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Umar A. Qureshi  Graphic Designer and Photographer Owner - Mississauga // Toronto

I don't even know where to begin with this... Four months ago, my brothers @mustafathepoet & @omaralbach brought this project to me and I instantly knew it was going to be the most important thing I've ever worked on.

Remember Me, Toronto is a project created for artists in this video & everyone in our communities. Gun violence and homicide rates in Toronto have been on a steady increase for the past decade. To realize that the greater issue is not between us, there is a larger beast and systemic structure working against us. The city’s “priority neighbourhoods” are tucked away. They tuck away our truth and our humanity. We wanted to give these artists the opportunity to rewrite their memories and the memories of those they lost.

We hope to spark larger conversations, that address these issues at their core.

Thank you to all the artists involved for opening up to us and allowing us to hear your stories. Thank you to everyone else who helped along the way, and a special thank you to @ovo40 for creating such a beautiful score to perfectly match our vision.

The link to the project is in my bio.

First you understand the grind, then you bet on yourself.

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Be willing to walk alone. Many who start with you won't finish with you.

San Francisco is a beauty.

True love at its finest.

This is my grandmother holding my grandfather's hand just an hour before he passed away last night. After 60 plus years of marriage, they never left each other's side. Witnessing their very last moments together was the most heartbreaking, yet beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. She held his hand until the very end and was the first to feel him leaving us.

My grandfather was the foundation of my family and impacted the lives of each of his grandkids in such an incredible way. He taught us all what being a strong, yet loving & compassionate leader looked like. He took charge when it came to helping those in need around him, and always let us know how much he loved us when we were with him. These are traits I see reflected in my father, and hopefully are traits I can one day embody, then pass on to my children.

I really can't believe he's gone, but I thank God for allowing him to stay in my life long enough for me to truly appreciate how blessed and honoured I am to be his grandson.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un

Love you forever Papa Jaan ❤️
(December 15th, 1932 - January 13th, 2019)

NYC was definitely a fun experience. Got to meet a bunch of dope new people from all over place. Including @beautifullyinvincible, a fellow Canadian living in the States. Although it was short as hell, I'm definitely super grateful to have met every new person I did on this trip. Huge shoutout to the #ChaiCreators for putting together such a great meet for some dope creatives 🙏🏽
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Me ft. Scar

@distorted.lens came by the studio a few days ago and wanted to shoot, so I thought I'd use it as an opportunity to try a new light set up on him.... Then sneak my way into some photos 🙃

S/O @distorted.lens for pulling the trigger on these

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