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Terence Zheng  The not so instant photographer.. Exposing God's Wonders & Freezing Memories one frame at a time..

@yuantying lighting up just like Seoul Tower..

We are encouraged to take photos in the toilet but not of the toilet..

Hanwoo, Premium Korean Beef similar to wagyu but with a more beefy taste.. @yuantying liked it too..

Faster than fast food restaurants.. Don't need to say anything.. Just point point point.. Food sits down faster than you.. @yuantying

Royal Sweets with Royal Princess @yuantying in a Royal Palace with wallet Royally burnt..

Running in quickly with @yuantying after the parade. Few people and no China inside..

Thanks to the change in schedule to climb the mountain yesterday, we managed to watch the Jongmyodaeje (Royal Ancestral Memorial Rite of Joseon)

Interviewer: Work experience and hobbies?? Interviewee: cleaning jobs, good with a shovel. Love cosplay and like animals.

Interviewer: Say no more. I've got the perfect job for you..

While descending.. @yuantying says : ohhh I could just sit here forever.. Her hair on point..

This is proper dressing for mountain climbing.....Polo tee, berms and running shoes got me to the top also..

You cannot be more cool than Ahjusshi chillin on the rocks there.. Stomach bare to the mountain winds..

Seoul so far away.. Check out safety cables.. Or are they climbing assistance cables.. Hmmmm

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