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Sometimes in life we don't get what we want except for the lessons. We fall, We grow and in the end We Score. 🍁

University life is really tough though. Projects, Assignments, bunch of tensions, Soaking in the 40°, going through one department to another here and there, Scolding of teachers and so on. I was there this week for my project, a bunch of things went wrong just because of communication and resources we get in the end. As I'm away from my home here in Karachi is the another challenge for me. While doing my project this week was literally a big task and as you know internet is your life saver whenever you need and wherever you are, you most probably don't get access to the internet the way you want, mostly speed issues. From searching to downloading, calling to messaging, booking online so on. Firstly, I recharge credit on my phone then @pixilatednature helped me to get the best internet packages #lifewithsuper4g on my phone that actually helped me. Have you ever face any kind of issue like me?

Shadows never lies.

The moment you realize you are out of shoes now lol. What up to you?

Just a little more hot days left. Trees for today 🍁

Story of my life.
There are so many things that I started my blog 2years back. Certain things was revolving into my mind before, I really need a space where I can share from where it all started. We all face difficulties in life and that thing go along with us until and unless we buried it fully. Things go wrong not at first but usually every time. You compare your life with others not exactly but amount of!
You are the controller of your own mentality. Nobody will be there to cure you i repeat nobody. You have to learn how to not take others word seriously. A time in my life, I trusted alot of people, I get attached and de-attached, the list goes on and off. I blindly trusted them as i feel they are trustable, but i was wrong. Years passed, I grow up, Things changes, time changes, But I was the same person as i used to be. I never thought that certain things would be so damageable that would ruin me and my entire feeling, emotions, my way of thinking, I lost alot of things. But still I'm who am I. Still I'm. Who I used to be.
I always ask almighty, what if I wasn't in there life, what if you haven't chosen me for this phase, I wouldn't be so " that Himmat wali"( strong). Certain part of life remove just to let you live better than ever.
All the things around yourself is just temporary, nothing last forever, nobody stays forever, I repeat Nobody.
Today is mental health day 10.oct.2018
I would like to thanks @mentalhealthsupportpakistan for collaboration and making possible for me to share this.
I further nominate @pakistaniladybloggers @unstoppablehuma @creative_mind_khadija @themixchaat to share their experience.

This crazy weather is so much pain these days. Winters please come fast. 🍁

Manage to take pictures before leaving is quite difficult task to do. I'm always like "Take my phone, Click as many as you can" koiy to achi aye gi. Clicking 1000 of pictures and picking the best one is another difficult task lol.
Ps. Somebody hire me for taking my pictures. 😭

Photo credits : @amna__rajab__

You get what yòu do. Never do what others have done to let you down. Miracles happens everyday and that's i called life.
Ps. Favourite season is coming. Winters 🍁

When you have so many reasons to give up then there is always a tiny little hope to not giving up. Live it up. Make it possible. Another Friday ended.
#babypomegranate #season #fruit

There is no such way to come back. This is me posing for attention.
Ps: I really hate long captions too, so this is short message for you guys, who cares lol.

Fall feels on last days be like. They hide when I capture it. 🍁

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