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TzeMing Chua  🍟🚁 Gastrotraveler 👩🏻‍💼 Asset Management #NexusSelectCapital 💅🏻 #TzeMinicure

🐥🍲 #samgaetang

Arrived less than 24hrs ago and I'm already back in love w this city. 🏯🍃🎎

#Seoul, I'm ready for you!

La familia #NexusSelectCapital 💕

#Peonies' shades of pink 🌸💕 Thanks for all your bday wishes x

Our bizarre love triangle celebrating baby jenn's.
♡\(≧▽≦)/ #annualritual #hbd

人家八分褲 我永遠全長 照半身好了

Lack of mango emoji so a lemon will do for now. #🍋

📍Ginza Sushi Ichi | Edomae style sushi
Omakase starter
Fresh wasabi
Masai sashimi
Saba sashimi
#memorygame Sayori (Jap needle fish) | Nodoguro | Akami | Otoro | Ikura | Kuruma ebi | Anago | Tamago | Negitoro maki
Need this shrimp paste in my everyday life! 😍
#GinzaSushiIchi #Edomae #Omakase

The legendary stewed beef. Looks like they've been boiling in the same giant cauldron for decades so imagine how insanely flavorful and tender the meat is!
I had one bowl after another because seriously this beef noodles can never be outdone. #ihadtwo #ihadto
Herbal goat noodle was outrageously good as well! Must must must visit when in bkk!
#WattanaPanich #Bangkok

What a rainy ending given to a perfect day.
#Bangkok #viewfrommyroom

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