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Tyler Yasuda  NGA Natural Pro Bodybuilder Temporarily Retired Powerlifter 9x World Champion Jellyfisher Amateur Gundam Pilot TytaniumFitnessCoaching@gmail.com


I got 11 woooooooooo! It's nothing special, but this is better than my best front squat when I was competing.
Here's the #TytaniumTip of the day: Revel in your victories - no matter how small. I used to think that my tendency to be hypercritical of myself was the key to my success. I'd brush off most of my accomplishments because excellence was the expectation and anything less was a failure. I guess the mindset kind of does it's job, but it prevented me from enjoying my life as much as I could have. Nowadays, I try to be disproportionately positive when I evaluate myself. At the end of each day, I'll remind myself of two things I did well for every one thing I could've done better. I can't say for sure if it's made me more or less successful, but I'm definitely happier. If I had to guess, I probably work better when I'm happy.
If you read this whole thing, pls feel free to share a recent victory with me.
As always, email or DM to learn about joining #TeamTytanium

What did humans ever do to deserve pets?

Which is cuter, Maverick the pup or my lil biceps? First person to guess my arm size to the nearest 1/32" wins 5 points

Same Sean, same lift about 2 years apart. Sean is the epitome of commitment to learning and hard work. Learning fast is good. Working hard is important. Doing both all the time for a long enough time is importanter. #TeamTytanium

#TytaniumTip for Breadlift: A lot of sumo deadlifters have trouble maintaining a good position as they start the lift. Most commonly, you'll see hips rising up and away and shoulders tipping forward before/as the bar breaks the floor. Knees lock out early and then you have to rely entirely on your back and glutes to save you from this shitty "sumo RDL" position toward the top.
Box deadlifts might help. Find a box (or stack of plates) that will allow you to set your hips at their normal starting height. Set up and initiate normally. As you do, you should feel your butt contact the box. From here, keep your butt down on the box as you pull your shoulders back, rotating your torso all the way back until your shoulders are over your hips. Pause briefly to get used to this feeling, then stand up all the way to lockout while trying not to let your shoulders drift too far forward. Practice over and over until it feels normal to start your deadlift with that torso rotation rather than hip rise.

#TytaniumTip of the day: Joint Stacking - (not a method for organizing ur marijuanas) This is the idea that you should maintain vertical alignment between your bar, wrist, and elbow during any pressing movement. At any point in your range of motion, you should be able to draw a perfectly vertical line connecting the three points. Why? Go grab a water bottle. Set it on a flat surface. Notice how it stays upright without any help. Now lean that bottle over 20 degrees and let go. It probably rotated at it's base and fell over. The same tendency exists in a pressing movement. Keep the weight over the axis of rotation, and your forearm will act like a column, supporting the weight with no added effort. Let that weight drift, and now your forearm is a lever, allowing that weight to apply an additional and unnecessary rotational force to your elbow/shoulder. Without proper joint stacking, you now have to produce enough force to prevent the weight from falling over AND to press it up. That's just silly.

Guess how long this took to make. I'll give you a hint - it was 13 minutes.

Play-by-play breakdown of a hug
Swipe swipe swipe

Weighing in at an all time high (at this body comp) of 190.1! The other pic was maybe 5.5 years ago at 130ish LOL.
In the past few years, it’s been a tough transition away from training and dieting specifically to be the best competitive bodybuilder/powerlifter. I’ve still got that competitive fire, but I want and need to progress  toward being the best Coach/eNtRePrEnEuR/human while making those gainz. I’ve finally gotten to a point where I can progress all aspects at once without letting anything slip. Took me long enough.
Wherever you’re at in your life, I’d love to help you find your groove - whether that’s contest prep, just getting back on track, or anything in between. I’ve been trying to schedule calls with everyone who inquires about coaching recently. I figure that even if we don’t end up working together, I can still try to contribute to your success in some tiny way with that first call. Email or DM if you’d like to learn about joining the team!

Forearm cramp started on the first rep. Sometimes you just gotta grit your teeth and finish your work so you can see your home boy twerk (watch the end lol)
@supersaiyan_jose is single, ladies...

I did not cook this

Slightly better than the last curry I made, but I forgot to buy veggies oops

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