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TzeMing Chua  🍟🚁 Gastrotraveler 👩🏻‍💼 Asset Management #NexusSelectCapital 💅🏻 #TzeMinicure

@waikitwoo turtled and total lost his SUV after my birthday havoc this year so we made sure he doesn’t drink and drive ever since. Works well so far. Happy blessed 28th hun x

Dining like I didn’t just gain 3kgs in a month. #guilty #not

Belated birthday dinner w this one. (^ν^)♡ #sisterfriend
#NexusTEAMini #NexusSelectCapital

Where food and art collide ♡

♡ Home for #ericfoundhisting

Because if you’re not shooting your bridesmaids, why you have a warehouse for? ♡ #ericfoundhisting

Meet Green Pea 🦖

飄洋過海來看你 🐼

是土樓土 還是我土

久違的#TzeMinicure 🐼🎋

Life goals.

Spent my dad’s birthday in China this year. 🐼🎋

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