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Holy moly remember that time I forgot to eat? If this post gets 4 trillion likes, I'll compete in this year's Muscle Mayhem

300 lb or 300 kg - if you don't look this ugly when you brace, you must be doing something wrong. Or maybe you're a supermodel. Tag me in your best lifting face pic/vid.

Left was his old starting position. Right is the newnewnew. In an hour, Jeff learned how to brace in neutral (flat back rather than exaggerated curve) and improve flexibility to better accommodate his long after limbs. Still has a lot of work to do to get those hips a bit higher, but massive improvements in an hour.

This isn't a trick, I promise. On Sunday, I'll be opening up a few appointment slots to whoever wants them. If you're interested, please follow these instructions:
1. Email me (email in bio) with the subject line "Free Coaching". Tell me a bit about yourself, why you think you should get one of the appointments, and list a few topics you'd like to discuss.
2. I will choose from the first 20 or so people who email me. If you are the Chosen One, I'll email you some additional information to schedule our call. ***Once all the available slots are taken, I will update this post. Please do not continue emails once the window is closed.
3. All I'm asking for in return for this free call is full legal rights to your face and likeness. Jk. All I ask is that you share something that you've learned with the people around you.
That's it. If all goes well, I'll try to make this a regular thing whenever time permits.

One Lego brick at a time... If my flexibility were just a bit better, I could get my knee out of the way and start in a much easier position. Pro tip: if your flexibility allows it, try to cue your initiation the way you would a seated abductor machine (aka "bad girls"). Knees out, hips forward, shoulders back.

#tbt and just a reminder that "success" isn't always fast cars, expensive watches, and pictures of your world travels. Sometimes it's finishing the work for one business just so you can pull an all nighter doing manual labor for another. At the end of the day, you know what makes it all ok? This sexy forehead lamp.


Omw to find David Blaine

Gonna have to adjust the setup a bit, but these squats were acceptable. Watch that bar drift forward on the way down and loop back on the way up. I don't mind finishing a squat over my heels, but if I had remembered to start each rep over midfoot, I could've avoided that mess.

Just doing hoodrat things with my friends. If you could borrow one for a day which would you pick and why? Best answer wins 10 points

Congrats to #TeamTytanium OG Alex @vietstrength on his recent performance. PR total and 399.51938482 Wilks. From puking all morning to finishing with a squeaky clean final deadlift attempt. That's some impressive resilience.

#tbt to our debut album. We didn't go platinum, but we did crack the Billboard top 40,000 albums of 2016.
In all seriousness, I can't say how grateful I am to work with so many amazing people worldwide. So cliche, but I teach them, they teach me - it's an endless circle of lifting and life gains. #TeamTytanium

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