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⭐️ Natural Pro Bodybuilder ⭐️  🦌 Minnesota ✝️ Christ 🏆 IPE/NGA Pro 👑 15’ NANBF Mr. Northern States 🥇 17’ NFF Poseidon Best Pro Debut 🚔 Deputy 🥋 Brown Belt 💪🏽 Posing Coach 🎸 Musician

This week’s awesome follower shout out goes to an Arizona girl, @_heyitswinnie_ ! Winnie has been very supportive of my goals! From fitness to career! In fact she was the first person to wish me luck and a happy birthday the morning of my first day on patrol in FTO! I value those that show support like that! It doesn’t go unnoticed! -I enjoy the late night phone calls, and her creative side with her funky costumes she’s done for Halloween! Give her a follow, and let her know I sent you! 🐻🐝🍯 She lives near Roswell, so the only rational and reasonable conclusion is that she’s most likely an alien! 🛸👽

One of my favorite offseason products! I’ve been eating it regularly! Love my @eatmusclemac ! I’ve been a Mac and cheese fan since I was just a boy! 💪🏽😎

#motivationmonday is for me about improving every week. Not so much in fitness. It goes far beyond that. It resonates into the person I am becoming, my career, and spiritually. Become a better version of yourself daily if you can, even if it’s in the smallest of ways! Photo from the first ever @minnesotamayhem , back in the fall of 2015! Qualified for a World Championship at this show! 🥈Follow: @tytanium_king

This week’s shout out goes to a great and supportive Australian follower 🕷🦈🐨 @tianaaa.ss . Tatiana always comes in clutch with her motivational and clever comments! I enjoy chatting with her and the support! Give this outback girl a follow and let her know I sent you, and while you’re at it, tell her to throw some shrimp on the barby! 🍤🔥

“Remember, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies” -Andy Dufresne in Shawshank Redemption 💪🏽⛈

#throwbackthursday goes back to fall of 2014, my first year of competing, when @leifanderson_tcp gave me a test run of prep coaching prior to my 6th show that year, the NGA Peoria Natural Championships, and had me doing a 15 minute, non stop superset on arms! As you can see I was hungry for a pro card. (Among other things). Thankfully I earned it the following year through perseverance and tenacity! -The 2014 year was a learning experience for sure! -This photo is not shopped with an enlargement app! That’s how crazy the pump was! 😱🎈-One day I hope to regain this pump! Now if only it would join me on the pro stages! 🤷🏼‍♂️🏆

Throwing around 350 for a few reps today. Shout out to @strength_in_arms for the cool Guns N Gear t-shirt! Get it! 💪🏽

When you were one of about 80 athletes to get cut from the @5percentnutrition Sponsored athlete team due to their re structure last January, but you still stand behind their products. KTFO and Full as F*** were some of my favorites by this company. So I took advantage of their July Fourth Sale and loaded up! KTFO has been tremendously helpful in aiding me in deep and quality sleep. It’s my favorite supplement by any company to date. I still support my old teammates that survived the cut! Keep up the good work guys and gals!

Sometimes life and the events of it turn in ways we never thought would have transpired. So much can change in so little time. But it’s seeing that there’s a plan for us all. Life is not just a downhill marathon. It’s going to have ups and downs. Most things get worse before they get better. But it’s achieving that high ground after running through the dirt and thick that makes the champions and warriors in life. I’m embracing and enjoying every day in this new journey that I get to now call my thirties! This last month and a half has been awesome! 😎🚔

Are you Midwest native and cutting for the summer? Want a good starter show or a great shot at a natural pro card? Are you a pro who’s looking for your next potential title, in a show that’s not overly saturated? So you’re not potentially overlooked? Well @jwaggen runs a great NGA competition in Peoria, Illinois! I competed as a pro there last year, and I’m HONORED to be featured front and center for the official show poster in my on stage alter ego, the TYtanium King 👑 . -I highly recommend this show! You won’t regret doing it! 💪🏽🏆

Happy Sunday! In life, search for a love that endures all things! Don’t settle for anyone who is easy to jump ship on you when times get tough. Ultimately my goal as a man is to be the rock for a potential partner, but if said person can’t reciprocate that in those rare times where I as a man may need occasional support.. Then ultimately that is not a good person to be with. Date someone who will weather the storms, ALWAYS. One who never loses faith in you, and who is always hopeful of the direction you are going! That’s what I am seeking eventually in a future partner! Until then, I’m just focused on bettering myself daily! And working to improve in fitness, career, spiritually, and financially! Have a wonderful Sunday! #scripturesunday

Excited to hire and begin working with @colewarren306 ! Cole is going to help me build my strength! Cole is the strongest guy in our gym by a long shot and a champion power lifter! I’m pumped to see where his guidance, outline, and programming takes me! Right now my goal is to get in the raw 1500 pound club, (currently sitting at about 1350ish), and who knows, perhaps I’ll consider a powerlifting meet! Overall I just want to be stronger and tougher for not only my career but for personal objectives and goals! Let’s get it! 🏋🏻‍♂️🏆

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