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Upward Bound Cal Poly Pomona  Serving students in the cities of Chino, Montclair, Ontario, and Pomona (CA). We ❤️ our kiddos at our 10 high schools. #UBForLife #UBcpp #TRIOworks

🚨 #FlashbackFriday 🚨
Theme Days 🎭
• Superhero Day 💪🏽
• Crazy Hair Day 😝 • What Not To Wear Day 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♀️
• Twin Day 👯‍♀️👯‍♂️
#UBCPP #Family #Summer

🚨#FlashbackFriday 🚨
When you snooze 😴.... you lose 😂 Enjoy some of our favorite nap time pictures from #Summer2016 ☀️ #UBCPP #Family #NapTime

Hello UB Math Science students....💛 Next Saturday we are hosting a mandatory Math Science event in partnership with McNair at Cal Poly Pomona.
You will participate in activities that will foster community and enable mentorship. Get excited! 🌱😃 •

#ubcpp #mcnairmentorship #ubcppxmcnaircpp

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to our April friends ☺️🎂 #UBCPP #April #Family

🚨 #FlashbackFriday 🚨
It’s the hot days like today that take us back to tossing up water balloons on a hot summer day 🌴
What are you most excited about for this summer 2k18☀️⁉️ ⬇️Comment below ⬇️
#UBCPP #Summer #Family

Beautiful day at Scripps College with a few ladies. ☀️🌱

Reminder for tonight! Excited to see you and for you to enjoy this play. It’s from the same writer as Hamilton! ☺️🙌🏼🎬

Happy birthday to our March friends 🎉☺️ #UBCPP #March #Family

🎉Congratulations 🎉 to one of our UB sophomores from Fremont Academy, Destiny Rivera, for winning her speech scholarship competition!! Watch as she practices during tutoring!! We are very proud of you!!! #ubcpp #ubcppistakingover

😃 We would like to introduce you to new Educational Talent Search advisor: Isaura Peña 💙 ...ETS is our sister program so she will be at Chino and Don Lugo High Schools sometimes. Please welcome her to the UB family when you first meet her! Here are some fun facts about her.... (1)
I'm a lefty 🤚 •• (2) I used to dance Peruvian and Mexican folklore 🌍 •• (3) I speak three languages (Spanish, English, and Portuguese) 🎤 •• (4) I have a mini obsession with unicorns 🦄 •• (5) Recently graduated Cal Poly Pomona (Class of 2017) 🎓 #ubcpp

😃 We would like to introduce you new Upward Bound advisor: Ernesto Chavez 💚 ...He will be present at Pomona High School. Please welcome him to the UB family when you first meet him! •• Here are some fun facts about him.... 1. I enjoy playing video games, my favorite franchise being The Legend of Zelda. ⚔️ •• 2. I have ridden a bicycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles. 🌁 •• 3. I race my car in autocross once a month. 🚦 •• 4. My favorite author is Kurt Vonnegut, my favorite book being Player Piano. 🎹 •• 5. I have had my poetry on display at an art gallery in downtown Pomona. 📝 •• #ubcpp

😃 We would like to introduce you new Upward Bound Classic advisor: Daisy Peraza 🧡.... She will be at Chino and Don Lugo High Schools •• Here are some fun facts about her:
1. I was in the Harvey Mudd College Upward Bound program 🎓 •• 2. Favorite Ice cream is Jamoca Almond Fudge 🍦 •• 2. Graduated from Georgetown University (Which looks like Hogwarts!!) ⚡️ •• 3. Interned at the BBC in New York City 🌃 ••
4. I love to travel ✈️ •• 5. I am left handed 🤚 ☺️ •• what are some things we have in common?? #ubcpp

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