show you at RDW Central Exhibition.
We'll start here with 'Chipped', designed by @dragosmoticastudio, now exhibited for the first time. 'Chipped' is a set of plates that have a minimal incision created to support cutlery. Did we make you curious?

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