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A few people have recently reminded me to "stop and smell the roses". It's tough sometimes with all these icons and gurus pretending that they work 25 hours a day every day. I do believe there's a time and place for the #100hourworkweek #grind #entrepreneur shit, but if you try to keep that up too long, you'll likely end up tired, rich, and lonely. You (I) gotta remember that hard work is meant to afford you freedom. When you have that freedom, enjoy it.
Ignore the vid if you want, it's just one of those silly things that makes me happy.

After the longest two days ever, I'm reunited with my car :) And the dealer was nice enough to add a giant scrape to the bottom of my carbon lip - free of charge! Seriously though, how many of you can relate to the anxiety of leaving your baby with some strangers?

If ya care, this video (based on yesterday's post) is up on the channel. Click the link in my bio to find out if I sneezed right after this snapshot! Sneezes are so exciting 😪😫🤤

Had to sell the AMG to buy a practical dad car... Jk. I didn't sell my car, and I'm definitely not a dad.

This is what I look like right now, but this post has almost nothing to do with my physique. Excuse the clickbaity pic.
The video will go up on Youtube tomorrow morning, but here's the cliffs for now:

Unless you're trying to make a living from this, worry less about your follow count and the other analytics. Try to see if you can't add something of value to your own life or the lives of the people you interact with. Otherwise, this is all just a distraction from your life. 
I've been trying to decide recently whether I really want social media to be a part of my life. When I first started out, all of it was so innocent and genuine. People just wanted an outlet to share parts of their lives or an avenue to get involved with like-minded online friends. Today, every 4th post or some portion of most videos are promotion for a sponsored brand. I'm guilty too - for a long time, I posted mainly because I wanted to build demand for my business or bring attention to a charity. And you have to remember that some of these "online celebs" make a living from ad revenue and sponsorship contracts. I can't knock them for doing their thing, but I do miss the days when we produced content from a place of passion and sincerity rather than just trying to fit the current algorithm and maximize engagement. I thought I had to play that game to continue building #TeamTytanium but after an unplanned break from the media, I know it's not true. 
When I do post now, it might not be as frequent and I might not spend a lot of time liking and commenting. I'll post the parts of my life that I want to remember or that I think might be helpful for some of you. For those of you still rooting for me, thank you and don't worry - things are going better than they ever have (even if I don't film it).

Sometimes you just gotta flex on em. #grind #outwork #herbalife #rolekssssssssss

286K VIEWS LOL. I've been plotting my return to social media for the past 13 minutes and I've decided to reinvent myself as a beauty vlogger/makeup guru/unboxing video/BuzzFeed. Keep an eye out for my next video "10 Ways To Contour Your Drone Review ***Gone Sexual***" But in all seriousness someone please give me an idea for my next video.

1080 calories in 7.4 gulps. For all you "hardgainers" out there, the nutribullet is a beautiful thing.

I still lift! I just suck at social media. In fact, I visited Gold's in Venice for the first time ever this week. Got a super bro push day in with Allen who just got hired at Google and Rich who is visiting from Antarctica.

Don't forget about yourself. Sure, #grind #outwork #nosleep 100 hour weeks and all that shit is necessary sometimes depending on what you do with your career. I think I tend to get lost in all of it sometimes. Working hard just because I'm worried that I need to make up ground in order to compete with anyone older, more experienced, etc. Whenever I finish work tonight, I'm going to go drive my dream car. Not because I'm some materialistic dickhead, but because it's a freedom that I've fantasized about since I was a kid. As I struggle to find some balance, maybe you guys can learn from my shortcomings. Or something. Kpeaceoutbye.

Just enough time for a quick nap before another 18 hour workday. To my team, please do as I say, not as I do. Cringey YouTube vid about motivation may or may not be incoming soon.

:') oh the memories... How many more years of offseason until I have enough muscle and free time to hop on stage again?

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