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Yuu Asakura  朝倉 優 Actress & Filmmaker 🎬💃🏻 LA / Tokyo ✈️ Inquiry ✉️ Maxx Management: #actress #filmmaker

Has anyone or anything licked your chin before? It feels... indescribable.

Looking effortless always takes an extra effort, you know?

Going back to the basic. Untangle, unlearn, and redefine.

Obviously someone needs a break🤣 #workaholic #ineedamassage #仕事

I’d like to appreciate the everyday beauty 🌸💖 #nofilter

Stand up for yourself. Show some respect to what you’ve achieved so far. #boss #respect
Photo by @kazuya1965

There are times I find myself lost, all alone. I don’t know which way to go. I’m not even sure why I have to go. No one can hear me cry. My feet hurt. My visions are blurry.

Now I’m just given a perfect opportunity to prove what I am made of. It’s not where we stand but what we do in those places that tells who we really are.
#youarenotalone #ibelieveinyou
Photo by @kazuya1965

When I stay active physically, my mind stays active. Finding my “why” is the biggest inspiration 💪🏼 (And getting a summer body will be a huge bonus!😝)

Work day🤓🖋

“Although the war is over, you haven’t come home. And I’m still waiting for you. ...Whether it’s here on earth or up in heaven, I will wait to see you again. Forever. I miss you.” From my short film “Dear Mr. Far Away”
For all the fallen soldiers and those who love and miss them. #memorialday #missingyou

My very first banana-nuts bread, success! 😋❤️ #baking #girlythings

Red 👄 x white shirt = a woman with an agenda. #bosslady #business

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